Diy rustic ideas for the home

It’s that time of year again, time to unbury the boxes of holiday decorations hidden away in the attic. Numerous of us spend a grand deal of time (and money) worrying about how best to decorate our home for our families and guests. This can cause excitement for some of us, and some stress for others. Part of the art of dressing up a home is a desire to create a warm, welcoming space that is unique for your family. This year, you may consider adding rustic DIY Christmas ornaments to the tree to add a familiar touch.

These embellishments can add an exciting element to your tree, and they’re enjoyment to make.

Decoration-making around the holidays can be a enjoyment way to take some time to enjoy the spirit of this time of year. These trimmings can be an enjoyable activity for every skill levels and could be a perfect project for an afternoon with kids or friends. While the items in this post can be made with a few simple materials, they are certain to enhance the rustic feel and personality of your home.

This beauty has a lot of exciting textures and shapes that are certain to be a talking point of your decor. The use of a feather ensures that each arrow has a unique glance, and uses natural beauty to create amazing designs. The beads and colored paper permit for endless possibilities to fit your rustic glance.

Delicate Paper Pleated Patterned Tree Trimming

This beautiful decoration is made out of patterned paper, twine, and thin ribbon. It is a delicate embellishment for any rustic glance and provides exciting patterns and texture for your unique glance. The paper is pleated, providing additional depth that is certain to be a welcomed addition to your decorations.

Twine Candy Cane Rustic Holiday Decoration

Twine rope gives this candy cane trimming a home-grown touch that makes it so appealing.

While you obviously can’t eat this candy cane, its simplicity provides a comforting element to your home. These would be a grand first rustic DIY Christmas ornament thought to attempt for someone wanting simple accents.

Cube Decoration Adorned with Personalized Quotes

The cubed shape of this decoration is certain to draw your eyes to it. The 6 sides of this stylish adornment provide multiple surfaces to express your creativity through words. Own a favorite Christmas quote or a favorite song? Showcase it on the decorative cube ornament!

The sides are secured by twine to give it a rustic feel.

Cute Walnut Reindeer Heads Decoration

This rustic DIY Christmas ornament thought is a playful take on a well-known holiday animal, the reindeer. Three reindeer heads made of walnuts, with adorable construction papers ears and a red nose make up these reindeer. Children and adults same are certain to appreciate the joyful addition.

Holiday Hand Embroidered String Ornament

Have some grand embroidery skills, or looking for a first project?

These embroidered adornments could be a perfect thought to practice your embroidering. Embroidery in your decorations brings an element of the past into the present, almost reminding one of time spent at grandma’s home as a kid. The embroidered element provides added meanings to the words chosen.

White Polar Bear Animal Decoration

This adornment is a comforting addition to any theme, as it can be incorporated into multiple color schemes and styles.

It features a white polar bear looking at the observer. The polar bear adds character to the tree by displaying wildlife. Polar bears and other animals can be hard to discover with commercial decorations, adding a nice touch.

Cloth Wrapped DIY Trimming Idea

The rustic style of this item truly creates a warm and comfortable glance. It features a sphere surrounded by your choice of country fabric, held together by twine. In this way, it resembles a wrapped present, with a decorative bow (star) and tag. You are certain to get some compliments using this rustic DIY Christmas ornament idea.

Twine Angel Ornament with Ribbon and Wings

These tasteful twine angel decorations are another grand way to bring a rustic touch to your tree.

The rough twine contrasts beautifully against the thin wire or string wings. Brought together by two pieces of ribbon, these stylish decorations are a nice accent that will final for seasons to come.

Wood-framed Quote Ornament for the Holidays

These enjoyment decorations are a unique addition to rustic DIY Christmas ornament ideas. They provide a welcoming touch with a unique message and beautiful wood frame. The addition of a quote adds a new dynamic to your home by providing additional sentiments about the holiday beyond the site of the decorations themselves.

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree with Holly Adornment

This adorable project utilizes a common Mason jar lid with holiday elements to create a rustic glance.

The rounded shape of the lid ring provides a container for the tree and holly to sit in, creating a picture-like effect. This adornment is a perfect addition to your decor as it provides a snapshot of Christmas time.

Cute Yarn Christmas Tree with Pompoms

This adorable trimming could be simply made with a few materials at home. Made out of yarn and some little pompoms, this adornment gets its shape from an underlying wood structure. It’s a beautiful yet simple thought for a DIY ornament, but one that is certain to turn out awesome for your tree.

Custom Unfinished Wood Slice Ornament

We own every seen wood slices used in décor, for coasters, wall art, etc. So why not use wood slices for tree decor?

These simple unfinished slices are a beautiful way to emphasize the assets of the tree. In addition, they can be easily customized to display holiday themed phrases.

Rustic DIY Christmas Ornament with Painted Cork

This tasteful design takes a new twist on the traditional conception of an ornament. The flat bulb-shaped ornament is made of cork as opposed to traditional circular plastic or glass. The paint dipped glance gives it additional sass as it creates a writing surface for short quotes (and looks love its candy dipped).

Braided Cloth Circular Bulb Adornment

For this project, it is the texture, as opposed to the shape or object, which provides the country feeling.

This decoration is a simple sphere bulb, covered in a delicate braided white cloth. It is adorned with a bright red ribbon to put it on the tree. The braided cloth glance provides a more subtle take on a rustic decoration.

