Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

A 1,200 square foot basement remodel costs $30,230 on average, or $25 per square foot for materials and installation with most homeowners spending between $19,100 and $36,000.

Ultimately your basement remodeling can cost about 30% less than a refinish. The plumbing and electrical work is already in put, so if you don’t move any major plumbed or wired fixtures or walls and less paid labor is required.

The cost of a little basement remodel—changing flooring and moving one wall—can cost a few thousand, whereas a major remodel of adding another bathroom and bedroom or an entire downstairs apartment can cost tens of thousands.

Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

You might own to move walls and plumbing, tug up flooring, tear below ceilings; and upgrade the sump pump, HVAC, and electrical amperage.

Remodel Average Cost
HVAC $3,300 – $5,900
Drywall $1.60 – $2.35/SF
Flooring $6 – $10/SF
Plumbing $2,000 – $5,000
Sump Pump $490 – $1,170
Electrical Panel $851 – $1,707
Interior Painting $1.50/SF
Wet Bar or Kitchenette $3,000 to $15,000
Bathroom $2,500 and up
Closet $1,000 and up
Gas Fireplace $2,000 and up
Demolition $1,900 – $8,700

Cost to Build a Basement

The cost to build a basement foundation and walls, along with installing adequate moisture prevention and drainage, for a 1,200-square-foot basement is about $25,000 to 28,000.

This is before any of the finishing-out work begins.

  1. A poured foundation is $4.63 per square foot or $5,560.
  2. Hot mop the basement walls for thermal and moisture protection for $2.73/SF or $3,280.
  3. Waterproofing system sheeting costs $3.50 – $6.50 per square foot or $6,000.
  4. Concrete walls with steel rebar are poured for $3.30 – $5.52 per square foot or $5,290, or ICF/EPS walls with concrete cost $8.12 per square foot or $9,740.
  5. A foundation investigation will cost an average of $2,280. A soil engineer will assess the soil-bearing worth to determine the drainage and grading needs and wall-bearing needs before pouring the foundation and walls.
  6. Installing interior and interior drain tiles to drain away any water that might pool near the foundation costs $2,500 – $5,000.

Cost to Add a Bathroom to a Basement

The average cost to add a bathroom to a basement is $7,600 or between a range from $2,500 to $12,400.

A basement bathroom addition can add 10% – 20% to the worth of your home. Drainage and plumbing will be your two most significant cost factors. For a little basement, a half-bath with no shower or tub is adequate, while a bedroom suite needs a full bathroom.

Pipes will own to be brought below, and a sewage pump and backwater valve might own to be installed to ensure proper drainage of effluent and bath/shower water if gravity doesn’t work in your favor. Take care to ensure moisture prevention with a dehumidifier and vented fan system. Numerous building codes own minimum dimensions regarding how shut each fixture can be to the next.


  1. Cracks in Walls and Joints – Waterproof the cracks, and cracks and gaps around pipes, by filling with hydraulic cement, which expands as it cures.
  2. Cracks Around Windows – Dig out a larger well space and fill it with gravel, so water drains away from the window. Install a window well cover, $30 – $85 for the cover. Caulk window for $1 – $3.70/SF.
  3. Cracks in the Foundation – Foundation repairs run from $500 to $15,000 if needed.

Shower or Bath Moisture

  1. Install a bathroom vent that sends humid air exterior.

    (Add $50 to $100 if water pipes are needed.)

  2. Adding a dehumidifier is $250.


  1. Light fixtures, shower lighting, sconces, ceiling lights $10–$4,500
  2. Mirror $12–$3,000
  3. Sink faucets $150–$750
  4. Showerheads, shower panels, and faucets $90–$10,000
  5. Towel bars, hooks, etc. $40–$160

Basement Refinishing Kits

Basement refinishing kits cost $50 to $70 per square foot and come with everything you need to finish out the basement—framing, moisture-repellant drywall, insulation, floor joists, and ceiling joists.

Some even include windows and flooring. The wall panels are removable and can lock in put easily.

Basement Waterproofing Cost

Basement waterproofing costs about $1,480 for simple crack filling with an average of $2,000 to $6,000 for drainage improvements. Costs range from a minimum of $250 up to $20,000. Most homeowners waterproof after they discover water in the basement from poor drainage around the foundation and walls. Waterproofing will be a lower cost if it’s included in a larger basement finishing project.

