Diy stamped concrete patio ideas

All concrete patios, driveway or pathways need control joints.

Diy stamped concrete patio ideas

These are the large, deep lines that are installed every 5 or 10 feet on every concrete occupation. They are installed in an effort to prevent cracking or, more specifically, to give the concrete a specific put to crack. The problem with control joints in stamped concrete is they completely ruin the façade that the use of stamped concrete is trying to achieve. When you’re trying to make something glance love tile or pavers or flagstone, a large gaping line going across the middle sort of ruins that glance. With pavers, you never own that problem. Pavers naturally own joints everywhere. The glance is preserved every the way through the patio or pathway.

That cannot be true with stamped concrete. Glance at these photos and judge for yourself.

Repairs/ Ongoing Maintenance

Suppose a tree root grows underneath your patio in a few years and causes the patio to rise up and crack. Or suppose for some reason there was some settling or sinking in the ground under that patio.

Diy stamped concrete patio ideas

With stamped concrete, the damage is permanent; there will be no way to correct the issue and own the repair glance the same as the original work.. But with pavers, you can easily dig up that area, repair the problem and re-install the pavers to glance just love new.

To maintain that shiny bright appearance, stamped concrete must be re-sealed or recoated every two years, incurring maintenance costs. Additionally, the coating must be completely stripped every 2nd jacket and re-applied on a clean base to avoid build up and the resulting cloudy glance to the surface. This coating can present a slipping hazard when wet, which brings us to the next issue:


As mentioned before, stamped concrete behaves the same as the plain concrete on your city sidewalks and roadways.

It’s prone to cracking. Pavers do not. And, if a paver is ever damaged, it’s simple to remove the affected paver and install a new one. The same is not possible with stamped concrete. A excellent friend once put it this way, “There are two kinds of concrete; Cracked Concrete and ‘Gonna Crack’ Concrete.” Unfortunately, that’s been our experience too.

Stamped Concrete vs. Interlocking Pavers

When compared with interlocking concrete pavers, stamped concrete begins to lose the battle.

If installed properly, there are almost no disadvantages with pavers. But in comparison, there are a lot of challenges with stamped concrete. Under we’ve outlined a comparison of the two.

Stamped Concrete vs. Traditional Concrete

Stamped Concrete has some distinct advantages when compared to traditional concrete. The main advantage with stamped concrete is the wide availability of colors and patterns.

Diy stamped concrete patio ideas

To be certain, stamped concrete generally looks a lot more aesthetically appealing than traditional brushed concrete. If you’re % sold on concrete for your driveway, pathway, walkway, or patio, then stamped concrete is a nicer choice than traditional concrete. The cost is typically about % of what plain concrete costs. But the glance is worth the additional price.

Diy stamped concrete patio ideas

So as far as concrete goes, stamped is a much nicer way to go.

Unfortunately, every concrete cracks over time. It’s inevitable. Concrete, by nature, is imperfect, and over time it’s prone to cracking. The only question is how soon and how badly will it crack.

Diy stamped concrete patio ideas

Which leads us to our next topic:

Stamped Concrete

Is stamped concrete a excellent thought to use in Michigan with our wide temperature variations. Salt use and the freeze and thaw cycle can cause damage to numerous surfaces.

Future Changes/ Additional

With stamped concrete, what you get is permanent. If you add on in the future, it won’t ever match up to the first batch that was installed years before. And there is no way to move or change stamped concrete.

Diy stamped concrete patio ideas

With pavers, you can change the shape, add more pavers, add a matching pathway, make the patio larger, whatever you want! Pavers are versatile, re-useable, and simple to add on to.


Diy stamped concrete patio ideas