Diy ugly holiday sweater ideas

Diy ugly holiday sweater ideas

If you’re looking for a theme to lean into beyond ugly sweaters, we propose going full-on ‘70s basement. Ponder embarrassing family holiday photos and Elton John on the playlist.

Diy ugly holiday sweater ideas

Pass around disposable cameras or an Instax and take group photos next to the fireplace (or the crackling logs station on Netflix). Or go in a Danish direction with a hygge vibe finish with tea lights, smorrebrod, ginger cookies, and plenty of aquavit. For more on this theme, and a few more party themes from abroad read up here.

It’s going to get ugly: Christmas party food 

Now isn’t the time to break out the fine china. Instead, create a menu that gives you an excuse to indulge in classic Christmas party food that feels dated but yummy. Order fried chicken or pick up a honey-glazed ham for heartier fare.

Or go with retro apps love shrimp cocktail, Swedish meatballs, Jello mold shots, pretzels in a pail, or a cheeseball in the shape of a Christmas tree. Making cocktails for a crew? Stir a large batch of eggnog or rum punch and then serve in the biggest bowl you own.

Ugly Christmas sweater party invites 

Set the tone for your party with the perfect invitation; our ugly sweater party invitations are a favorite year after year. We own a range of styles—from sweet to extremely saucy. Let guests know if ugly sweaters are required (they are) with the invitation and if there will be a contest, as a little spirited competition can give people a nudge to purchase or DIY their ugly sweater.

The wording of your invitation will let guests know what helpful of party to expect. For example, phrases love Its going to get ugly, Who is the ugliest of them all? or Holiday sweater get together are great.

With our classic card invitations, you can invite a co-host, set maximum capacity in advance, and reply to individual guests at any time. Our holiday Flyers are modern templates you can customize in seconds by adjusting the colors and style or adding text effects, GIFs, or a photo.

They’re free to send via SMS, WhatsApp, your email, or send through Paperless Post. And your first 50 emails are free. Both invitations permit you to track RSVPs and follow up with guests.

Patchwork Party invitation by Paperless Post, Sweater Party Animals invitation by Hello!Lucky, Its Gonna Get Ugly invitation by Paperless Post

Ugly sweater party invite available at Paperless Post Flyer 

DIY ugly Christmas sweaters

There is no shortage of ugly sweaters out there. We found everything from sports teams to southwestern vibes, pizza cats, mischievous gingerbread men, and a lot of NSFW Santas.

But the absolute ugliest sweaters are DIY. Hit up your closet or a thrift store to start with a mildly ugly sweater, then break out the glue gun and add ornaments, led light strands, tinsel garland, bows, gemstones, or an oversized Christmas stocking that conveniently holds a bottle of wine. Finally, finish your glance by accessorizing with more tinsel hoop earrings or a pair of Christmas ornament earrings.

It’s always the correct night for a holiday party—browse our invitations to get started.

For more holiday party ideas, head correct this way.

Hero image features Red-Nose Knitter by Paperless Post 

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Having the ability to create your own ugly sweater design can be fairly liberating to your inner artist when it comes to deciding on exactly what works for you and what doesnt when you set out to pick the ugly Christmas sweater that youd love to wear this holiday season. And when you own us print your own design, not only can you see in advance, exactly what your design will glance love on your sweater across several diverse sweater patterns, and how it interacts with various texts, you become a superstar designer, capable of creating something so unique that itll be certain to turn heads when you go out with friends or show up at your next holiday party wearing it.

A custom-printed ugly Christmas sweater can be given out as a present to anyone or as gifts to co-workers, family, friends, etc whove been looking for their own perfect sweater to show off their holiday spirit, but also their support of a truly ugly holiday artist.

Unless you already own a perfectly clear thought in your mind as to exactly what youre planning on making when you upload your ugly Christmas sweater design to our site, why not take some time and looking around online to see what others own created over the years; after every, the ugly Christmas sweater has been around for almost 40 years.

After every, it was first made by aunts and moms with the incredibly bad taste before it was a pop culture phenomenon.

Diy ugly holiday sweater ideas

Looking on the interwebs for inspiration has its benefits: first, it can lead someone to bring a few new ideas to their design. You can see what has worked in the past and bring it back to life, but also, see what doesnt fairly work, whats too much, whats not enough, and see how it can be improved. Check the large box stores for inspiration, too. With the ugly Christmas trend growing, large box stores are now starting to carry ugly Christmas sweaters during the holiday season. These are designed to be quick and simple, non-durable, alternatives to the higher quality sweaters found online. Theyre not supposed to final more than a season, yet, looking at them for inspiration can lead to any potential ugly Christmas sweater designer having a true eureka moment.

You can discover inspiration for your own sweater by looking at others that own been created and can now be found on the racks of stores across the United States. So, take a glance around, and see what you love about previously-designed sweaters and ponder about ways in which you can make something more ugly, or more amusing, before submitting your design to our website; or even ponder about something in the pop culture zeitgeist that hasnt been hit upon prior.

How to Make An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Our ugly Christmas sweater design site is simple. Its incredibly simple to use, navigate. If youre wondering already about how complicated or hard it might be when it comes to designing your own ugly holiday sweater, why not just click in and give it a attempt.

You can design your extremely own ugly sweater in about five-seven minutes time and thats if youre an obsessive type (arent we all?). To make your extremely own ugly Christmas sweater every you need to do, is pick which sweater type youd love, pick which ugly Christmas sweater pattern youd love for your sweater to own, upload your extremely own custom-made artwork, ponder up a text and type it into the design, and presto! youve just created your extremely own ugly Christmas sweater to wear to your next holiday party.

Its extremely simple, in fact, its so simple that even a little kid could do it: in fact, wed even propose that you own your kid or a friends do it every for you, so, that way, youll be certain, that youll be getting a totally original and crazy and wild creation of your extremely own to wear out on the town.

Diy ugly holiday sweater ideas

After every, who doesnt desire a true one-of-a-kind ugly Christmas sweater to wear every to themselves?

Ugliest Sweater Wins: game ideas

Drinking games are a no-brainer, but make them Christmas. We love Christmas karaoke, Christmas carol Pictionary, or even charades. However, if games arent your speed, own your favorite terrible Christmas movie on in the background and drink every time they tell Christmas. Hold your retro vibe going with films love Die Hard, Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Scrooged, or Bad Santa.

And it’s not an ugly Christmas sweater party without an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Own a few categories on the ballot and let guests put their votes in corresponding bowls. After that, hand out cheesy trophies to the winners for a grand finale. On our ballot:

Most Original Sweater

Best Couple 

Most Likely to Get Arrested

Tackiest Sweater


Diy ugly holiday sweater ideas