Twine Adornment with Pinecone and Bells

The twine ornament is an exciting, lightweight garnishing for your home. Trimmed with a little pinecone and a sprig of holly, this sphere appears to combine numerous grand elements of Christmas. The jingle bells add an additional flair to attract the eyes (and ears) of guests. This exciting trimming would additionally make a enjoyment present for friends.

Pinecone Felt Owl Christmas Adornment

These owls are an adorable and creative way to make your decorations come alive!

Diy rustic ideas for the home

The little pinecone base provides a perfect shape for the owl, with pinecone scales appearing love feathers. Make a whole flock of them or just a couple for accents.

Beaded Christmas Tree Decoration for Your Tree

What better rustic adornment than a mini tree! This DIY is designed with multiple green beads in the shape of pine tree branches. Brown beads are added to the trunk to finish the design with a tree trunk. This adorable and creative item is an simple tree accent.

Rustic Fabric Wreath Decoration

Wreaths are a common symbol of Christmas. Numerous of us hang one from our door or in other parts of the home. This ornament allows you to display your unique wreath style in a mini version on the tree. Select your own color schemes to create a rustic glance that meets your needs.

Christmas Tree Yarn Woven Star Decoration

This simple yet rustic star can be fashioned in multiple colors to fit your color scheme. Stars are a common symbol used around the holidays, due to their religious significance.

These creative items feature woven yarn around a star structure. Colored paper of your choosing, or even a photo, is featured in the center.

Pinecone Cap Acorn Country Christmas Trimming

The genuine materials found in the project are not easily replicated in commercial decorations. The artistic combination of the pinecone cap with the black rock creates a unique glance only found in nature. The best part, these two natural elements are combined to resemble another natural element, an acorn. Your friends are certain to commend your artistic eye.

Wine Cork Adornment for the Tree

Bring some class to your decor with these elegant wine cork trimmings.

We are always searching for ways to use those unneeded corks, and this may be a perfect solution! The addition of the metal pendant at the finish of it adds a tasteful touch to these eye-pleasing decorations.

Beautiful Burlap Stitched Heart Trimming

This rustic DIY Christmas ornament creates beauty out of a enjoyment country material, burlap. The hand stitching of the two sides can be done easily in a short quantity of time and makes for a finished-looking decoration. The heart shape reminds us that the holidays are a time for giving, a perfect reminder for a Christmas tree.

Small Joy Banner Plaid Bulb

This lightweight ornament is a grand thought for a nontraditional, flat, decoration for a Christmas tree.

It provides a needed dynamic in contrast with the multiple circular adornments that generally adorn a tree. An ancient holiday tablecloth or flannel shirt could be utilized for the fabric, and the addition of lettering brings additional interest.

Christmas Snacks S’more Festive Ornament

We every know the importance of sweets around the holiday, so why not showcase them! These S’mores are certain to get people talking (and eating) and are certain to be a hit with the children.

This rustic DIY Christmas Ornament thought is certain to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Festive Felt Coffee Cup Ornament

Nothing is better than a cup of coffee or tea by the tree during the holiday season. This adornment is a reminder of the little joys in life. It reminds us to take time for ourselves during the Christmas season and to spread joy to others. This is a cute addition that provides a unique personality to your home.



My favorite time of the year is when the weather is chill enough and were having a family and friends gathering around our fire pit, toasting marshmallows, making s’mores, and enjoying the moment.

So guess what I’m bringing you today?

You probably guessed it…a bunch of diverse DIY fire pit ideas.

Hopefully, they’ll inspire you so you can spend the time outdoors with your family as much as I already am.

Here they are:

His and Hers Signs

Give the bride and grooms seats a special glance by adding ribbons and beautiful wooden signs that tell his and hers. Not only will it glance beautiful, but it will ensure that guests dont steal the happy couples seats! See this thought here and check out other ideas too.

Romantic Canopy

Heres another grand way to dress up your ceremony.

Own someone assist you create a canopy out of birch wood and then drape it with beautiful flowers in your wedding color scheme. A barrel and a love sign sit behind to assist set the rustic vibe. Found at Style Me Pretty.

The $60 Fire Pit

This fire pit is totally simple. She gives you a grand materials list and the price she paid for each item on the list. This is a grand thing to own because it should assist give you a ballpark figure for what you should expect to pay.

But this fire pit is also amazing because the design is super simple.

I honestly ponder I could get out in our yard and own it whipped up in no time. (That is saying something, my friends, because my husband is the master carpenter between the two of us!) So if you need functional, budget-friendly, and simple this fire pit could be it.

Build this fire pit ›

The Patio and Fire Pit

So you desire a fire pit, but you’d love to own it in a nice patio area? Well, I can understand that. That is why we are sharing this awesome post.

It not only tells you how to build a grand fire pit correct in the middle of a patio, but it also shares how to build a grand circular patio.

This post has the finish package.

Build this fire pit ›

The One Hour Fire Pit

This fire pit is another circular one. It is built from rock and would fit into most any backyard setting. Plus, it appears it would own ample room for plenty of friends and family to collect around it.

But what makes this fire pit so grand is that it is simple to construct. The author of the post claims it can be built in an hour. Any project that takes that little quantity of time has to be beautiful simple to build.

And you finish up with a grand gathering spot to boot.

