Diy teacher gifts ideas

Im a sucker for anything with owls, and this one is super cute.

Diy teacher gifts ideas

You can use any number of things for the body of the owl. Be creative, and figure out what works best for your students.

Source: Mandy and Daniel

Diy teacher gifts ideas

Throw some shade

You can pick up inexpensive sunglasses at the dollar store or in bulk online. Plus this website has a free printable, making it a super simple student gift.

Source: True Life Im a Teacher 

Last-day bookmark

This is a project you can do with your students on the final day. Make a bookmark out of paint samples so simple and so cute!

Source: Mrs.

Diy teacher gifts ideas


Give em smore

This present will definitely come in under $1 each when you purchase the supplies in bulk. You can create your own printable, or give this teacher some love and purchase it from her TPT store.

Source: Lori Flaglor 

Diy teacher gifts ideas

Time to get crazy

This is such an inexpensive and cute dollar present thought. Plus, you know your students are going to use it! Create your own design or download it from this awesome Etsy store.

Source: Daisy Lou Arts

Diy teacher gifts ideas

Chalk it up

There are several ways you could give chalk as a DIY for a dollar end-of-year present, and this is one of our favorites. Actually, this teacher has several amazing ideas, so check out her blog.

Source: Lessons for Little Ones