Diy round mirror frame ideas

Diy round mirror frame ideas

A Beautiful Mess’s geometric mirrors are especially eye-catching when positioned in a group of three. This DIY is easier than it looks too: Copper placemats make an impressive base that requires minimal effort on your part.

If You’re Every About Crystal Healing

A smattering of amethyst crystals lend a positively magical effect to a simple circular mirror, Design Love Fest proves. This piece could work just as well on a wall as it could as a tabletop tray.

If You Could Always Use a Little Whimsy

A bit of fringe always puts a grin on our faces.

Diy circular mirror frame ideas

Sugar and Cloth’s small-scale mirrors are perfect for clustering—we’re tempted to make a full rainbow.

If You Recently Watched the Minimalism Documentary

Sometimes, simple is best, especially when it comes to floor mirrors, as The Merrythought proves. A chunky yet sleek pine-board base makes this mirror simple to prop up anywhere.

If You’re Somewhere Between “Rustic” and “Nautical”

Embrace a beachy-meets-farmhouse vibe with this ultra-simple DIY from The Learner Observer.

Diy circular mirror frame ideas

If you happen to own an ancient mirror that you’ve grown tired of, remove it from its frame and make a new one.

If You Prefer Things a Bit More Graphic

It couldn’t be easier to work a little magic with spray paint, as Passionshake demonstrates with this eye-catching DIY. Pink and black make a satisfying high-contrast duo, but might we propose also trying out the on-trend pairing of blue and orange?


Diy round mirror frame ideas