Diy unique lighting ideas

Diy unique lighting ideas

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This bedroom features that grand glow that could only be cast by LED indirect lighting. Indirect lighting means that the lighting isn’t coming from only one source in a bedroom, but, as depicted, the lighting seems to be scattered, casting that amazing glow. LED strips are used to create this magical effect.

Diy unique lighting ideas

Warm Setting

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This bedroom features a warmer set tone that leaves the room feeling calm and comfortable. The golden hue to the LED lamps is truly setting the scene for a cozy, California sunset cuddle.

Diy unique lighting ideas

This is a more contemporary style bedroom that would glance fabulous in a guest home or vacation home.

Star Pendant Light

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This incredible light is a Starflex LED Pendant Light by Sonneman Lighting.

Diy unique lighting ideas

This would make the ideal light fixture for a kid’s bedroom or even an older child’s bedroom. This cool, spacey light is super original and will no doubt draw plenty attention from its unique shape and design.

Trendy Box

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This bedroom features a sunken in ceiling outlined by that golden yellow light. Using LED strips within the molding of a ceiling can add a softer, but more exciting way to add light into a room without having to adhere to the more traditional lighting fixtures.

How to Install Dining Room Lighting

When hanging a pendant or a chandelier .

. .
Take Care to Hang It at the Correct Height
Too high and a pendant lamp might glance stuck to the ceiling, constricted; too low and you won't be capable to see your guests around it. Somewhere in between is just correct, so step back and consider it at various lengths before settling on one. "When you’re seated, you don’t desire [the fixture] to be in your face—the same way everyone gets annoyed when flowers are in the way," Groves says.

If you're into geometric lines . . .
Get Creative with the Cord
When hanging a pendant lamp with a extremely simple silhouette, feel free to get creative with the cord: Zig-zag it from wall to wall around a corner, tack it in swags along the ceiling, or loop it over a hook on the wall.

To soften overly bright overheads .

. .
Add a Dimmer
Designer Sam Allen feels strongly about the worth of a dimmer switch: "If your dining room chandelier is not hooked up to a dimmer, call an electrician correct now. I mean it. Don't even finish reading this—call your electrician first." With the simple pressing of a lever or turning of a knob, dimmers permit you to control the brightness of the bulbs, which is particularly significant if you're dealing with often-harsh overhead lighting.

Diy unique lighting ideas

"To me, chandeliers should mimic candlelight," says Groves—and that warm, dim glow is possible if you just install dimmers. Plus, they're available in both modern and traditional silhouettes that will add considerably more charm to the walls than those plastic switch plates you hate anyway.

To make the room multifunctional . . .
Supplement the Lighting Solution You Choose
If you finish up with nice, warm candlelight over the table, you might need to add sconces or downlights to supplement the glow when the room is used for anything other than an intimate dinner.

Diy unique lighting ideas

(Dining room tables are extremely excellent for DIY projects, we'd love to note).

If you're a fanatic about light quality . . .
Be Selective with the Bulbs You Use
Warm light, cool light, bright light—you can get exactly the brightness level you desire with the correct bulb. For lots of ambiance, attempt vintage-inspired filament bulbs. If it's more a specific shape and style you're after for an exposed-bulb fixture, attempt decorative bulbs.

More Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Fix Up an Antique
If you discover an antique fixture you love—like this lantern-esque piece in the home of design duo Heiberg Cummings—just rewire them and they'll be excellent as new.

Source on sites love eBay, Etsy, and 1stdibs (or at your local thrift store!).

Consider Can Lighting
In this stunner of an L.A. home by design collective the Archers, a Le Corbusier-inspired table is lit with simple can overhead lights (definitely on dimmers).

See Double
If your table is super-long, consider getting two or more pendant lights to distribute the glow evenly (that way everyone will be capable to see their dinner). We love this "duet" fixture by Swedish newcomer Hem.

Vary Heights
As evidenced by a playful display in this NYC apartment, some pendant lamp pairs glance best when they're hung at diverse heights.

Forego It Altogether
Sconces, floor lamps, even table lamps can do the occupation of overhead pendant and flushmount fixtures—so don't force one if you're not certain you love the glance at every (proof, via Amelie Colombet's apartment).

When it comes to sprucing up a bedroom, you don’t own to get rid of everything and start over.

If you are just needing a change, or are in the event of reconstructing a bedroom, you can easily add some exciting lighting into the space by using LED lights.

LED lights are little, cost-effective and save a load on energy conservation. With that being said, these tiny, brilliant bulbs can light up even the darkest spaces with charm and intrigue. We’ve compiled a few ideas that make bedrooms glance absolutely spectacular. Glance around and see if any of these LED lighting ideas spark your interest.


To study more check out our bedroom lighting guide and tips page.

Purple Pop

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This swanky bedroom thought comes to you in purple passion. These LED lights are a grand way to add some color into a bedroom, on top of acting as a source of lighting. LED lights are so versatile because they can fit virtually anywhere and don’t cost much at all.


Diy unique lighting ideas