Diy sesame street party ideas

Diy sesame street party ideas

I found a vintage Cookie Monster cake pan on Ebay that I ordered to make Adeline a Cookie Monster cake. It even came with plastic eyes and a mouth. (I still own nightmares about the red frosting from Eliass Elmo cake and didnt desire to make it again). The Cookie Monster cake turned out adorable and Adeline loved it.

All week when we would enquire what helpful of party she was going to own, she would tell, Cookie Monter cake!!

Unfortunately, when we lit the candle and started singing, she reached out her finger to touch the flame. Everyone yelled NOOOO! and then she cried and wouldnt own anything to do with that cake.

Poor thing.

Heres a little second video from the singing/crying ?

Since the cake was just 9 inches, I also made Sesame Highway cupcakes using papers and toppers that I bought on clearance at Williams-Sonoma.

Remember my post about party planning in advance?.

Sesame Highway Visors

I made Elmo visors for Eliass party a few years ago, so I knew I wanted to make them again for Adelines party.

(Arent they so cute in their visors, three years apart?)

I made an assortment of Large Bird, Grover, Elmo and Rosita. Every the pieces were hand cut. The foam pieces were attached with Aleens craft glue and the feathers for Large Bird and the pipe cleaner eyebrows were boiling glued.

My favorite was Rositas glittery bow. I also liked that her visor style was scalloped. (I bought the visors at Michaels.)

They are more time-consuming than you would expect, but I worked on them a little at a time over a few weeks, so it wasnt so bad.

Sesame Highway photo backdrop

Originally I was going to do colored fabric, but when I saw this Sesame Highway Background on Amazon, I just had to own it.

The reviews were fabulous and I totally consent with them every. Definitely worth the $7. (The background comes in 5 plastic pieces. We only used the two large ones.) I didnt get any wide-shots of the whole background, but thankfully Matthew snapped this one with his iphone. (You can discover a new similar style Sesame Highway scene setter here.)

After the party was over I realized we didnt assemble a shot of every the kids, but still got tons of other cute photos, love this one of Adeline and Elias blowing bubbles after the party (Eliass shirt is from Ancient Navy).

Sesame Highway Birthday Party Invitations

I looked at hundreds of Sesame Highway invitations on Etsy before landing on this one from Lanis Party Designs.

Isnt it adorable?

I had them printed at Walgreens.

Adelines Dress

As you might own noticed, Adelines dress was handmade.

I love, love, love the tale of her dress. You see, the Large Bird portion (including the straps) was part of a set of overalls that was my sisters in My mom kept the outfit every these years. I removed the pants portion and my friennd Angie helped me sew on a skirt with ruffle. It turned out so perfect.

Sesame Highway Party Games

We had just a few simple games for the kids to enjoy and boy did they enjoy them! The Large Bird and Oscar game had signs that I painted on cardboard. I simply projected an image from online onto the cardboard, traced it and painted it.

Diy sesame highway party ideas

I did every the outlining with puffy paint, which really made a huge difference. Loved these signs!

Big Birds Seed Search

This sensory activity was the hit of the party. We filled our water table with sunflower seed (some bird seed has peanut particles in it, so be careful if you own anyone with peanut allergies). I then buried Sesame Highway rings and little bubbles in the seed.

We instructed the kids that they should discover one ring and one bottle of bubbles.

They had a blast finding the items, blowing bubbles, wearing the rings and throwing the seed.

It was so awesome.

Cookie Monster Cookie Toss

I saw several cookie tosses on Pinterest using a cookie monster face. Originally I thought I could paint a cookie monster and make the throw, but I lucked out at Goodwill when I found this broken Elmo table at Goodwill for (the legs were missing). It has a hole cut in the middle, which made for a perfect mouth.

I spray painted the whole thing blue, added eyes and a mouth, Matthew added hooks to each side and we were set!

Diy sesame highway party ideas

I also sewed a few cookie shaped bean bags. The kids loved tossing the cookies in Cookie Monsters mouth.

Oscars Trash Can Toss

We also created an Oscar trash can throw using some tin cans + bean bags. I used my Xyron to add adhesive to some Oscars from some Sesame Highway wrapping paper in my stash. The kids loved the game.

Brunch Food

We did a simple brunch buffet for food fruit and pancakes, as well as goldfish crackers for snacking.

I also made fruit trays that looked love characters from Sesame Highway (Burt, Ernie and Elmo).

Diy sesame highway party ideas

I used canteloupe and strawberries for Ernie, pineapple and oranges for Burt and watermelon and oranges for Elmo. The black was raisins and the eyes were lemons.

Sesame Highway Party Decorations

I went a little crazy with decorations. They were every so fun! ?

The large and little Elmo baskets that youll see in a few pictures are from when we had Eliass Elmo birthday party. They are Easter baskets that I scored 90% off a few years ago! I was SO proud of myself.

We used the large ones for napkins and silverware and the little one pictured here for Sesame Highway tattoos. I ponder by the finish of the party Adeline had every Sesame Highway character up her arms.

I also made the most adorable Sesame Highway pinwheels out of used books I bought at McKays (the best used bookstore ever).

I found that older books worked better because the paperstock was thicker. (See this tutorial for how to make pinwheels. I made pinwheels for Adelines party final year too it might be becoming a tradition.) I used these pinwheels in centerpieces for the tables as well as along the stroll outside.

I also used the used books to make a Sesame Highway paper chain garland, which we hung on the bar exterior.

Diy sesame highway party ideas

The dispensers are from Zulily, and I was so excited to use them for the first time.

For the dining room, Matthew and I did a rainbow crepe paper wall, which was so bright and enjoyment. I also made tissue paper pom poms, which we hung in the doorways going into the dining room.

The table was covered in a Sesame Highway tablecloth. The centerpiece was a Tickle Me Elmo and some flowers with pinwheels.

Diy sesame highway party ideas

(More about the food below.)

For the fireplace, I made a banner using chipboard pennants that I had in my stash forever, Sesame Highway scrapbook paper (found at Archivers) and letter stickers. I also cut out a large letter A and number 2 out of cardboard, then covered them in Sesame Highway wrapping paper from the Dollar Store. Sesame Highway puppets and balloons completed the scene.

Diy sesame highway party ideas

(We bought a Balloon Time Helium Tank to blow up the balloons because it was way cheaper and more convenient than getting balloons at the store.)

I even worked a little Sesame Highway into the bathroom with some Elmo hand soap from The Dollar Store.


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