Diy storage ideas for small closets

We’ve covered walls and doorframes, but what about your ceilings? Hanging rails are ideal for storing clothes when wall space is limited.

Diy storage ideas for little closets

Meet every your clothes storage hanger needs at Rack Buddy.

Use multi-tasking storage for kids’ bedrooms

Children’s rooms are especially mess-prone, so any furniture item that serves two or three purposes is a victor.

Diy storage ideas for little closets

A stool that doubles as a side table with room inside to stash clutter is a must — and the design is adorable. The Storie stool from Olli Ella works equally well as kids’ clothing storage or kids’ book storage.

Diy storage ideas for little closets

It doubles up as a seat, too.

Select a bed with storage compartments

Plenty of beds come with storage now, so why would you own one without? In bedrooms lacking storage space, those storage beds or storage headboards with those additional drawers are extremely handy for keeping socks, tights, pjs and that spare dressing gown out of sight.

Diy storage ideas for little closets

It also means you can avoid the need for clothes storage plastic drawers or under-bed clothes storage boxes.

Hold your clothes storage tidy with curtains

While open wardrobes are convenient, they can glance messy.

Diy storage ideas for little closets

A nifty and affordable repair is a curtain. Easier to open than a sliding wardrobe door, a curtain conceals unsightly mismatched clothes hangers, gym bags and any other items you don’t desire on display. Discover more walk-in wardrobe and dressing room ideas in our guide.

Find more clothes-storing inspiration at Ikea.

Put your clothes away in storage baskets

The ancient basket at the finish of the bed: a classic. And for excellent reason – a traditional wicker basket is just the thing for storing pyjamas, bedsheets and towels.Find more clothes’ storage containers in our buyer’s guide.

A range of good-looking storage baskets is available from The White Company.

Diy storage ideas for little closets

Store your clothes above the door

If you are working with a little bedroom and you’re tight on storage space, make use of every spare nook and cranny. The gap above your bedroom door is ideal for squeezing in a few more shelves for hats, handbags, or even bathroom linens.

Handmade in Cue & Co of London’s workshop, this clever fitted storage combination would work in any home with a reasonably high ceiling.

Diy storage ideas for little closets

Stir pegs and racks for shoes and little items

Your walls are valuable storage space. Pegs and clothes storage racks are perfect for storing grabbable items love scarves, hats and bags.

The sleek Scandi Garment Rail from John Lewis is both practical and stylish.