Build this fire pit ›

The Rustic Fire Pit

This fire pit is rustic and diverse. They basically used large rocks and dirt to Build this fire pit › It might be a little more on the expensive side because of the cost of the large rocks to build it.

But if you love it, then it might be worth the cost to you. Plus, though it is a little modern, it could still pass as rustic too. Therefore, it would mesh in just about any decorative setting.

Build this fire pit ›

The Backyard Fireplace

So maybe after you saw the previous post about the outdoor fireplace you thought that you might desire to attempt it.

But you felt the other design was just a little above your paygrade.

Well, fear not. Here is another design for an outdoor fireplace that isn’t fairly as extravagant but would certainly do the same occupation. It would also add a little charm to your backyard space, if needed.

Build this fireplace ›

From Scratch Tabletop Fire Pit

This fire pit is a little more extensive. You actually make the bowl that everything sits inside of. So it will take a little longer to make but by the looks of it is totally worth the additional effort.

So if you own been in the market for a tabletop fire pit then give this design a glance.

You might really love what you see.

Build this fire pit ›

Rustic Beer Tap Station

If your guests are beer lovers, create a rustic beer tap station using reclaimed wood and inserting the taps through from the back. You could also customize an ancient wooden shelf to create a similar effect. Found over at My Wedding Reception Ideas.

Paint Stick Basket

Believe it or not, you can create a beautiful rustic crate-style basket for your wedding using paint stirrers from the paint section of your local home improvement store!

Just grab some stain and get to work.

Diy rustic ideas for the home

Check out the full tutorial over at Build-Basic.

Modern Concrete Fire Pit

I’ll be honest, if I didn’t already own a really awesome fire pit, I would build this one. It just looks cool. How could you not love the bowl shape? And the nice rock features too?

Then to top it off, it isn’t something you own to pay a hefty price for premade. Instead, it is something that you can make yourself. So if a modern fire pit interests you then you should definitely check this one out.

Build this fire pit ›

Rustic Boutonnieres

These gorgeous boutonnieres are made with pinecones, twine, and a few other rustic materials and they are so simple to make yourself! Your groomsmen are certain to just love them. Head on over to the Foxy Folksy blog to check out the full tutorial.

Mason Jar Favors

Theres nothing more rustic than a mason jar, so why not give each of your guests one as a favor? And heres the bonus: they can also use it to hold their drinks every night, cutting below on glassware costs.

Assist your guests understand the concept with a sign. Found at Deer Pearl Flowers.

Rope Love Sign

Get crafty with some rope and reclaimed wood in order to make one of these super enjoyment love signs. Every youll need is a glue gun and a steady hand. Make your way over to the Funky Junk website to discover out how to make your own rustic sign for your wedding.

The Tractor Wheel Fire Pit

Do you own an ancient tractor wheel?

Well, there are lots of diverse ways to upcycle it. But for now, I desire to point out how that ancient tractor wheel could become your next fire pit.

This post offers grand instructions and pictures to assist you through the building process. What a unique piece to add charm to your yard.

Build this fire pit ›

Rustic Burlap Favor Bags

Add an additional special touch to your favors by making these beautiful favor bags out of burlap and lace. It might take you some time to finish such a large number of them, but it will certainly be worthwhile when your guests see them!

Get the tutorial here.

Rustic Hashtag Sign

If you and your guests love Instagram, be certain to share a hashtag with them that can be used through your wedding festivities. If you record it on dark stained wood with a white paint pen, it will fit in nicely with the relax of your rustic décor. Found here.

DIY Fire Pit And Seating Area

I love the fire pit plans that not only show me a fire pit but also show me a grand seating area to accompany it.

That is what I, personally, desire because I don’t just desire a fire pit. I desire a hangout spot.

So if you are love me and desire the full picture then you should check these plans out. The design is extremely simple so it wouldn’t be hard for most to construct. But you glance and be the judge if this is a project you would love to take on or not.

Build this fire pit ›

Hanging Mason Jars

Give your wedding a memorable touch with this stunning hanging mason jar display. Simply tie natural rope around a dozen mason jars and hang them from an arch or a tree. Then fill them with beautiful floral bouquets.

Diy rustic ideas for the home

Found over at Rustic Wedding Chic.

Doily Invitations

Doilies are another grand way to lend a rustic vibe to your wedding. Here, doilies are paired with brown kraft paper and jute twine for a lovely, unique glance. Make your way over to YouTube to check out a video tutorial on how to make them yourself.

The Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit

This fire pit is unique and inexpensive. According to the post, it should cost around $50 to finish it. But instead of building this fire pit out of plain ancient concrete, they used concrete tree rings.

It looks diverse in comparison to a lot of other fire pits we’ve seen.

Plus, it looks extremely simple to put together too. So if you need something simple and inexpensive then you should glance at this design.

Build this fire pit ›

The Mosaic Fire Pit

This fire pit is extremely diverse. It is the common circular shape and built with stones which are also common. Yet, this fire pit is different.

It is diverse because they added diverse pieces at the top of the fire pit to give it a unique and art inspired feel to it. Each one of these fire pits is guaranteed to be a one of a kind.

Build this fire pit ›

The Backyard Fire Pit

This fire pit is DIY but you’d never guess it by looking at it.

They used rock that is similar to what you get when you build a fire pit from a kit.

