Diy rustic kitchen island ideas

The cheapest way of getting a kitchen with a solid wood finish is to purchase affordable off-the-shelf carcasses, such as from Ikea, and then get a joiner to make solid wood door fronts. You can even order them online – attempt Superfront, which makes doors, handles and legs for Ikea frames, or Shaker Doors Oxford.

If you’re designing a kitchen on a budget but desire to achieve the glance and feel of bespoke units, companies love Plykea and Husk, upscale Ikea Metod Kitchens with the assist of bespoke and stylish plywood fronts and worktops.

The beauty of this type of kitchen is that it can recreate the glance of a more expensive in-frame design for less, which can then be dressed up with luxurious fixtures and finishes, such as a beautiful Belfast sink andbridge tap.

Brilliant kitchen storage solutions, such as pull-out carousels, can also be installed into the units at a fairly low cost.

Or, if you’ve found a cabinet door finish you love from Ikea, swap out the handles for ones that are more exciting, such as antique store finds.

Use our kitchen cabinet design ideas for inspiration and advice.

It is possible to purchase a bespoke solid wood, traditionally jointed in-frame kitchen, where the doors sit within the frame, for about £5, Attempt Ancient Creamery Furniture and Pineland, which offer painted, solid wood freestanding units at a extremely reasonable price.

As there are no units to put together, this reduces the time, and cost, it takes to install too.

Also glance at British Standard by Plain English. Plain English sells bespoke kitchens with an average price of £50, to £60, but, through British Standard, offer a more affordable range of quality cabinets – from £5, for a finish set-up. These own solid wood doors and carcasses made from white melamine faced European birch ply, with beech shelf lippings and traditionally dovetailed drawers.

For more advice on how to design a free-standing kitchen check out our guide.

Purchase flat-pack kitchen cabinets on a budget

If you own a entire budget of between £5, to £10,, you may be surprised at the quality of cabinets you can afford. The majority of kitchens within this price bracket will consist of flat-pack carcasses with doors mounted on to the front using hinges screwed into the chipboard. The units are generally every the same on the inside – although some are made sturdier than others with an 18mm frame – with the glance dictated by the style and colour of doors and decor panels.

Creative DIY Kitchen Islands

The DIY Kitchen Island

This kitchen island looks really grand.

Diy rustic kitchen island ideas

The downside to it is that you’ll own to use it as an inspiration thought only.

Unfortunately, the site is no longer in existence. But if you own some carpentry skills, you could probably easily recreate it. I mean, who wouldn’t love to own an island that doubles as a pot holder?

Check out this kitchen island

Kitchen Island Cart

I love the thought of a kitchen island cart because you can tug it out when needed and store it away when you don’t.

So if you are looking for a grand way to add some counter space and storage to your kitchen, then this cart just might be it.

Check out this kitchen island

Ana White’s Farmhouse Kitchen Island

This kitchen island is nothing short of gorgeous, but would you expect any less from Ana White?

Diy rustic kitchen island ideas

Seriously, she makes gorgeous furniture!

But not only is it gorgeous, the plans are simple to understand. So if you desire a kitchen island that is durable, really nice to glance at, and adds a bit of charm to your kitchen, then you’ll desire to check this one out.

Check out this kitchen island

Pallet Kitchen Island #2

This is a gorgeous piece of work. You could use it as an island or a table. I love the drawers that are included in it as well.

So if you are looking for a heavy duty island that has multiple purposes, then you should really consider checking this design out.

Check out this kitchen island

Pallet Kitchen Island #1

If you own never visited the site Pallet Ideas, then you are really missing out. They build every kinds of gorgeous functional pieces from pallets.

Which is why I love this island because it is no diverse. You can own a gorgeous, sturdy kitchen island that will make your kitchen function better every thanks to these plans and a few pallets.

Check out this kitchen island

DIY Foldable Craft Table

This is actually a craft table that you can fold below the sides for decreased size when in storage.

Yet, I thought, wouldn’t this make a grand island.

Actually, you could use the sewing machine space to store a nice blender. Then you could put the arms up when you need additional space and put them below when you don’t. It would work well for a smaller kitchen.

Check out this kitchen island

The Double Shelf Kitchen Island

This kitchen island looks as though it would fit into practically any kitchen. It also appears to own plenty of space to make counter space become a non-issue.

Yet, it also brings added storage which most people need in their kitchen. If you discover yourself needing just two more shelves and a little bit of additional counter space, then you might really love this idea.