The main reasons for water or damp conditions in a basement, and the cost to repair them are:


  1. Up-flushing toilet – Connects to the upper floor’s sewer line.

    $400 – $1,300

  2. Sewage-ejector system – Has a little tank that holds effluent and wastewater temporarily but pumps waste to the main sewer line. $940 – $4,400 installed
  3. Pressure-assisted toilet – Gets rid of effluent with air pressure. $125 – $450
  4. Composting toilet – Turns effluent in the holding tank into compost for use outdoors.

    Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

    $200 – $1,100

Poor Soil Drainage

  • If any ground leveling is required to assist with redirecting water away from the home, that could add
    1. $11 per cubic yard to spread that soil in a diverse part of the yard
    2. A sump pump with the accompanying electrical work costs an average of $480 – $790 A sump pump without the electrical work costs $140 to $205 and $105 for installation.
    3. If the work is to be done by hand with a shovel, between $33 and $67 per cubic yard depending on the density of the soil when removing it
    4. Install a drain tile system to drain away any water that might pool near the foundation at the cost of $2,500 – $5,000.

      This involves digging a 2-foot space for gravel, drain tiles, and a basin so incoming water can be pumped away from the basement.

    5. Another $5.50 per cubic yard of ground to be moved by a backhoe operator with a minimum charge of $500
    6. A water-powered backup pump starts at around $200.


    Take care of some initial insulation in the basement by adding slip foam insulation on your cold-water pipes to prevent condensation from building up and then dripping inside your drywall or ceiling.

    Put slip foam on the hot-water pipes to prevent the loss of any heat. This should be done before boxing in any of the pipes in the basement. Tube pipe foam insulation costs approx. $1.50 – $3.70 per six-foot piece, which can range from ½” – 1” in thickness.

    Fan Vented to the Exterior

    1. $80 – 400 for the fan—a building code must-have
    2. $250 – $500 for installation

    Basement Refinishing

    The cost to refinish a basement will range between $22,000 to $46,000 for a 1,200-square-foot home or around $38 per square foot for most homeowners.

    Basement refinishing can be easier for significant changes because no demolition is required and the framing is open, so every electrical and plumbing work can be done first without any need to drill into or cut open drywall.


    1. Fiberglass and tub combination $1,070 – $1,180 installed
    2. Shower stall $823 – $1,720 installed


    1. Install drainage pipes inside the basement walls and own water pumped out by a sump pump. Install a second wall, so this new drainage system is enclosed between the ancient and new walls.
    2. Repair or install gutters with downspouts that direct water at least 10 feet away from the basement and foundation.
    3. Clearing debris from gutters and redirecting flow away from around basement is $300.
    1. Porous concrete walls — Waterproof your walls with masonry sealer, but this can only be painted on bare concrete.

      Any existing paint or efflorescence must be removed first.

      Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

      $0.61 – $0.87/SF to own it done. Five hundred gallons covers 500 square feet.

    Basement Demolition Costs

    Basement demolition costs for your existing walls and flooring ranges between $1,900 to $8,700 for 600 sqft, and between $3,400 to $11,900 or more for a 1,200 sqft basement. For a finish demolition of the existing walls, stripping back to the framing, and ripping up the existing flooring, you could be looking at an additional cost of between $2.70 – $10.10 per square foot.

    Depending on the extent of the remodeling to be done and the ease of access for the construction crew, your costs will vary.

    Basement HVAC System Cost

    The average cost to install an HVAC system in the basement is $4,000 to $6,400 with new ductwork costing an additional $1,500 to $3,000. You might not own to install a separate HVAC system for the basement if the existing unit upstairs can handle the additional workload.

    Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

    If it can’t, then either upgrade your existing unit or install a second unit downstairs. You’ll own to install new ductwork and ventilation either way, unless you install a mini-split system.

    HVAC Unit MBtu Average Cost
    2 Ton 71 Heating $4,050
    3 Ton 89 Heating $4,600
    5 Ton 107 Heating $6,400
    1. New Ductwork – On average, ductwork costs $24 to $38 per linear foot to install in walls.

      Add $1.90 per square foot of surface for insulation.

    2. New HVAC Unit – One ton of AC is required for every 400 – 600 square feet and homes typically require 30 to 60 BTUs per square foot. Purchase according to how numerous BTUs and tons of AC you need.
    3. Ductless Mini-Split System – If you only need to add freezing air to one room, consider installing a ductless mini-split which is a little heating and cooling system with an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit.

      Depending on the size and model, typical costs are between $660 and $4,500.