Then they purchased the bowl and lid separately. You can actually store around to see what your preference is for the fire pit bowl and lid. It would change the glance a little and make it unique to your own preferences.

Build this fire pit ›

A Massive Fire Pit

This fire pit is amazing. They made a huge one and out of extremely few materials. So if you are on a tight budget then you might desire to check into this design.

It may not be as swanky as some. However, it looks as though it will give you the most bang for your buck.

You be the judge.

Build this fire pit ›

Branch Escort Card Holders

Help people discover their seats in style by displaying your escort cards using lovely wooden holders made out of branches. Simply cut a slit in each one and slide the cards in. Make your way over to Artsy Mountain Wedding to see more photos of this wedding.

Portable Fire Pit

This fire pit is great! It takes upcycling to a whole new level. They take an ancient shopping cart and turn it into a fire pit that can be moved anywhere you like.

Plus, it has a built-in log holder.

They use the bottom of the cart as a put to hold logs. So this way you always own wood on hand when using the fire pit.

Build this fire pit ›

The Koi Pond Fire Pit Ideas

This post is another one of inspiration instead of a ‘how-to.’ However, the author showed how she took what was once a Koi pond in her yard and transformed it into a really tidy looking fire pit.

Again, if you are someone that can see things and figure out how to convert them then this might be a excellent selection for you.

Source ›

Simple Fire Pit Ideas

When you visit the website you’ll notice in the heading it says ‘it’s easy.’ That is a excellent sign! When they include that it is generally because it is a super simple project. So if you are someone that thinks, ‘gee, I’d love a fire pit, but I’m just not the builder type.’

Well, fear not because this design is another simple one. So if you stand a chance at building a fire pit, this one might be the one. Cut yourself some slack, check it out, and then take a chance. The worst case scenario is you own the materials on hand for someone else to build it for you.

Build this fire pit ›

The Outdoor Fireplace

I know, I told you this was going to be about fire pits.

But as soon as I saw this fireplace, I thought there might be a few of you reading this that are fortunate enough to own the space for this beautiful masterpiece.

Plus, I was hoping someone would own the DIY craftsmanship to make this happen in their yard. If you do, please be so helpful as to share the pics with me. I’m putting it mildly when I tell you that this outdoor fireplace would be an amazing space to own around your home, at least in my mind.

Build this fireplace ›

Curtain Altar

Decorate your altar with a set of beautiful, flowing white curtains and some tree stumps. Bouquets and rose petals will add that floral touch to the front of the ceremony.

Head over to Style Me Beautiful to see the relax of the images from this lovely ranch wedding.

The Instructables Fire Pit

This fire pit is another variation of a circular fire pit. But what I love about this one is that the instructions are so detailed.

They include pictures to accompany every step. Plus, the design is simple too. So if you are someone that is a novice at building anything yourself, this tutorial might be extremely helpful to you.

Build this fire pit ›

Wooden Ring Box

Put your wedding rings in this adorable little wooden box, so that your ring-bearer doesnt lose them!

And this sweet little container also has a customized monogram on the top. Make your way over to Mountain Modern Life to check out the instructions.

Burlap and Lace Runner

Add some serious rustic charm to your wedding by making these gorgeous runners for each of your guests tables. Start with endless rolls of burlap and lace, and then head over to Miss Bizi Bees blog to check out a full tutorial along with more photos.

Wedding Ceremony Wine Box

Here we own a DIY monogrammed box that serves as a sort of time capsule, storing a bottle of wine until a future wedding anniversary.

And you wont need extremely numerous materials to finish it. Head over to Something Turquoise to check out the tutorial.

The Simple DIY Fire Pit

This fire pit is circular and simple. So if you need an simple outdoor space then give these plans a glance. They gave grand instructions on how to construct this little fire pit too.

So if you are wanting to get more use from your outdoor space then create your own little oasis. A fire pit is a grand start.

Build this fire pit ›

The Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

This post doesn’t go into grand detail on how to actually construct this fire pit. However, I ponder it is safe to tell that between the picture and , most people can probably figure out how to build this and use it safely.

I just fell in love with this fire pit when I saw it because of its rustic appearance.

So remember to always do really thorough research before building or using anything in regards to fire. You build at your own risk. But please send us pictures if you recreate this beauty.

Source ›

Wooden Seating Chart

Help your guests discover their seat with a beautiful wooden seating chart. Make it even more special by writing in cursive and adding some fancy calligraphy and greenery across the top. Head over to Style Me Beautiful to see the relax of this beautiful wedding.

Burlap Aisle Runner

Sometimes people forget to consider the décor for the ceremony here is an simple and beautiful way to give your aisle some pizzazz.

Simply lay out some burlap and then sprinkle the edges with rose petals. Check out this thought and others over at Harpers Bazaar.

6 1-Day Fire Pits

This is a really grand post. It shares 6 diverse fire pit designs that can be easily created in a day. So if you are someone that doesn’t ponder they could handle anything complicated, then you should certainly check out these designs.

Plus, if you are afraid you are too busy to take on another large project then you should check out these designs too.

It is something that can be built in a day and also assist you relax from a crammed schedule.

Build these fire pits ›

Brick Fire Pit

This post is one that has been shared a lot. Though there aren’t grand details on how to build it, the picture is rather self-explanatory.

So if you’d love to own a beautiful square brick fire pit then you’ll probably love this. It is charming to tell the least.

