Diy spirit day shirt ideas

Diy spirit day shirt ideas

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TORONTO — A Florida elementary school student who was bullied while celebrating “College Colors Day” while wearing a homemade logo for the University of Tennessee had his design made into official merchandise.

Laura Snyder, a teacher at Altamonte Elementary School in Altamonte Springs Fla., according to CNN, wrote on about how the student was “so excited” leading up to the day, but was left crushed after other students made enjoyment of him for his hand drawn design.

“After lunch he came back to my room, put his head on his desk and was crying,” Snyder’s post reads.

“Some girls at the lunch table next to his… had made enjoyment of his sign he had attached to his shirt. He was DEVASTATED.”

Seeking to boost the student’s spirits, Snyder wrote that she planned to get him an official University of Tennessee “Vols,” shirt, and asked if anyone “had connections” to “make it a little additional special” for him.

After Snyder’s post went viral among supportive University of Tennessee fans, she says the school reached out to send the student a box of school apparel and merchandise.

And then they took it one step further, making his hand drawn logo an official school T-shirt design.

“Share in a Florida elementary student’s Volunteer pride by wearing his design on your shirt too!,” said the school’s campus store on .

The school said a portion of proceeds from sales of the shirt will go towards an organization called STOMP Out Bullying.

“When I told him that his design was being made into a genuine shirt and people wanted to wear it, his jaw dropped,” Snyder said, adding that the student “walked taller” and “had a large grin on his face.”

Commenters on Snyder’s post were happy to point out that “the rock” on University of Tennessee’s campus had apparently been painted with the same design.

Demand was so high for the shirt that it crashed the official University of Tennessee online store over the weekend, according to CNN.

Currently, the shirt is available to pre-order.

Snyder included a picture in her post of the letter the student’s mom wrote saying she was “overwhelmed by the love I feel from this extended community,” and that “every comment, item sent, and action taken on behalf of my son will never be forgotten and hopefully will serve as inspiration for him throughout his life.”

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‘People were afraid of me’: the artist who turned her breasts into a cinema

Born from this exchange is the ambitious, multi-disciplinary Abortion is Normal: An Emergency Art Show, a two-part exhibition co-curated by Wahi and Project for Empty Space co-founder Rebecca Pauline Jampol, in collaboration with Minter, Gina Nanni of Downtown for Democracy, the artist Laurie Simmons and the art historian Sandy Tait.

The essayist Lynne Tillman provided a launch statement and the project features marquee names such as Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman, Hank Willis Thomas and Catherine Opie, along with the emerging artists Shirin Neshat, Wangechi Mutu, Chloe Wise and dozens of others. The project is a continuation of a show which debuted at Project for Empty Space in featuring Dominique Duroseau, Yvette Molina, Viva Ruiz, and Christen Clifford, every of whom own pieces in the current exhibition.

The title may shock, but Abortion is Normal is meant to create “an inclusive and empathetic entry point” into the conversation, dismantling the stigma surrounding abortion, and working as an urgent call to action. The exhibition includes participants of every races and genders; some of whom own had abortions, and others who are soon-to-be or current parents. “It was significant for us to own an intersectional exhibition, that ranged not only in gender demographics,” said Wahi, “but, because we own people of every gender identities between the two spaces, addressing a variety of reproductive rights issues.”

The project is refreshingly grassroots.

Most attendees at the opening final Thursday learned about Abortion is Normal directly through participating artists or via social media. In the DIY spirit, zine-style foldouts were distributed rather than catalogs, and several luminaries contributed new works specifically created for the show, including Marilyn Minter’s CUNTROL, Jane Kaplowitz’s homage to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Jon Kessler’s short video incorporating archival footage from abortion clinic bombings of the s.

Proceeds from the show will be divide between Planned Parenthood and Downtown for Democracy, a Pac launched in in response to the US invasion of Iraq. The latter is volunteer run and supports cultural and political shows, as well as other forms of activism including educational efforts and advertising in swing states, voter registration, and youth outreach.

Last year, the group launched the Protest Factory, a show and series of events at Jeffrey Deitch in New York meant to kickstart local activism which saw Cecily Brown and Kembra Pfahler leading sign-making classes, readings by Eileen Myles and Luc Sante, and a “T-shirt debut” featuring Richard Hell, Barbara Kruger, and Richard Prince, in collaboration with Supreme.

“There are those chipping away at reproductive rights and they never stop,” says Gina Nanni of Downtown for Democracy.

“There is a generation that came up before Roe v Wade that will never forget, but a younger generation that takes certain rights for granted. We desire every to be educated, that you can never let go of issues that are significant, that being involved in the political process is the only way that we can maintain a society and law that reflects the will of the people.”