    Rather than with a joint AC and heating system – Consider heating the basement with radiant heat—a heating element under the floors—or a vented fireplace.

    1. A prefabricated electric fireplace generally costs about $280 – $1,100 installed.
    2. A vented gas fireplace can cost between $1,600 to $4,200 and $130 for installation.
    3. Radiant heating can cost about $5,000 or $4 – $5 per square foot installed for a plate-type system.
    4. Wood-burning stoves cost between $500 and $2,750 for entry to medium quality and $3,000 – $4,000 for a high-quality stove.

      Installation ranges between $842 and $3,050.

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    Finishing a Basement Cost Estimator

    When putting together a basement finishing estimate, the family room or living room (at 204 – 480 square feet) will come in at the highest cost at around $10,000 to $20,000.

    On the lower finish is the bathroom (at 45 – 72 square feet). The closer you get to high-end materials, the higher the cost, i.e., hardwood flooring, copper plumbing, or imported marble. A 600-square foot basement finish costs $23,960 to $28,240 with average-quality materials.

    Labor Cost to Finish a Basement

    The average labor cost to finish a basement is $16 per square foot, or around 30% to 40% of your remodeling project.

    The labor cost to finish a 500-sq.-ft basement is $8,000 on average. This covers every professional labor—carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and general laborers. The more expert assist you need, such as a master carpenter or master electrician, the higher the cost.

    Cost to Finish a Basement Per Square Foot

    The average cost to finish a basement is $32 to $47 per square foot or about $39 per square foot on average.

    A little, open-plan, 500-square-foot basement will cost about $20,000 while a 1,500-square-foot basement with three rooms and a bathroom costs around $57,000 to finish. Basement construction costs can be double or triple this if the work requires high-end material costs.

    Square Feet Open Plan 3 Rooms DIY Cost
    500 $18,000 $23,500 -$8,000
    600 $22,000 $28,200 -$9,600
    800 $28,000 $37,600 -$12,800
    1,000 $32,000 $38,000 -$16,000
    1,200 $38,400 $45,600 -$19,200
    1,500 $48,000 $57,000 -$24,000
    1,800 $57,600 $68,400 -$28,800

    Basement Cost Estimator

    Use the following table to calculate your basement materials and renovations cost.

    Finishing Average Cost
    Framing $1.00
    Trim $3.09
    Drywall $1.60
    Plumbing $1.00
    Wiring installed $7.79
    Ceiling $1.60
    Flooring $1.00
    Insulation $2.00

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    Basement Finishing Cost Calculator

    The cost to finish a basement can vary significantly according to how numerous walls you plan to install or if you’d rather own an open-plan basement instead.

    Note: no labor

    Cost to Drywall a Basement

    The cost to drywall a basement and finish it (with joint tape, mud/compound, and sanding) starts at around $1.60 per square foot installed. Basement drywall calculations depend on how numerous walls you own in your basement plan.

    Basement Size Open Plan With Rooms
    600 square feet $1,273 $2,376
    1,200 square feet $1,719 $3,635

    To calculate how much drywall you’ll need, add the width of each wall together to get the entire perimeter and then divide that entire by 4’ (panel width) to discover the entire number of panels needed.

    You’re best off installing moisture-resistant drywall in a basement, and costs range from $11 – $25 per standard panel.

    1. Cement board drywall: $10 – $11
    2. Blue, purple, and green board drywall: $11 – $16
    3. Paperless drywall: $25

    Basement Flooring Installation Cost

    Scoring and polishing the existing basement concrete floor costs $2 per square foot while painting the basement floor with epoxy costs$3 per square foot or more.

    For other floorings, install wood flooring joists for $1.74 to $3 per linear foot installed and a plywood subfloor for $0.99 to $1.49/SF installed.

    Because a basement is prone to moisture problems, consider installing steel floor joists and cross-bridging and cover with board sheathing for a entire of $4.08/SF. The best flooring for a basement is vinyl or laminate which should be installed as a floating floor to permit for changes in the concrete caused by moisture and temperature.

    Under are the least expensive options for each flooring material.