Build this fire pit ›

Tree Stump Fire Pit

Our final fire pit ideas is just that, an thought.

The post doesn’t share in-depth details on how to create this yourself.

However, if you are someone that can see a picture and recreate it then you would probably be capable to safely design this.

Source ›

Rustic Guestbook Alternative

Instead of a traditional guestbook, own your friends and family each sign a little little slice of wood and then slip them into a rustic wooden frame. You can purchase this one premade over at Etsy, or you could easily make your own with branches and a little saw.

The Concrete Fire Feature

Let’s tell you own a nice sitting area in mind for a patio. You could put a fire pit on this patio, or you could put this awesome fire feature.

The fire feature would be an awesome way to add a little beauty to your sitting area.

However, it could also be used to provide a little warmth on freezing nights.

Build this fire feature ›

The Gravel Fire Pit

This is a amazing outdoor oasis. It has a basic rock fire pit. You could purchase these rocks, or just collect them yourself if you live near a body of water.

Then every you would need to do is collect the wood to burn, put a few Adirondack chairs around the fire pit, and put gravel for safety. You’d own a grand put to hang out with friends.

Build this fire pit ›

A Pallet Fire Pit

You’ve seen over and over in this article how people will slide fire pit bowls inside of a fire pit to hold the wood off of the ground.

Well, this design is extremely similar.

Except they made a pallet fire pit and slide the bowl inside of it. It is a extremely tidy and unique idea.

Build this fire pit ›

The Simple Fire Pit

I know we’ve called a lot of these fire pits ‘simple.’ But this one really appears to be.

Diy rustic ideas for the home

It basically sums up as you dig a hole in the ground, surround it with firebrick.

Then you’ll build it up in rock and you own a grand looking fire pit. Obviously, the actual post will go into grand detail for you. But it is definitely a grand looking fire pit.

Build this fire pit ›

Wooden Crate Cake Stand

Display your wedding cake in style with a beautiful rustic assortment of wine crates and wooden boxes. Its simple to replicate, just make certain that they are extremely stable nobody wants a smashed cake!

Head over here to check out this and numerous other rustic ideas.

The Steel Fire Pit

This fire pit is diverse for a lot of reasons. For starters, it isn’t circular! Instead, it is a square shape. The second difference is it is not built with rock, brick, or concrete.

Instead, this fire pit is built with steel sheets. So if you desire something a little more on the modern side then this fire pit could be what you’ve been looking for.

Build this fire pit ›

The Pit

You’ll understand why I named this one the pit if you read the post. [Hint: She used a fabulous frolic on words to introduce you to her DIY fire pit.]

But I digress, this fire pit is another basic circular design.

She shows you step by step how to achieve this fire pit. It would be a feasible design for any size yard. So I chalk this one up to functional, fabulous, and one you should give a glance at.

Build this fire pit ›

Dried Flower Confetti

Confetti is a beautiful way to shower the newly married couple with love immediately after the ceremony. But if youre looking for something more natural than paper confetti, you might consider dried flower confetti in paper cones. Found here.

The Fire Barrel

This post gives more details on how to build this really awesome table.

It looks extremely rustic and charming at the same time.

So if you would love to own an eye-catching piece on your patio then this could extremely well be it. Just because it is a table doesn’t mean that you still couldn’t discover a way to make s’mores on it, though.

Build this fire table ›

The $ Fire Pit

This fire pit looks really excellent. It is circular and made from rock as others we’ve mentioned.

However, this fire pit has a pan in it that keeps the wood from the ground.

So this would be a grand fit for a patio area.

Build this fire pit ›

Cherry Favors

Sharing unused local fruit with visitors is a nice thought if your wedding is during the warmer months. To further the rustic appeal, put them inside of brown paper bags and own a calligrapher record the names on the bags. Found over at Intimate Weddings.

DIY Feather Boutonniere

If youre planning a rustic wedding with a unique vibe, then this stunning feather boutonniere will be the perfect accessory for the groomsmen to rock while walking below the aisle. And theyre so simple to make!

Check out the how-to at Be Loved Blueprint.

Fire Pit Seating Ideas

This post shares numerous grand ideas for seating around a fire pit. So if you are someone that wants a ‘fire pit area’ without actually building your own fire pit then this post might offer a excellent selection for you.

So you’ll notice that most of these are based around store-bought fire pits which might be a excellent fit for some. Either way, I hope their ideas inspire you.

Source ›

The Personal Fire Pit

Do you just love the warmth that a little flame brings to an outdoor space?

Or maybe you love s’mores and don’t desire to share. Either way, I get it!

So if you’d love to own a personal and inexpensive fire pit then build this one. It is created from a planter and a few other inexpensive items. That way you can own a warm glow on your patio, or a personal flame to make s’mores any time you want.

Build this fire pit ›

Mason Jar Cakes

Send your guests home with these lovely mini cakes that are gorgeous and yummy. The cake is made in the form of smaller cupcakes, making the size perfect for the mason jars.

And then the guests can reuse the jars afterward! Read more here.

Board-Formed Concrete Fire Pit

This is a design meant to inspire you. Unfortunately, the post doesn’t go into detail on how they were capable to construct this really awesome looking fire pit.

However, I’m certain with a little research, someone could recreate this masterpiece. I just love how it is made out of concrete but literally looks love it is made from wood.

