Diy rv storage ideas

Don’t let every your clever hacks go to waste!

Diy rv storage ideas

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Author: Liz Wilcox

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Sometimes RV pantry cabinets aren’t fairly as functional as they need to be: too deep, too narrow, too tall, or altogether non-existent! Fortunately these brilliant RV owners came up with clever solutions for those problems, so you can borrow their ideas to organize your own camper or motorhome!


Get a suction-cup toothbrush holder.

Travel days can be hard. Make them easier by keeping your toothbrush secure. A toothbrush holder with a suction cup will ensure that your toothbrush stays safe and germ-free every the way to your next destination.

Diy rv storage ideas

Nesting ware is your friend.

Nesting bowls and spoons are an all-around win for the RV. They can also double as toys for the kids!

Store kitchen supplies in file folder boxes.

Have too numerous kitchen supplies and not enough drawer or cabinet space? Use hanging file folder boxes to organize and quickly access kitchen supplies.

Command hooks — hang everything!

For Rvers, command hooks may just be the best thing since sliced bread! They can be used to assist you with just about any storage problem in the RV.

Use them to hang your cooking utensils, towels, coats or just about anything else you can ponder of. They’re even a grand alternative for hanging up pictures — forget drilling into your RV!

Hang a suspension rod in the shower.

While most RVs come equipped with lots of storage solutions, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Install a suspension rod in the shower to create an additional closet.

Diy rv storage ideas

Hold things in put with bungee cords and tension rods.

These little guys are extremely functional for RVing. Use the cords to secure cabinets and semi-loose items in the bathroom, kitchen and refrigerator during travel days.

Tension rods can be used to secure canned goods, hang curtains or even make a shelf.

Utilize the oven!

The oven is prime genuine estate for just about anything that needs to be kept shut at hand. When it’s not being used, of course!

Editor’s Note: No seriously, make certain that oven is turned OFF.

Diy rv storage ideas

And be certain to check that it’s empty before switching it on.


Use adhesive window film for privacy and style.

A bit of decorative window film can really improve and personalize a little space. It also adds a welcome touch of privacy.

Diy rv storage ideas

Upholster with crib sheets.

Want to give your RV a mini-makeover without every the hard work? Cover dinette sofa cushions with crib sheets. Change them out periodically for a unused look.

Add a matching tablecloth and some enjoyment salt and pepper shakers and give your RV a whole new vibe!

Purchase a digital photo frame.

Love having your family photos up but feel love there isn’t enough wall space in your camper?

Attempt a digital photo frame with every your favorite pictures on rotation. It’s a space-saver and a grand conversation piece!

Temperature Control:

Put a ceramic tile in the oven to distribute heat evenly.

Oven not cooperating? Put a ceramic tile in the middle of the RV oven and presto! The perfect recipe becomes the perfect dinner!

Use styrofoam.

Covering the door window in your RV is a grand way to get some additional privacy and temperature control.

A simple method is to cut a piece of styrofoam to size, then tape it to the window. Voila!

Purchase a vent cushion.

Because RVs are not insulated love houses, temperature can be harder to regulate. A vent cushion is a little investment that goes a endless way. This is especially true if you are staying in a park that charges for electricity, or if you use propane to heat your rig in the winter.

You can discover them in the RV section of most superstores.

Problem #1: Cabinet too deep

One of the most common problems with RV pantry cabinets is that they’re so deep it’s hard to reach things toward the back, especially on the upper cabinets.

An excellent solution to this problem is the Rev-a-shelf cabinet system of pull-out wire racks, which is what RV owner Debra Jones used in her RV pantry pictured below.

A much more budget-friendly option is to make something similar yourself, which is what these RV owners did:

If you would love to attempt a DIY cabinet storage solution, check out, as it’s a grand put to discover plans for this type of project. For example, this project or this one looks similar to what the McIntyres built.


Install shove lights.

The lights in numerous RVs tend to be rather yellow, which isn’t ideal at night. Install a few shove lights in dimly lit corners and cabinets.

This will assist with nighttime chores — and tardy night snacking.

Add light and ambience with LED lights.

Add LED lights to the living room, your bedroom slide or along the stairs of your rig for a little additional light and personality.

Diy rv storage ideas

Create bright light with a five-gallon bucket

Let there be light! Put a cheap work light in a five-gallon pail around your the campsite for a bright glow. around your the campground site.

Stick glow-in-the dark tape on the stairs.

RV steps are not known for their stability. At night it can be tricky getting in and out of your camper. Adding strips of glow-in-the-dark tape to the stairs is a quick and simple solution.

For Everything Else:

Use the community center!

Community centers are the hidden gems of RV parks and campgrounds.

Use them when you’re in need of privacy, open space or a comfortable sofa and some pixel-free TV. Numerous even include sinks, refrigerators, microwaves and wifi!