Diy storage ideas for cosmetics

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Diy storage ideas for cosmetics

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There are so numerous benefits if you can create your makeup storage by yourself. You can use paper towel tubes and stick them to each other.

And if you desire to make the beautiful one, you can cover them by using the decorative paper of fabric.

The materials you own to collect to make this helpful of storage are paper towel tubes, glue, scissors, tape, and decorative paper.


Diy storage ideas for cosmetics

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Metal Makeup Storage Ideas

Metal still the top options of material for furniture. It doesn’t need any complicated maintenance, yet some types of metal define a vintage style.

However, you can polish the ancient wall-hanging letter holders and turn into the fabulous one which can hold you pallets collections.

Your makeup time will not be boring anymore since the vintage style will inexpensively beautify your room.

Use Floating Shelves in the Room Corner

If you don’t desire to step on the fallen toothpaste tube on the floor or even the little eyeliner, it means you need makeup storage on your bathroom.

Considering the best material for the storage on your bathroom is so significant.

Diy storage ideas for cosmetics

Instead of choosing the card box material, you will select wooden material.

To make it cuter, you can also put a little succulent.

The floating storage can save your space and really excellent for the little bathroom.

Do It Yourself with Plastic Bottle

Why you own to spend much money when you can own cheap makeup storage?

Well, it’s not about the price, but it’s every about the function itself.

Collecting makeup in one put is really significant, indeed.

And if you are on a budget, you still can own the cheap one love you can select the plastic storage.

It’s less expensive than wooden or metal materials. You can own even the cheaper one, by using the ancient plastic bottle.

Besides you can reuse the waste, you don’t own to spend your money too much.

You own to collect the following materials in advance:

  1. Exacto knife
  2. Permanent marker
  3. Plastic spray bottles in various colors
  4. Rubber band
  5. Iron

You can follow the finish steps on

Makeup Storage Vanity Ideas – Use Glass Shelves on the Wall

You shouldn’t ruin your classy room by letting your cosmetics are scattered.

Your classy room should be completed by the vanity makeup storage.

However, you need to please your eyes which also will please your heart as well.

The organized makeup really helps you to discover the essentials you need.

You don’t need to worry anymore about finding your little mascara when you are in a hurry.

Use Little Box – Put It in The Cabinet

Either your room is large or little, you still don’t desire your beauty room full of the types of furniture.

Diy storage ideas for cosmetics

Plus, if you own much stuff on your room.

The cabinet storage is really fit your needs.

And this helpful of storage will not show the uninvited view of stuff.

Both tug out and the on wall cabinet will assist you to own a storage cabinet that doesn’t take up your space.

Hang It Behind the Door

Raise your hand! If your room is so little, but you own tons of cosmetics.

Sometimes, the 50% discount is one of the reasons you own a pile of cosmetics.

To make those cosmetics are collected well, you need makeup storage.

This helpful of storage is to fit your needs whose room is small.

So, although you own only a tiny space, it will not make your space even smaller which caused by your pile of cosmetics.

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Diy storage ideas for cosmetics