Source ›

Carved Heart Wood Slice

Heres another DIY that utilizes wood, this time with a beautiful carving on the surface of a wood slab with the couples initials and their wedding date.

Head on over to the Average But Inspired blog to discover out how to recreate this piece yourself.

Babys Breath Centerpieces

Give your reception tables a romantic flair with these gorgeous rustic centerpieces. Every youll need to do is handwrite the expression love on an ancient wooden box and put a vase of babys breath inside. Check out photos of the relax of this wedding at Wedding Chicks.

Rustic Card Box

Provide a wooden crate for people to put cards in and give it a special feel by hanging the letters from jute twine using clothespins.

Make your way over to Gemma Williams Photography to check out the relax of the images from this beautiful wedding.

The Stacked Rock Fire Pit

If you aren’t working on a particularly tight budget, then this might be a excellent fire pit design for you. I tell that because generally, the stacked stones are a little pricier than working with concrete.

However, they are gorgeous and are also a grand way to design a unique fire pit. So if you are desiring a fire pit with character then you should check this one out.

Build this fire pit ›

The Fire Pit Table Top

So I’ve given you a lot of designs for circular fire pits.

But what do you do with the space in your backyard when you don’t desire a fire pit?

Well, you know us on this blog. Everything has to be versatile. So why should a fire pit be any different? This table top will cover the open spot of your fire pit and turn it into a grand table when you aren’t using it for burning.

Build this fire pit ›

Wheel Barrow Seed Packets

Heres another impossibly cute favor thought.

Diy rustic ideas for the home

give your family and friends seed packets so they can grow their own tomatoes. Plant them in a wheel barrow and add a sign that says take one and watch love grow. Found over at Mod Wedding.

The Fire Pit and Planter

This was actually discovered through a post. So there aren’t grand instructions on building this masterpiece.

However, if you are someone that can glance at an thought and run with it then you might love this design. It is meant to hold lots of flowers, offer a sitting area, and own a grand fire pit.

Source ›

The Pirate Ship Fire Pit

This is another post that doesn’t go into grand detail on how to Build this fire pit › Dare I tell, this would be something that would take some serious know-how mixed with a lot of artistic ability.

But who knows?

Someone reading this might be totally inspired and discover a way to successfully build this. Again, you build and utilize at your own risk. But if you are capable to recreate this successfully, we’d love to see!

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Chiffon Ceiling

Chiffon fabric is a grand way to dress up a barn or tent for your wedding. Drape the fabric from one side of ceiling to the other, hanging it over a higher middle point if possible to create a pointed glance as shown above. Check out this and other rustic wedding decor ideas here.

The 9-Step Fire Pit

This fire pit appears super simple to put together.

The plans appear extremely thorough as well. So if you are looking for a basic design then you should definitely check this fire pit out.

It a circular fire pit with ample of room for chairs to be placed around it. It would be a perfect style to roast marshmallows and boiling dogs. What better way to spend a drop evening?

Build this fire pit ›

The Portable Propane Flower Pot Fire Pit

This fire pit looks really awesome. It would also be simple to utilize as it runs on propane. Now, everyone isn’t into a gas fire pit. But for those that are, you might desire to glance at this design.

Truthfully, the design looks rather fancy.

I wouldn’t own guessed it was made from a flower pot if the post hadn’t told me. So if you are looking for something diverse, glance at this fire pit.

Build this fire pit ›

Guest Map

If your guests own flown in from every over the world, create one of these vintage looking guest maps which shows each of their locations. Everyone will own enjoyment talking about who came from where its a grand conversation starter! Found over at The Daily Wedding.

Twine Knot Ring Photo

Heres a unique way to photograph your rings in a rustic style simply own your wedding photographer grab a piece of jute or hemp twine and tie a knot around every three rings.

And the knot symbolizes tying the knot. Photo by Michelle Jordan, found at Prudent Plan.

Boulder Fire Pit

This is actually a link to where you can purchase a fire pit that is made from a boulder. Then they turn it into a gas fire pit.

Now, I understand that this may not be as rustic as you’d hoped since it is gas. But if you are not a DIY person then this might be a excellent option. Or you could use this as inspiration to create your own boulder fire pit that doesn’t operate on gas.

Totally up to you.

Build this fire pit ›

Babys Breath Candles

Fill large glass jars with candles and a bit of babys breath at the bottom it will lend a beautifully romantic vibe to any wedding. Consider using citronella candles if mosquitos will be a problem. Found over at Not On The High Street.

Clothespin Photo Display

Display photos of you and your fiancé (or other couples attending the wedding) by hanging them along jute twine with tiny wooden clothespins. Your guests will love to own something to glance at while theyre waiting for dinner!

Check it out over here.

The $10 Upcycled Fire Pit

This fire pit is awesome. Do you own an ancient washing machine drum that you no longer use? Well, don’t throw it or leave it to rust. Instead, put it to use as a fire pit.

The best news is it can be upcycled for a whopping $ So if you’d love to own a fire pit to enjoy your outdoor space even more then give this budget-friendly thought a glance.

Build this fire pit ›

The Sentimental Fire Pit

I love this fire pit.

It isn’t the biggest fire pit, or even diverse from the traditional circular shape. However, I love the sentimental touch they added to this fire pit.