The show, which came together in a matter of weeks rather than months or years, reflects this immediacy.

Wahi and Jampol continued to vet submissions up until launch. “People were really enthusiastic about making this happen, especially at the beginning of an election year,” explains Wahi. “So, we pulled every hands on deck, with volunteer assist picking up work, and with consignment and loans. It was a huge team effort, but it’s something that I hope will change people’s minds about choice.” That several blue chip artists, whose work fetches in the tens of thousands on auction, were willing to donate is truly unique.

“Living in these times, ‘no’ is not an option,” said the artist Rob Pruitt, who donated a full-scale work. “So numerous own worked so hard, and for so endless, to safeguard these rights that the thought of this work being undone would be a tragedy. I said yes without thinking twice.”

Driving outreach was the team of Minter and Simmons, both longtime activists who frequently collaborate on causes and events. “There’s extremely little time when we’re not working on something together, and rarely does a project that’s political come across my visions or hers that we don’t share,” said Simmons, who contributed a piece from her collection.

Both Minter and Simmons remember life before Roe v Wade, which fueled their hands-on approach to the show.

Diy spirit day shirt ideas

“We’re trying to protect our children and our younger female friends.” Simmons pointed out that the show is not a contribution to one candidate or campaign – it’s issue driven, and in support of autonomy and empowerment.

And it certainly is powerful. In Christen Clifford’s I Desire Your Blood, the artist and her collaborators literally bleed for the cause, creating a menagerie of vials and bottles containing blood meant to act as a totem for the sacredness of the human body. “I found the process extremely satisfying,” said participant and author Jillian McManemin, whose donated blood sits in an antique Avon bottle.

“Like I was in on a mischievous ancient ritual.”

The exhibition comes as part of a wave of art and social projects meant to normalize abortion, including Scream Your Abortion and Abortion Out Noisy, and fits into the larger history of using art to power social change. There is a particularly strong thread to past downtown New York provocateurs such as Keith Haring, Gordon Matta Clark and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who used their generous creative spirit to shape and change prevalent attitudes.

If you’re unable to attend the second installment of the exhibition, Keith Corso, chief development officer of PPNY, offers a few words on participation.

“Vote!” he urges. “Get your friends out to vote. Make certain everyone votes. It’s going to be a extremely significant year for every of us to stand up. Reproductive health rights are hanging in the balance!”

  1. Abortion is Normal: Part One will be showing at Eva Presenhuber, New York until 18 January and Part Two will be showing at Arsenal Contemporary, New York from 21 January until 1 February

Be the Spirit!

Holiday festivities without the tree? For sure!

We can decorate ourselves instead. Another year without a white Christmas? No problem! Rather than tinsel, it’s glitter every the way.

Diy spirit day shirt ideas

The perfectly wrapped present? That’s not significant this year. The festive spirit isn’t about material things or traditions. It’s already there: in you. Christmas is about a feeling of connectedness and joy shared with other people. It’s precisely this unique feeling that we desire to celebrate with you – according to the motto “Be the Spirit”. And with our new Womenswear, Menswear and Kidswear collections, we’re happy to contribute to the holiday vibes. No matter how or with whom you spend the holidays, the Winter Collection has something for every occasion and every taste.

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Diy spirit day shirt ideas

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There’s probably nothing better than spending the holidays in the mountains. So, grab your friends and get ready for an unforgettable weekend. Whether you’re more into hitting the slopes, après-ski hangouts or relaxing by the fireplace, you’ll always own warm wool in your suitcase. Norwegian styled soft sweaters, cardigans, caps and scarves are perfect for that “winter at the chalet” feeling. Circular off your glance with jeans or pants in trendy corduroy and built-for-the-cold boots.

Is your style geared more towards protection against the freezing, a cool glance or eco-friendly pieces?

You don’t own to decide! Now you can own both. Our 3M® Thinsulate outerwear is the perfect choice for those who don’t desire to compromise. We processed million PET bottles for this year’s Outerwear Collection: one jacket can even contain up to 34 recycled plastic bottles.

Diy spirit day shirt ideas

You can own comfortable warmth without any down.

Did someone tell party? While your mailbox is slowly filling up with invitations, our perfect going out styles are waiting on call. Go every out with dazzlingly beautiful metallic skirts and elegant jumpsuits. Become a compliment-magnet with velvet dresses or boost your wardrobe’s dazzle with an additional dose of glamor, glitter and sequins. Golden accents on handbags or as accessories give your outfit the finishing touch.

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Diy spirit day shirt ideas