Diy upcycled tshirt ideas

JUST t-shirts.. well and scissors 🙂

But seriously, every you need are T-shirts and I discover those free corporate T-shirts you sometimes get at company events are perfect for this DIY. Dont worry if you T-shirt has patterns on it, it will work just as well!

No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

Check out this no sew tote bag by Mommypotamus. Tote bags own so numerous uses, from diaper bags, to grocery bags, to every day go-to-the park bags.

I really loved that it only takes 10 minutes to do too. Check out her full tutorial HERE.

Where’s it happening?

There are organisations across Scotland that can give you ideas, or assist you with sewing/repairing skills. For more information about what’s happening near you click on the links to their websites:

Can’t get to a workshop? No worries! Check out some other examples of Upcycling on Pinterest and lots of how-to guides on YouTube:

Whether you’re getting a jump start on spring cleaning or just casually sorting through your stash of clothes, tackling your t-shirt pile should make your inner DIY-er grin from ear to ear.

You wouldn’t believe the number of ways you can repurpose a basic jersey tee—everything from braided accessories to full-blown woven rugs is possible once you snip the wardrobe staple below to size, or even into an easy-to-weave continuous thread.

Diy upcycled tshirt ideas

These 50 ways to reuse an ancient t-shirt should definitely spark some inspiration—and make you ponder twice before you label it a hand me down!

1. Fringe Scarf: Cut under the sleeves and fringe the hemline to get this super simple no-sew circle scarf. Go the additional mile and knot the fringe so that it looks totally pro. (via Plan B Anna Evers)

2. Braided Wooden Bead Wrap Bracelet: The addition of large wooden beads to this t-shirt wrap bracelet elevates it to boutique-worthy levels. Obsessed. (via Henry Happened)

3. Brass Ring Statement Necklace: Make a statement with gold rings woven in between a cool palette of grey, blue, and black t-shirt thread.

(via Brit + Co.)

4. Nautical Necklaces: Braided nautical necklaces? Sign us up! Electrical tape adds a cool pop of color to these preppy accessories. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Turban Headband: Desire to attempt the turban trend on for size? Make one out of a tee—just twist and loop a seven-inch band of jersey to get this cool girl glance. (via 11th Thread)

6. Chunky Knotted Neckpiece: We’re way intrigued by this knotted neckpiece that’s half scarf-half choker necklace. Embrace the dual tassels for a dramatic glance, or hold it high and tight to make a bib-style design that might be less intimidating to wear. (via The Red Thread)

7. Patterned Wrap Bracelet: Proving that greatness happens when you braid patterned tees into a wrap bracelet.

(via Henry Happened)

8. Burlap T-Shirt Lined Bag: Who knew a burlap bag could turn into such a covetable carryall? We love how the t-shirt trim breathes some life into this rustic bag—use fabric paint to add geo shapes and other patterns to the base for additional oomph. (via Steph Chows)

9. Slasher Scarf: Got a hole in your fave tee? Don’t throw it into the rag pile—slash it into a cool statement accessory. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Flower Ring: Make your extremely own rosette cocktail ring! Or add the folded fabric flower to plain accessories love a pair of leather gloves.

(via Homemade Ginger)

Copper Tube Jewelry: We’ve said it before and we’ll tell it again: a hardware store is a girl’s best friend. Just glance at how chic these t-shirt scraps glance adorned with metallic tubes. (via Brit + Co.)

No-Sew Tote Bag: Own you ever thought, man, that ancient graphic tee would make a killer tote bag? We’re here to tell you that dreams do come true. Add this no-sew project to your weekend “to make” list! (via Oh So Pretty)

Knotted Headband: Turn your scrap jersey into a versatile headband that’s perfect for adding some flair to your workout hairdo.

(via Sugar Bee Crafts)

Fringe Skirt: Whoa, a fringe skirt made out of t-shirt scraps? So fun! (via I Love to Create)

No-Sew Polka Dot Infinity Scarf: Just let us know when you’re done ogling this gorgeous gold dot circle scarf. No rush. (via Sugar & Cloth)

Necklace Pendants: Super cute idea: use t-shirt fabric to make whimsical necklace pendants. We love the additional special touch the contrast stitching brings to the party. (via Pellon Projects)

Braided Belt: We promise, you’ll get tons of use out of this t-shirt braided belt.