    Material Cost Per Square Foot 600 SF 1,200 SF
    Carpet $1 $582 $1,177
    Polished Concrete $2 $1,164 $2,354
    Epoxy Paint $2.50 $1,455 $2,943
    Ceramic Tile $2.50 $1,455 $2,943
    Porcelain Tile $3 $1,746 $3,531
    Vinyl or Linoleum $3 $1,746 $3,531
    Laminate $6 $3,492 $7,062
    Engineered Wood $6 $3,492 $7,062
    Bamboo $7 $4,074 $8,239
    Hardwood $10 $5,820 $11,770

    Cost to Frame a Basement

    The average cost to frame a basement is $1 per square foot for the materials and $2.70 to $3.39 per square foot installed with drywall and ready for painting.

    When framing an existing basement, you are installing a wood framework in preparation for insulation packing, wiring, and plumbing. These are every installed between the wall and the layer of drywall.

    Square Feet Materials Cost Framed and Drywall Installed
    500 $500 $1,525
    600 $600 $1,830
    800 $800 $2,440
    1,000 $1,000 $3,050
    1,200 $1,200 $3,660
    1,500 $1,500 $4,575
    1,800 $1,800 $5,490

    Cost To Install Drop Ceiling In Basement

    Drop ceiling – A ceiling suspension system with lath, so it’s ready to plaster or cover, costs $22 – $26/SF, or install a suspended ceiling grid system that’s ready for tile or panels for $0.60 – $0.84/SF.

    Sample Basement Room Layout & Costs (1,200 SF)

    Room Square Feet Cost % of Total
    Living 480 $18,930 41%
    Bedroom 1 168 $6,626 14%
    Bedroom 2 154 $6,073 13%
    Bedroom 3 176 $6,941 15%
    Hallway 39 $1,538 3%
    Bathroom 72 $2,840 6%
    Kitchenette 72 $2,840 6%

    Insulating Basement Walls

    Insulation will assist to control the temperature and moisture, and it can act as an additional soundproofing agent.

    Spray-applied closed-cell foam insulation prices range from $700 to $4,000 or $32 – $80.50 per cubic square foot, per 1” of thickness sprayed. Foam is recommended for basement insulation because it is not air permeable—it won’t cause condensation to build up between the insulation and concrete walls.

    Basement Ceiling Costs

    An average basement ceiling installation cost is $3.50 to $4.30 per square foot when installing ceiling joists and adding R-11 insulation batts plus ceiling drywall.

    While the price of the drywall is the same, installing ceiling drywall is more complicated and generally requires additional equipment for the best working access. For example, ½” drywall on walls costs $1.13/SF, while ½” drywall on ceilings runs $1.35/SF.

    1. Popcorn ceiling – Spray popcorn on the taped drywall for $0.34 – $0.70/SF depending on how heavy you desire the coverage.
    2. Wood or tile ceiling – Tongue and groove wood or tile panels and plates will cost $2.59 – $4.88/SF installed on your ceiling.
    3. Textured ceiling – Add texture for $0.33 – $0.89/SF, with the highest cost being for a troweled appearance.

    Cost To Paint Exposed Basement Ceiling

    Forgo a basement ceiling and paint the exposed ductwork the same color as the walls, but this can cause you to miss out on effective insulation.

    The cost to paint an exposed basement ceiling is $1.16 per square foot for a smooth surface and $1.60 per sqft. for a rough surface. Spray painting will be 15% – 30% lower.

    Basement Finishing Cost Breakdown

    600 SF Basement Open Plan With Rooms
    Framing $796 $1,485
    Trim $306 $572
    Drywall $1,274 $2,376
    Plumbing $80 $80
    Wiring Installed $771 $1,441
    Electrical Panel $800 $800
    Ceiling $931 $931
    Flooring $582 $582
    Doors $60 $240
    Fridge and Stove $1,200 $1,200
    Bathroom $2,500 $2,500
    HVAC 1.5 Ton $1,700 $1,700
    Insulation $2,756 $4,134
    Egress window $600 $600
    1,200 SF Basement Open Plan With Rooms
    Framing $1,074 $2,272
    Trim $335 $710
    Drywall $1,718 $3,635
    Plumbing $160 $160
    Wiring installed $1,044 $2,212
    Electrical panel $800 $800
    Ceiling $1,883 $1,883
    Flooring $1,177 $1,177
    Doors $60 $240
    Fridge and Stove $1,200 $1,200
    Bathroom $2,500 $2,500
    HVAC 1.5 Ton $1,700 $1,700
    Insulation $4,502 $6,898
    Egress window $600 $1,200

    Average Cost to Finish a Basement Room

    The average cost to finish a basement living room is $19,000 while a little 12×12 room costs $4,600 to $6,800 to finish.

    Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

    A bathroom or kitchenette will cost the least at $3,000 if the rough-in plumbing is already done. To be considered a bedroom, genuine estate agents and home appraisers tell a bedroom must own a closet, door, and a window.

    Framing Basement Walls

    Framing basement walls with 2’ x 4’ wood costs approx. $2.50/SF of wall space installed. When building interior basement walls, the first thing you do is frame the concrete walls with a wood frame (most-used framing material).

    The frame will extend about 3” from the wall and will be anchored to the floor. The boards will own studs attached in preparation for the drywall. Areas are left open for windows.

    Additional Rooms and Features

    Consider turning the space into rooms you own a specific need of and design the space accordingly.

    1. MIL Suite – Customize the space to give a family member an independent living space within the home, finish with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.
    2. Walk-out Basement – Because the home is built on a slope with the front of the home on the higher part, the basement looks love the first floor of the home from the back of the home and you can “walkout” of the back door into the yard.

      A walk-out basement gets a lot of natural light. A deck has to be built from the first floor to the ground out back.

    3. Game Room – Wire for the gaming system and add everything teenagers might want—snacks, a booming stereo system, and adequate storage for headphones, controllers, speakers, etc.
    4. Laundry Room – Create space for every unwashed clothes, hangers for recently dried clothes, shelves for baskets, a folding shelf, and a wipe-easy station for detergents.

      You might also desire a sink for washing mud or stains out of clothes before putting them in the machine.

    5. Home Theater Room – Home theaters are favorite to install in basements. Install every the wiring under the subfloor for speakers and subwoofers — design space for reclining chairs and snack tables.
    6. Hidden Passageways – Add hidden rooms or passageways behind bookcases—for the young at heart.
    7. Garden Basement – This happens when about half of the basement height looks out over the backyard.

      A deck also has to be built from the first floor to the ground for this one.

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    Average Cost to Finish a Basement

    The average cost to finish a basement is $32 to $47 per square foot, with most homeowners spending between $22,000 and $46,000. A 500 sq. ft. basement remodel costs $20,000, and a 1,200 sq. ft. basement renovation is $45,600 on average.

    Prices depend on if it’s an open-plan or with rooms and a kitchen.

    National Average Cost $35,000
    Minimum Cost $16,000
    Maximum Cost $75,000
    Average Range $22,000 to $46,000

    Basement finishing generally includes lighting, built-in shelving, waterproofing, framing, plumbing, wiring, drywall, flooring, an HVAC system, and egress windows, thereby turning the unfinished basement space into usable living space.

    According to Remodeling magazine, refinishing a basement adds resale worth to your home and gives you a return on investment of 70%.

    The entire cost of your basement project can be considerably lower if your unfinished basement space is already fully waterproofed, or if you are doing the work yourself.

    Cheap Basement Finishing on a Budget

    Affordable basement finishing works well with an open-plan design, love a studio.

    Instead of hiring a general contractor, managing the occupation on your own and hiring subcontractors will save money.

    Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

    However, it can be a full-time occupation to manage and make certain construction is up to code.

    1. Playroom – Build in plenty of storage, reading corners, and secret spaces.
    2. Climate-Controlled Storage – Especially useful if you own no garage.
    3. Only finish out part of the basement.
    4. Craft Room – build in plenty of cabinets and shelves for supplies.
    5. Avoid using higher-priced drywall texturing.
    6. Gym – Put foam mats on the floor instead of other materials.
    7. Cellar – Store every your wine or cigars in a perfectly cooled room.
    8. Spray paint the entire space yourself.
    9. Music Room – Soundproofed.
    10. Home Office or Workshop – Provide plenty of 22V power to the workshop space for power tools, or your desk and computer setup.
    11. Carpet everything, or install laminate, or score or epoxy the concrete.
    12. Keep sections of the room separated with tracked wall dividers, panels, and curtains rather than walls.

      This cuts below considerably on the cost of framing, adding walls with wiring and plumbing or finishing costs.

    13. One of the best ways to save on property taxes is to only partially finish out the basement, as it will not be included in the appraised square footage for taxing. Finish it out properly correct before you sell instead.
    14. Study – Install multiple outlets to handle technology needs.
    15. Don’t add ceiling tiles or ceiling drywall. Spray every the pipes and ductwork the same color instead.
    16. Dance Studio – Install dance floor tiles.

