Diy scarf hanging ideas

Spring clean your wardrobe

If you own a tiny wardrobe you are going to own to bite the bullet and scale below. This is extremely favorite at the moment, with bloggers touting around the concept of ‘capsule wardrobe’ living (read more about this at Brit+Co). Set an afternoon aside and start organising your clothes into the following categories:

  1. eBay / Gumtree
  2. Clothes recycling bin
  3. Charity store or friends
  4. Out of season
  5. Current wear

You’ll be surprised at how numerous pieces of clothes you’ve not worn for years.

With the start of a new season, now is the time to donate or sell — you could even make some money on your spring clean.

You desire to organise your tiny wardrobe so the items you wear most weeks — ponder jeans, comfy jumper, work shirts — are the most accessible. Everything else can be hidden away in areas of your wardrobe.

Diy scarf hanging ideas

Every item you hang in the accessible areas should be worn at least once, if not you can move it to your occasionalsections.

Hang shoes, handbags & more to save even more space

Hang your handbags to save floor space in your tiny wardrobe

This is one of our favourite wardrobe hacks of every time!

Handbags own a tendency to finish up on the floor (and get ruined) so why notutilise any spare hanging space by screwing in some hooks? These can then hold your handbags and other accessories and free up your floor.

Diy scarf hanging ideas

During Summer hang your flip flops and sandals

Looking for shoe storage ideas? During the warmer months, you should be storing your heavy Winter footwear love boots and wellies away. Summer footwear tends to be lighter but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take up valuable space in your tiny wardrobe.

Use plastic shoe hangers or bend wire jacket hangers to create little hangers for your sandals and flippies.

Wardrobe hacks for your accessories

The back of the wardrobe is every tiny wardrobe owner’s paradise — a completely free space that is yours to hang every those daily essentials that can be grabbed easily in the morning.

Hang jacket hooks, rods, attach mirrors and every sorts, it also makes a great put to hang those items that generally finish up on the bedroom floor when you come through the door (coat, handbag, tie etc).

For more handy hacks check out my article on brilliant bedroom space-saving ideas.

Start using jacket hanger hacks

Coat hanger hacks will give youso much more space in your tiny wardrobe.

Discoverthe handy tips under to make the most of your space.

Hang clothes vertically

If you own a narrow wardrobe that’s also tall, this is the ultimate space saving solution! Inspired by this brilliant thought from Brit + Co you can use a cheap metal chain and an S clip to hang your t-shirts and other short clothes.

You can also create the same effect using shower curtain rings and drinks can pulls:

Use hangers to display everyday accessories

This trick is just for those everyday items that you wear week in, week out.

I’m talking scarves, belts, hats and more.Attach shower ring pulls to a jacket hanger as per the image above to hang these items.

This will remove the need for clunky accessory boxes, freeing up more space in your tiny wardrobe for more significant things.

Use pegs to double up or hang whole outfits

Use pegs to clip your trousers or skirts to the bottom of your hangers. This is a genius tip if you’re planning ahead and hanging up your week’s outfits (this will save you time and space) or you could double up on T-shirts, tops and any other lightweight items of clothing.

Diy scarf hanging ideas

Hang strappy tops from a tie hanger

Don’t let your strappy tops (or other pieces of clothing you might own multiples of) take up every your precious tiny wardrobe space. Purchase a cheap tie holder and use the straps to hang your tops up.

Tiny wardrobe hacks that make abig difference

Diy scarf hanging ideas

Store heel-to-toe to squeeze in additional shoe space

If you own an unholy quantity of shoes, be certain to be storing them in this way to maximise your wardrobe space. You’ll be shocked by how numerous more shoes you can line up (freeing you up to purchase more)!

Make your hangers more efficient

This also works with hair ties. This little hack keeps your slippy clothes in put and can also enable you to double up and hold more clothes hanging on one hanger.

Double or even triple up by hanging camisoles, dresses and other light items on just one hanger.

Hammer nails into your wardrobe to hang jewellery

Grab your hammer and some nails and bang them into the sides of your wardrobe. You can use the nails to hang jewellery love the photo above. With some S clips you could even hang larger accessories too!

If you don’t fancy nailing into your wardrobe, you can create the same effect with ancient frames:


Diy scarf hanging ideas

Use an ancient ladder to create even more hanging space

A ladder makes a great addition to the inside or exterior of your wardrobe. Just prop it up and hang clothes or accessories on it.One of the easiest wardrobe hacksand it looks beautiful too!

Do you own any wardrobe hacks you’d love to share? Tell us how you maximise on space in your tiny wardrobe in the comments below!

Boost your tiny wardrobe with little but brilliant changes

Add an IKEA self-standing shelf

Need some additional shelving for your folded clothes?

If you’re not the handiest of people don’t, consider adding a wardrobe organiser in the form of this IKEA Kallax squared storage unit(£30). Youcan put it vertically or horizontally, depending on what fits best in your tiny wardrobe. You can store foldables, shoes, accessories and underwear in these roomy boxes.

Pick up a hanging organiser

This hanging wardrobe organiser(£13.99) hangs in your wardrobe and takes up the smallest quantity of space.

Ideally sized for underwear, socks, scarves, jewellery and belts, you can fit a surprising quantity of items in it.

Make use of the top of your wardrobe with storage baskets

All out of space?

The wardrobe pictured here may be huge, but you can take heed from the use of storage boxes above it. It’s the perfect put to hold those out-of-season items out of your wardrobe, freeing up space for more significant things.

Use the height to your benefit and invest in some beautiful baskets or storage boxes to hold items you don’t need every day.

Add brilliant dividers to your wardrobe shelves

Shelves are grand for storing foldable items of clothing but if you’re anything love me it’ll soon be a mess in no time.

Order these shelf dividers from eBay (£9.85) and hold your clothes tidy and tidy. Separate your clothes into diverse items of clothing and not only will your tiny wardrobe be super-organised, but it’ll be a lot easier to pick out your clothes in the morning too!

Don’t forget to use the space under your shelf too!

Still need more space?

If you’re hanging shelves or own existing shelving, make certain you utilise the space underneath them. This cheap metal shelffrom eBay (£4.49) can easily be used in your wardrobe to store accessories or more clothing love pyjamas and underwear.

Rails are your new best friend

Diy scarf hanging ideas

Attach towel rails to store flat shoes

Buy a cheap towel rail and secure it to the inside of your wardrobe and slot your flat shoes into them. You can also double up and use them for scarves and belts, too. For more shoe storing tips check out my 32 incredibly clever ways to store shoes.

Hang your shoes and scarves from rails

Railings onthe back of the door are the perfect addition to any tiny wardrobe. You can hang shoes with S clips, scarves and belts by looping them through, and necklaces by clasping them around the rail.

Diy scarf hanging ideas


Double up on your clothes rails

If you’re looking for simple wardrobe hacks that make a genuine difference, glance no further.

Doubling up your rails is a no-brainer if you’re looking to make the most of your wardrobe space. You can hang shorter items love tops, skirts and folded trousers on the bottom rail and longer items on the top.

Invest in an extendable wardrobe rod

Got a really tiny wardrobe?

Triple your available hanging space with a simple and inexpensive extender rod! It can be adjusted to suit your wardrobe and the seasons. In the winter you’re more likely to store longer coats and cardigans so you can simply adjust the height of the rod.

This Organise it Every ‘Closet Doubler’ rod from Amazon is only £17.99 with free delivery. A grand space-boosting solution for a little wardrobe!