Check out this kitchen island

The Salvaged Wood Kitchen Island

This kitchen island is not only functional and gorgeous, but it was created from salvaged wood which means it should be budget friendly.

So if you discover yourself needing a kitchen island but are working on a limited budget, then check these plans out.

Check out this kitchen island

The Modern Chic Kitchen Island

I’m slightly drooling over this kitchen island. It looks so modern, clean, and chic. It would definitely make any kitchen feel brighter and more organized.

So if you love it too, then you’ll be happy to know that the site provided some grand detailed plans to assist you along with this build. Your kitchen is only a few steps away from having additional space and little glam added to it too.

Check out this kitchen island

Pallet Kitchen Island with Pattern Top

Who says that building with pallets has to be boring? Well, if they said it, this set of plans would quickly prove them wrong.

Basically, this functional kitchen island is constructed from pallets.

Yet, it also has a unique pattern top that makes it stand out.

Check out this kitchen island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Ana White comes out with some of the best plans in my opinion. She makes them detailed, simple to read, and generally gives grand visuals too.

So why would this farmhouse island be any different? If you are looking for an island that is a little rustic, and can be used for counter space and sitting space, then you’ll desire to check this out.

Check out this kitchen island

DIY Kitchen Island with Tug Out Trash Can

I really love this kitchen island. It is grand because it is DIY which generally means less money being spent to own that additional prep space and storage.

But it also seems highly functional since it has a put to hide your trash can and store dishes or towels as well.

Check out this kitchen island

Furniture Style Kitchen Island

Do you desire a kitchen island that adds a little bit of ‘fancy’ to your kitchen?

If so, then you’ll desire to check out these plans.

Not only does this island include ample quantity of work and storage space, but they also include nice little upgrades that take the island from simple to sophisticated.

Check out this kitchen island

Diy rustic kitchen island ideas

The Open Shelf Kitchen Island

I am a huge fan of open shelving. Our ancient kitchen had nothing but open shelving, and if I’m honest, I miss that factor extremely much.

So when I saw this kitchen island and saw how open it was, I knew it had to be mentioned. Not only does this island own ample workspace but a grand quantity of storage space too.

Check out this kitchen island

The Shanty to Chic Kitchen Island

This island is extremely gorgeous, but according to the blog, it is also extremely simple to build.

There are extremely few hard cuts.

So if you need a kitchen island that is DIY, functional, gorgeous, and simple to build, then you’ll desire to check these plans out.

Check out this kitchen island

Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

This kitchen island is definitely meant for those with smaller kitchen spaces. Though it is smaller, it can add counter space and storage.

Actually, you can double your cutting or prep space by putting the leaf in put.

When done, you just drop the sides back below. Plus, it has a nice storage space underneath.

Check out this kitchen island

Cabinet to Kitchen Island

If you are remodeling your kitchen, then you might own additional cabinets. If so, don’t throw them.

Diy rustic kitchen island ideas

Instead, turn them into a gorgeous kitchen island.

But even if you aren’t remodeling, you can generally discover cabinets in second-hand condition. Then follow these plans and before you know it you’ll own storage space, counter space, hidden trash can space, and even a put to hold a towel or paper towels.

Check out this kitchen island

Farmhouse Style Work Island

This island is another one that is absolutely gorgeous to glance at.

As you can see, it has plenty of workspace and definitely has that farmhouse charm as well.

But let’s not forget the immense quantity of storage space available on the shelves beneath the counter.

Check out this kitchen island

Rustic X Kitchen Island

This is another one of Ana White’s designs. Again, her plans are simple to read, extremely detailed, and filled with grand visuals.

So if you would love to own a rustic kitchen island with some added drawer space, then you’ll desire to give these plans a glance.

Check out this kitchen island

Grandy Sliding Door Console

This is another grand thought from Ana White.

This island would not be extremely mobile from the looks of it, but it certainly would give you added prep space and storage space.

Plus, I really love the sliding doors on the island as well. It gives it a unique touch that would be eye catching to anyone who entered your kitchen.

Check out this kitchen island

The $50 Kitchen Island

Are you on a tight budget but desperately need added counter space in your kitchen?

Check out these plans for a really cute kitchen island.

But the best part is it not only gives you more prep space, a few additional shelves for storage, and an added touch of beauty to your home but it also only costs $ That’s a bargain!