    Small Basement Finishing Ideas

    The cost to finish a little basement can be as little as $19,000. In addition to our Additional Rooms and Features suggestions, consider refinishing the entire space in your little basement as one room for a

    • Home Office or Workshop – Provide plenty of 22V power to the workshop space for power tools, or your desk and computer setup.
    • Study – Install multiple outlets to handle technology needs.
    • Music Room – Soundproofed.
    • Cellar – Store every your wine or cigars in a perfectly cooled room.
    • Craft Room – build in plenty of cabinets and shelves for supplies.
    • Gym – Put foam mats on the floor instead of other materials.
    • Climate-Controlled Storage – Especially useful if you own no garage.
    • Playroom – Build in plenty of storage, reading corners, and secret spaces.
    • Dance Studio – Install dance floor tiles.

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    Table of Contents

    • Basement Finishing on a Budget
    • DIY Basement Finishing
    • Basement Finishing Cost Calculator
    • Additional Basement Renovation Costs
    • Average Cost to Finish a Basement
    • Hiring a Basement Finishing Contractor
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Basement Remodeling Costs
    • Finishing a Basement Cost Estimator
    • Basement Finishing Contractors

    Additional Basement Renovation Costs

    Additional basement renovation costs relate to any restoration and repairs done to the basement, which could include

    1. Foundation Repair – The average cost to repair foundation problems is $4,510, with most homeowners spending between $2,320 to $6,750.

      Minor foundation crack repairs cost $620 or more to repair, while major repairs that require hydraulic piers can cost $10,000 to $15,000.

    2. Plumbing Repair – Little plumbing repairs love unclogging a sink or drain cleaning cost around $75 to $250, while larger jobs love fixing a water heater or sump pump run $500 to $800.
    3. Mold Removal – The average cost of mold remediation is $2,330, with most homeowners spending between $1,500 – $3,150 or $15 to $31 per square foot.

      Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

      A little mold removal occupation costs an average price of $500 – $1,500 while a larger occupation costs around $3,000 – $6,000.

    4. Asbestos Removal – The average cost for asbestos removal is $20 to $65 per square foot with most homeowners spending between $1,210 and $2,820. Finish whole-basement abatement for siding, tile, insulation, ceilings, and pipes can run anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000.
    5. Electrical Repair – The average cost to hire an electrician for little jobs to repair or install outlets, fans, switches, or lights is $141 to $419, while extensive electrical work such as replacing a service panel ranges from $2,000 to $6,000. Electrician rates start at $40 per hour and fluctuate depending on experience.

    Basement Foundations

    Basement foundation costs could well account for the biggest expense of the basement refinishing project.

    New Foundation

    The basement foundation cost for 1,200 square feet is approx.

    $17,200. The average price to pour a concrete basement foundation is $11,560 or $9.64/SF for a 1,200-square-foot basement. This cost includes excavation, foundation, concrete, retaining walls, and backfill, but the final cost includes:

    1. A soil engineer’s report for about $2,300
    2. Soil grading for $3,300

    Existing Foundation

    Concrete will always crack eventually, and any existing foundation must be inspected before a basement finish to see if it’s in excellent condition.

    Diy unfinished basement ceiling ideas

    Minor foundation crack repairs cost $620 or more to repair, while major repairs that require hydraulic piers can cost $10,000 to $15,000. If your foundation is sinking, mudjacking costs$3 to $6 per square foot to lift the slab.

    New Foundation Under Existing Home

    The cost can go even higher.

    1. When the basement is to be created under the existing home, it will cost an average of an additional $10,000 to jack up the foundation during the dig.
    2. Difficult soil excavation (rocks, hard clay, sloped ground) or the need for retaining walls can drive costs up an additional $5,000 to $20,000.

    Basement Finishing Permit Cost

    The average basement finishing permit cost is generally a percentage of the entire construction cost at approximately 0.65%.

    Inspections and re-inspections average out at $50 per hour. Permits are typically needed for any electrical or plumbing work, and each bedroom must own an egress window.

    All basements must own at least two exits, one being the stairs. Any work done without permits could delay the project or cause it to come to a halt. Some basement refinishing work has had to be completely demolished and redone according to code because of the lack of permits. Diverse building departments and cities will own diverse ways to calculate your permit fees, and under are two diverse examples of permit fees calculations using a formula based on the entire construction cost:

    1. Permit fee = (Construction cost) X 0.0065 (or some other modifier)


    1. Permit fee = $300 for first $25,000 + (remaining worth / 1,000) x 10 + first $300


    1. Plan Review Fee = (Permit Fee) X 0.65

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