So they give you step by step instructions on how to construct this circular fire pit. But at the finish, you get to do something special. Instead of just pouring rock in the bottom, they put cement. While the cement was still wet, they put the whole family’s handprints in them. That is extremely special and something unique to each household.

Build this fire pit ›

The Stacked Rock Fire Pit

This fire pit is a lot larger than some of the others mentioned.

So if you are a big-time entertainer, or if you just love more elbow room when toasting your marshmallows, then you might desire to consider this design.

However, this one is a little more expensive. According to the post, it should be capable to be completed for less than $ So if you own a little larger budget for this project then you might desire to check this design out.

Build this fire pit ›

The 4-Step Fire Pit

This is another super simple fire pit. It too is circular, and it is built with a fire ring and rock.

So you really don’t get much easier than placing a fire ring below and then building around it with stone.

Which means if you are in need of a little gathering space in your yard (no matter the size yard you may have) this fire pit would probably be a excellent fit.

Build this fire pit ›

The $40 Cinderblock Fire Pit

I love this fire pit. My reasoning is that it is simple to build, cheap to purchase the materials, and extremely functional. This is literally something you could throw together quickly and get busy enjoying it.

So if you need a grand put to hang out during the brisk drop temperatures then consider this fire pit.

If you are skilled at putting things together, then you could put it up and own friends over for s’mores that evening.

Build this fire pit ›

Fire Pit With Custom Capstone

This fire pit is diverse in comparison with a lot of the others shown. The reason is that it is rectangular. Plus, it also appears to be lower to the ground than some of the others featured.

However, this fire pit has a capstone that is unique. The author gives a extremely descriptive post about how to Build this fire pit › Plus, you also get a extremely detailed materials list which is extremely helpful as well.

Build this fire pit ›

Marquee Letters

Combine wooden marquee letters with a pallet, and youre well on your way to a unique and gorgeous decorative sign.

Finish the glance by wrapping greenery through the pallet. Make your way over to Mod Wedding to see this and other table ideas.

The Inexpensive Backyard Fire Pit

Okay, let’s be genuine. Nothing I’ve shared with you so far appears to be that expensive. But this specific fire pit claims to be extremely inexpensive.

So for that reason alone, it is worth the glance. If you can own a nice looking fire pit with extremely little cost attached, then why wouldn’t you love it?

Build this fire pit ›

Rustic Dessert Bar

There are so numerous cute things about this rustic wedding dessert bar the wooden trays and crates make it feel super woodsy, while the sign is certain to make guests grin.

And the miniature signs are the perfect finishing touch. Found over at Catch My Party.

The Masonry Outdoor Fireplace

As you can tell, I’m a little hooked on the outdoor fireplace. They are rustic and cozy while also adding some nice charm to your backyard space.

So if you feel the same way then you might desire to check out this design. It is extremely charming and beautiful. Give me a cup of coffee and a excellent book, and I could see this being my new hangout spot.

Build this fireplace ›

Mr. & Mrs. Canvas

This adorable little Mr. & Mrs. canvas is made with, well, canvas and some vintage Scrabble tiles. The key is to discover a canvas that is a more natural color love the one above or alternatively, you could cover a white one with burlap. Get the tutorial at Every Things With Purpose.

Floral Lanterns

Suspend candle lanterns from a tree with thick ropes, and top them with clusters of flowers in your wedding colors.

They will cast a beautiful glow and also add some serious color. You can get lanterns love the ones above at IKEA. Found over at The Knot.

Ring For A Kiss Bell

Wedding guests love to make the newly married couple kiss by clinking their glasses with silverware, so why not provide them with an actual bell?! This adorable ring for a kiss cowbell would be perfect for a rustic wedding. Found at Her Interest.

The Fire Pit Patio

Do you already own a store bought fire pit? Well, don’t throw it just because I’m trying to give you DIY inspiration.

Instead, build this fabulous patio for your store-bought fire pit. With it, you can own a grand put to collect and enjoy it love you’ve probably never done before.

Build this fire pit ›

The DIY Design Fire Pit

This fire pit is another simple design to make.

It is also a circular fire pit and is said to cost around $80 to finish the project.

However, what makes this design a little diverse is that there is a pan inside of it that keeps the wood off of the ground. If you were using a fire pit on a patio this would be a grand design for it, most likely.

Build this fire pit ›

Pallet Blanket Holder

Keep your guests warm by providing cozy blankets for them to borrow and make a rustic holder for them using an ancient wooden pallet. Simply use a stencil to paint the words snuggle up and then cut off a few of the horizontal boards.

Found here.

Rustic Curtain Arch

Heres an simple way to make a huge impression on your guests hang large, billowy white curtains over a doorway and tie them back with a rustic style bouquet. Top it off with your new monogram! Head over to For Creative Juice to see this and other ideas.

DIY Portable Fire Pit

If you are someone that likes the glance of a fire pit on a smaller scale, or maybe you live in an apartment without a lot of room for a fire pit?

Well, don’t worry. With this tabletop fire pit, you will be roasting marshmallows in no time. It looks super simple to create too.

Build this fire pit ›

Garden Fireplace With Bench

This is a really tidy set-up.

It isn’t as solid as a fire pit, but instead, they created this neat indented put for wood to be neatly stacked.

Then they took it one step further and created a nice bench that you could sit on and enjoy the fireplace. But the bench doubles as a storage space for wood. It is really a grand feature for any yard or garden.