Check out this kitchen island

Kitchen Island with Pantry

Some people desire a kitchen island for added counter space, but wouldn’t it be grand to add more storage as well.

Well, with this island you can. In fact, it is organized to become love a second pantry for the items you might use most when utilizing your kitchen island.

Check out this kitchen island

The Build Basic Kitchen Island

This kitchen island looks anything but basic.

Yet, they include really detailed plans that will make this build much easier to accomplish.

Though, I will tell, it is a little pricey. They claim that the cost is around $, plus base cabinets and countertops.

Check out this kitchen island

Well, you now own over 20 diverse DIY kitchen islands to select from. Hopefully, you’ll discover one that will provide what you were looking for.

Now, I desire to hear from you. What do you glance for in a kitchen island? More counter space? Large and extravagant? Little and a space saver?

Let us know what you ponder in the comment box below.

A Butcher Block Counter Island

I’m a huge fan of butcher block countertops.

We had them in our previous home, and I plan on putting them in our new home eventually because they are handy and simple to maintain in my experience.

So when I saw this kitchen island that is handmade and had the butcher block counters I knew that it must be shared simply because of how functional it is with added counter space and storage.

Check out this kitchen island

The $85 Kitchen Island

I love Pottery Barn. I ponder their ideas are amazing, but they are also accompanied by a hefty price tag.

Diy rustic kitchen island ideas

Lift your hand if you know what I’m talking about.

So if you love the looks but not the price, then you’ll love this tutorial. It was inspired by Pottery Barn, only they were capable to build it at a part of the cost that you would pay to purchase it.

Check out this kitchen island

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Designing kitchens on a budget does take some skill. After every, when it comes to planning a new kitchen, there is often a huge gulf between budget and expectation.

Diy rustic kitchen island ideas

You can start designing your dream kitchen with a limited budget in mind but then when you start adding on the price for labour, appliances, worktops, tiles and other extras, costs quickly escalate and that original number you started with just seems impossible to stick to.

To add to the confusion, ‘off the peg’ suppliers and bespoke manufacturers can offer similar-looking cabinets for wildly diverse prices (as much as £5, versus £50,), which makes it hard to know where to begin.

But enough doom and gloom about the difficultly of designing a kitchen on a budget, because fortunate for you we are on hand to assist.

We explain what you can expect to pay for various elements, how to get the best quality for a excellent price, and why you aren’t restricted to buying from budget brands when planning a stylish kitchen on a budget.

And, if after every that you still need more advice, you will discover everything you need to know in our ultimate guide to planning and designing a kitchen.

Wickes kitchens, B&Q kitchens: where to discover the best budget kitchen cabinets

Other than Ikea, check out more of our favourite brands, where you can discover plenty of budget-friendly (but obviously still incredibly stylish) kitchen cabinetry

Know the cost of designing a stylish kitchen on a budget

As a extremely rough guide, it is sensible to spend a maximum of five per cent of the overall worth of your home on a new kitchen to avoid losing money if you sell.

At the lower finish of the kitchen cost scale, expect to pay upwards of £3, for excellent quality units for an average sized kitchen. On top of this, you’ll need to add worktops, which cost upwards of £, appliances and fitting, which can vary from a few hundred pounds to more than £2,, depending on the kitchen’s complexity.

When pricing up your furniture and worktops, be aware that estimates will vary fairly widely depending on the quality and level of design you are after, but expect to pay f rom £17/m² for standard off-the-shelf units and work surface and up to £/m² for bespoke units and design service.

When designing a kitchen on a budget, it is wise to first factor in the cost of any known quantities to assist you cut the cost of your new kitchen.

These include appliances, decorative finishes and necessary electrical works to add additional sockets and lights, for example. Deduct these from your entire budget before choosing how much to spend on the units and fitting.To design a kitchen on a budget, you could paint the kitchen cabinets yourself.

Budget even lower? Check out our feature on designing a kitchen for under £5, (yes it is doable!).

Bear in mind that fitting a cheap and cheerful kitchen can own a negative impact on a home’s worth, which makes your choice of cabinets and finishes so vital. You will own to invest carefully to get a beautiful finish on a limited budget.

Kitchens on a budget can be DIY fitted

You could also save over £1, by installing the kitchen yourself, but you will compromise the finish if your DIY skills are not up to scratch.

Use our guide to cutting the cost of a new kitchen for more clever ideas.