Diy spongebob party ideas

Diy spongebob party ideas

From Frog Prince Paperie

These DIY Tissue Pineapples are a enjoyment, simple way to bring the SpongeBob theme to life, and they’re really simple to make.


Diy spongebob party ideas

Pineapple Shaped Pizza

From Meowchie’s Hideout

This is a yummy DIY, and a tasty way to bring your SpongeBob theme into the food. It should be beautiful simple to put together, and looks really impressive.

Diy spongebob party ideas

Decorate with ham and pineapple if you dare.

5. DIY Plankton Watermelon Fruit Bowl

From SpongeBob

This DIY Plankton Watermelon Fruit Bowl is an awesome way to bring something a little bit healthier to the party.

6. SpongeBob Cake

From Cake for Thought

If you own a little bit of additional time on your hands, then this intricate SpongeBob Cake is a grand challenge.

Diy spongebob party ideas

If not, it’s time to hit the bakery, photo in hand!

8. DIY SpongeBob SquarePants Napkin

From Zolee’s Boutique, as seen on Catch My Party

This is a super cute way to add a little bit of SpongeBob flare to your table settings, and it’s a grand DIY to do ahead of time.

Diy spongebob party ideas

4. Plankton Jell-O Cups

From Aidens SpongeBob Party; as seen on Catch my Party

Aren’t these Plankton Jell-O Cups a great idea?

Diy spongebob party ideas

This grumpy little green character is a enjoyment addition to your birthday spread, and the Jell-O cups are grand to make ahead.


Diy spongebob party ideas

DIY Cupcake Hamburgers (Krabby Patties)

From Nerdy Nummies, as seen on Yahoo

These are technically Cupcake Hamburgers, but you definitely won’t own any crabby kids with these Krabby Patties on the table.