Build this fire pit ›

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The rise of modern farmhouse — Laura Fenton, writing for Curbed, reported that the term joined the American lexicon in — coincides with a time of American instability and uncertainty.

Diy rustic ideas for the home

If the future is unclear, it’s no wonder we might desire to recreate an American pastoral where we can wrap ourselves in a flannel throw blanket and sit in a wicker chair on a front porch gazing into the distance love pioneers, even if the view is of suburban New Jersey and not the Grand Plains.

This version of the homestead is punctuated with edgy details love Edison bulbs, brass faucets and stark black trim, perhaps a nod to another idealized aesthetic: the Brooklyn loft.

Modern farmhouse gives us license to do the work ourselves, to be homesteaders-lite.

Those of us looking for a crafty outlet can express ourselves by refurbishing an ancient dresser, repurposing discarded window frames or wrapping Mason jars with burlap. Who needs an expensive interior designer when the aisles of home décor stores are packed with whisky-barrel tables and vintage kitchen canisters just begging to be purchased?

The Gaineses “are cool, they’re attractive. They’re raising goats and they’re gardening, their kids every seem well-adjusted,” said Gideon Mendelson, an interior designer in New York. “The glance that they’ve marketed, it’s good-looking, it’s simple on the eye, it’s not risky, it feels homey, it touches on a lot of things that we want.”

“Fixer Upper” may be over, but the Gaineses aren’t.

Their brand, Magnolia, is now a magazine, a market and a genuine estate agency. In October , Magnolia will launch a cable network, replacing the DIY Network. “They’re just getting their stride,” Mr. Mendelson said. “They’re going gangbusters.”

But no single glance can final forever, even if its biggest champions are ascending and selling a line of housewares at Target. There must be a breaking point, right? “Eventually, everybody always tires of it, that is why a trend is fleeting,” said Michael Amato, the creative director of the Urban Electric Company, a lighting designer.

While modern farmhouse has a wide appeal, it can also veer into kitsch. “To me, the moment it goes overboard is the minute you stroll into HomeGoods and there’s an explosion of ‘Eat, Live, Giggle, Love, Die, ’” he said.

Designers are noticing subtle shifts. Edison bulbs are losing favor, as homeowners realize that while a raw bulb may glance beautiful, staring directly at one is not terribly appealing. And color seems to be making a comeback — green kitchens!

The rustic wedding trend is still going strong, and every day I see even more unique projects and inspiration floating around the internet using everything from wooden slabs to succulents to mason jars.

Diy rustic ideas for the home

So today I wanted to share 50 of my favorite ideas for a rustic wedding.

Succulent Escort Cards

This project will own your guests oohing and ahhing the minute they see them, with the combination of greenery and wood along with a calligraphed escort card. Make your way over to Ash and Crafts to check out the full tutorial and to see more photos.

The Flower Pot Fire Pit

This is another table top fire pit. It is something that can be made for extremely little money but would be extremely handy to own if you live in a put with basically no yard.

So if you can get your hands on a flower pot and a few other materials then you could own your own tabletop fire pit and be making s’mores in no time.

Build this fire pit ›

Barrel Recycling Bin

Go green by putting out a recycling bin for your guests to throw empty cans into.

And dont worry, it doesnt own to be ugly consider using a large rustic barrel as shown above and hang a beautiful sign on it. Head over to Deer Pearl Flowers to see this and other ideas.

The Home Road Fire Pit

I really love this post. They give you honesty. The authors provide pictures of what they had to work within their yard. Plus, they shared where they struggled with this project.

So if you would love to build a fire pit then you might desire to check this design out.

For those that own never built a fire pit might discover their pointers helpful.

Build this fire pit ›

Wooden Dessert Display

Use large tree slices to display every of the decadent desserts youll be serving to guests. Be certain to stagger the height of each piece of wood, and add some additional lighting to set the mood. Make your way over here to check out this and other dessert display ideas.

In-Ground Fire Pit Ideas

Are you on a tight budget? But you still desire a cool space at your home to host get-togethers? Then this fire pit could potentially be correct up your alley.

These plans tell you exactly how to build it, and they require extremely few materials. But it doesn’t stop this fire pit from looking grand. So if you need something cozy but simple then give this fire pit a glance.

Build this fire pit ›

Mason Jar Chandelier

If youre in need of some additional mood lighting for your rustic wedding, you might consider a romantic chandelier made with mason jars.

This might even be a doable DIY project! This one was found over at the Elegant Wedding Invites blog.

Ladder Lighting

Add some unique lighting to your reception using this enjoyment thought. set up an ancient wooden ladder, wrap string lights and flowers around it, and put candles in jars on each step. So pretty! Make your way over to Elegant Wedding Invites to check out this and other ideas.

Happily Ever After Sign

Make your guests grin with this rustic signage that can be created with scrap wood that you probably already own lying in your basement.

Just grab a paintbrush and get started! Check out this and lots of other enjoyment wedding sign ideas over at Wedding Wire.

The Backyard DIY Fire Pit

This fire pit is also circular, as a lot of fire pits are. But the design of this one appears to be another really simple one. You basically start with a metal fire ring in the middle.

Then you’ll put brick around the exterior of it for reinforcements and for appearance. So if you are familiar with brick then this fire pit could be something you’d be extremely comfortable constructing.

Build this fire pit ›

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