Diy rope light ideas

Diy rope light ideas

Back lighting has been growing rapidly as a favorite trend in interior design and light design. The key factor in back lighting is that it is so simple to achieve.

Diy rope light ideas

Every you really need is some clear tape and some rope lights from any large box retailer that would sell home goods and decorations. You’d be amazed at the dimension and space that can be gained from some simple backlighting, The most commong uses are behind the headboard, or behind paintings or other wall hanging fixtures.

Example of a backlit headboard

Some backlighting used behind the rail and along side a stair case

Bedside Hanging Lights

Many people tend to go for bedside lamps, which are grand, but they do take up space. Another option to consider is installing hanging lights on either side of your bed. You can change it up by changing the light shades (which is cheaper than having to purchase an entirely new set of lamps). Since they hang fromt he ceiling, you acquire some additional counter space by the bed side… and they also add some additional oomph to your bedroom design.

Diy rope light ideas

String Lights

String lights are taking over websites love Pinterest, and we can see why. The beauty of this lighting technique is its simplicity.

Diy rope light ideas

You can purchase a strand of these lights basically anywhere, and for cheap. Another grand thing about string lighting is that it offers an incredibly wide variety of designs and diy projects to create so numerous diverse looks. Here are some of our favorite string lighting ideas:

This design is accomplished with a little boiling glue and some synthetic flowers which can be pruchased at places love Joanne’s Fabric, or Michaels. The process is simple- using a boiling glue gun, glue the pedals of the flower around the bulb- and thats it. You can either arrange awesome stationary flower arrangements , or hang the lights and own the lit roses act as the bulbs.

These DIY lampshades are almost criminally simple to make.

Every you need is a balloon (or inflatible ball), some thick cotton string, and some elmer’s glue. This is a enjoyment project for you and your kids!

Step 1: Blow up the balloon to the desired lamp shade size

Step 2: Jacket the string in elmers glue, making certain it is soaked

Step 3: Wrap the string around the balloon

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you own the desired glance for your lamp shade

Step 4: permit to dry over night

Step 5: Pop and remove the balloon. You can use a spray adhesive for added strength.

Step 6: Insert light into shade.

Use thin wire or glue to attach

The finished product if you use colored string for making your light shade

Diy rope light ideas

Multi Colored Lighting for Bookshelves

Go to any trendy bar in LA and you will see this design element used. This hip, enjoyment, exciting lighting design is grand for use on bookshelves, in closets, or for the adventurer- on liquore shelves.

One variation of this thought is to use a single color light to illuminate book shelves or other shelving. If these multi colored lights are a little too much, then using a simngle, warm light will make your shelves glance sleek and refined.


One design element which numerous people over glance is something you would expect to see in an older home.

However, wall sconces own made a serious come back in the design world in recent years, and they can add that additional dazzle that will take your room to the next level. There are two options in sconces- the most commong being electric (pictures below):

You can get sconces at any home imrpvoiement store.

Another, and equally stylish optiion is to use candle holder type sconces. The great advantage of these is that you aren’t forced to use any additional power for them.

Diy rope light ideas

Their only genuine drawback is that they do pose more of a fire hazard than a regular bulb due to the open flame. However, as endless as you use common fire safety practices, such as extinguishing the candles before bed, or never leaving them unattended (as in while your leave the rwesidence) then they are a grand option and one that comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Recessed Floor Lighting

Althought a somewhat more expensive option, adding lighting to your floor really adds an additional dimension to your space.

Diy rope light ideas

Beyond just being eye catching, this type of lighting is helpful for seeing better at night, and avoiding obstacles which may own otherwise gone undetected. They are beautiful and the light wash added to the walls makes any space, room, or hallway seem much larger than it is.