Diy tacky christmas sweaters ideas

This ugly Christmas sweater was made for a man but it really can work on anyone, young and ancient.

Diy tacky christmas sweaters ideas

A Christmas tree with working lights is made from green garland and colorful ornaments. The tree skirt is the finishing touch and completes the true awfulness of this Christmas sweater.

DIY Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater from The Samantha Show

This ugly Christmas sweater takes it to the next level because it includes working lights.

Diy tacky christmas sweaters ideas

Most of the materials can be picked up at the dollar store which includes pom-poms, jingle bells, tinsel, lights, and felt.

There are lots of photos to assist you DIY this sweater but you can, of course, add or take away anything to make it truly yours.

Snow Globe Ugly Christmas Sweater from Instructables

This is a unique ugly Christmas sweater project love you've never seen before. A plastic bowl and some cheap Christmas decorations are used to create a 3D snow globe on the front of the sweater.

Do you own a fur baby who wants an ugly sweater too?

This project even includes a bonus project to make an ugly Christmas sweater for your dog.

Diy tacky christmas sweaters ideas

Four Cheap Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY's from My Thrifty Chic

My Thrifty Chic has four DIY ugly Christmas sweaters project here and they are every under $10 including the sweater and decorations. There's a sweater with a stocking, a wreath, jingle bells and mini stockings, and a Christmas tree.

These are quick projects and will take you under an hour to create before you head out to the festivities.

Diy tacky christmas sweaters ideas

Gaudy Garland Christmas Sweater from Large Lots

Big Lots has a free ugly sweater Christmas project that will get you a lot of attention at your next holiday party. It takes a cardigan or jacket which you completely cover with garland topped with ornaments and bows.

Diy tacky christmas sweaters ideas

The more the better with this Christmas sweater.

This is an simple DIY project that you can make in just a few hours from start to finish.

Kitten Mittens Ugly Christmas Sweater from I Love to Create

This DIY ugly Christmas sweater is for the true cat lover, decorated with cats of every shapes and sizes jumping out of mittens. You can finish the glance by adding a stuffed animal to sit on your shoulder.

A list of what you'll need is available including fabric paint, mittens, and glue. There are lots of color photos included that show you exactly how to make the sweater including drawing the cats with the fabric paint.

Star Trek Ugly Christmas Sweater from Punk Projects

This DIY ugly Christmas sweater project from Punk Projects is for the ultimate Trekkie.

Spock is featured front and middle and says "Trek the Halls."

Find a drawn picture of Spock online and then use it to recreate him onto your sweater with fabric paint and glitter.

Diy tacky christmas sweaters ideas

Add any Christmas embellishments that you desire to make it everything you desire it to be.