Diy tv feature wall ideas

Diy tv feature wall ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Confident DIYers can own a go at making this fabulous cabinet. Mount identically framed pictures onto hinged MDF panels. Then repair batons to the wall. And there you own it, your own bespoke TV cover.

Get a bed with TV storage

If you’re a box-set addict, you may well own a TV in your bedroom.

Diy tv feature wall ideas

Well, it beats waking up on the sofa at 2am with an imprint of the remote on your face.

But if you’d rather hold your screen under wraps – perhaps because you’re worried the kids might demand to own one in their bedroom, or you don’t desire it cluttering up a dressing table or a chest of drawers – get yourself a bed with hidden storage for it.

This luxurious double bed comes in black or grey, but you’ll need to supply your own telly.

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Make it part of the decorating scheme

Image credit: Colin Poole

When your wall looks this excellent, and your TV looks this streamlined, there is no point hiding it away! Why not turn it into a focal point?

Diy tv feature wall ideas

Position a few houseplants around it and you’ll almost feel love you are outside.

Purchase a TV cabinet

Image credit: The Dormy House

One obvious way to make certain your set doesn’t frolic the starring role is to hide it in a cabinet. This cupboard from The Dormy Home (above) is almost guaranteed not to date thanks to its Shaker glance. It costs from £265, depending on which of the 13 finishes you select, and accommodates screens measuring up to 42in diagonally.

Buy Now: New Hampshire media cabinet, from £1,800, The Dormy House

If you choose to hide your set away love this, it’s a excellent thought to use a four-way socket bar behind the TV, inside the cupboard, so there’s only one cable leaving the unit and you don’t own to move it to unplug anything.

Diy tv feature wall ideas

Your cable hole needs to be about 5cm square to permit plugs to slot through.

Reduce its impact with a bold media unit

Image credit: Barker & Stonehouse

It won’t hide the TV completely, but you can at least deflect attention away from a wall-mounted flat screen by hanging it within a dramatic wall unit. This example combines wealthy walnut veneer, glass shelves and integrated spotlights that can be used to highlight bold accessories, not your telly.

By choosing a piece that blends with other furniture – in this case, the dining suite around the corner – its function doesn’t scream ‘TV’.

Budget won’t stretch or room too little for a piece love this?

Diy tv feature wall ideas

Attempt hanging your TV against a dramatic feature wallpaper instead.

Hide your TV in a wardrobe

Image credit: Colin Poole

Another tidy trick for hiding a bedroom TV is to discover a space within fitted wardrobes.

Diy tv feature wall ideas

Certain, you’ll own to sacrifice precious handbag or shoe storage, but it’s a price worth paying not to own a large black box dominating your space.

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