Diy shabby chic craft ideas

This boho chic jewelry hanger could possibly be the easiest thing that you own ever made.

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

It is perfect for holding every of that bohemian or gypsy themed jewelry and it’s made from a piece of driftwood, so it’s basically a free project, too. You could use just about any piece of wood that you own on hand for this and discover some really cool drawer pulls at thrift stores to make the jewelry hooks.

Tutorial: unetouchederoseeng

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

Bohemian Inspired Decoupaged Trays

These trays are perfect for adding that touch of bohemian inspired décor to your home. They are also really simple to make. If you love decoupaged projects, then this one is for you. Hit up your local thrift store to discover ancient ceramic or silver trays and then you can use wallpaper or other similar paper to create the bohemian glance. Use these for jewelry holders or just about anything you want.

Tutorial: youngamerica

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

DIY Boho Chic Jewelry Tray

These boho chic jewelry trays are so simple to make and they make the most amazing gifts. If you need something for the holidays…or any special occasion…these are perfect.

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

You can make them from cheap wooden leaf trays that you can discover at the Dollar Store and then just use paints to give them that grand boho chic appeal.

Tutorial: jenniferrizzo

DIY Fabric Scrap Garland

This fabric scrap garland is the perfect way to add some chic bohemian charm to your home and it is so simple to make.

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

This is the perfect project to upcycle those leftover fabric scraps and you can hang them with twine, rope, or whatever you own on hand. This is perfect for hanging on the stair bannister or in the entryway, or anywhere you desire to add that little bit of bohemian charm.

Tutorial: handmadecharlotte

DIY Shabby Boho Mirror

I love this mirror! It has a gorgeous color and the flowers and pearls just really make it perfect for adding to your boho chic décor.

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

This is also a grand one to add to your coastal décor. You make this from an ordinary mirror that you decorate to give it that grand boho appeal. The distressed wood really adds character and this one makes a beautiful present for an upcoming wedding.

Tutorial: sweetinspirationsbyjpdesigns

DIY Decoupaged Gypsy Chair

How utterly adorable is this chair?

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

I love the bohemian glance in furniture and this one is perfect for adding that little bit of décor wherever you need it. You can do this with an ancient wooden kitchen chair and decoupaging it is so simple.

Diy shabby chic craft ideas

Note the yarn tassels that hang below from the seat. Is this not the most adorable chair you own ever seen?

Tutorial: gypsylovecafe

DIY Birch Wood Tealight Holder

This tealight candle holder is made from a birch wood ring and it is absolutely gorgeous. This one is beautiful simple to do and it is free if you happen to own a birch wood ring and the tealight candles to use. You could do these in diverse sizes and create a really gorgeous centerpiece for the dining room table or even stack them and make a lovely candle display.

Tutorial: abeautifulmess