When we make ours for spring, we’ll amp up the vibrancy of the fabric for certain (color block belt anyone?) (via Delia Creates)

Fabric Covered Beads: Here’s a genius way to breathe new life into your beaded costume jewelry. The t-shirt fabric is perfectly cinched around every bead with embroidery thread. (via Every Nothing Wonderful)

Braided Chain Necklace: Instead of braiding a statement necklace with three scraps of t-shirt fabric, add a strand of chain into the mix—the results will wow you. (via Brit + Co.)

Ringlet Scarf: We’d totally cozy up to this color block scarf in any season. Let it hang loose when the sun is out or wrap it ‘round and ‘round to stay out of the chill zone.

(via Kevin & Amanda)

Multi-Color Pouch: We’re beautiful floored by this beautiful t-shirt embroidered pouch—how intricate is this design? Click through to download a template with step-by-step instructions, fortunate you! (via The Re Fab Diaries)

Color Block Circle Scarf: By now it should be obvious that we’re obsessed with every things color blocked, so of course we’d go and DIY a panel, tri-colored circle scarf! Technically this one was made with a sweater, but you can totally rock the same method with a t-shirt.

Diy upcycled tshirt ideas

We kept the tones beautiful muted this time around, but feel free to bug out and go bold. (via Brit + Co.)

Chevron Necklace: The secret’s out: the awesome chevron pattern on this braided tee necklace is made with painted dried pasta. For reals! Mind = blown! (via Sugar & Dinosaurs)

Braided Flip Flops: Dress up those dollar store flip flops with a trendy (and comfy!) braided t-shirt strap. (via Make It & Love It)

Woven Knot Necklaces: Nautical necklaces, take two! We can imagine rocking these collar-style necklaces in some far away cabana. (via Refinery29)

iPod Holder: Five stitches and three strips of VELCRO® Brand tape is every it takes to turn a t-shirt into a durable carry case for your iPod.

(via Oh So Pretty)

Houndstooth Roll Clutch: Banish cord clutter with this roll clutch travel pouch in this totally swoon-worthy houndstooth pattern.

Diy upcycled tshirt ideas

(via 2nd Funniest Thing)

Fabric Garland Chandelier: Dangling fabric certain looks dreamy on this square lantern—what a cool way to save white tees! (via A Beautiful Mess)

Valentine Trivet: Knit your ancient neon tee into a heart? Why knot? (We had to). (via Lebenslustiger)

Rag Rug: Dig your toes into the coziness that is this “rag” carpet. This might be the snuggliest your feet will ever be. (via Sew Beautiful Sew Free)

Neon Coil Bowls: Hold the phone: these eye-catching neon bowls were made from a t-shirt?

We’re in love! They’d make the coolest desk accessories, don’t you think? (via The Red Thread)

Cushion Cover: Crochet a pillow cover to striped perfection. We’d definitely make enough to trick out an entire sofa. (via Callaloo Soup)

Pom Pom Present Toppers: Add an additional special touch to party favors and presents with a pom pom made from t-shirt scraps. Believe us, people will be into the present topper as much as the actual gift! (via Brit + Co.)

Wall Hangings: We’re going ga-ga over these gorgeous wall hangings that would add crafty character to any modern home. Add additional charm with a string of metallic beads. (via Lebenslustiger)

Spiral Rug: Whoa! This ombre spiral carpet is every that.

Plus, this is one piece of DIY decor your toes would totally thank you for making. (via One Dog Woof)

Neon Tassels: What room in your home couldn’t benefit from neon t-shirt tassels? That’s what we thought: every room could! (via My Poppet)

Knotted Lampshade: Add some warmth to your bedside by dimming the glow of your table lamp with this knotted lampshade. It might be the key to constant sweet dreams ;) (via Yellow Girl)

Braided Basket: If you’re really starting from scratch with your wardrobe, then this mega-basket is definitely the t-shirt project for you.

We’re wow-ed by its fabulously random color palette. (via Apartment Therapy)

Spiral Coasters: Okay, so the above basket tutorial might be a reach for beginners. So start with these spiral coasters! Tackle this small-scale project before your next dinner party.

Diy upcycled tshirt ideas

(via Nellie Bellie)

Pet Cave: Hold the phone: a pet cave made from t-shirt scraps? Genius! There’s no tutorial to accompany this cozy pet pod, but you can purchase the pattern direct from this Etsy seller for just $6. (via ErinBlacksDesign on Etsy)

Produce Bag: While it may not be the most practical option for toting around your everyday odds and ends, this t-shirt bag is our go-to for carrying our produce home from the farmer’s market, or even grand for lugging around your gym shoes. (via Apartment Therapy)

Pattern Rug: Even though its the final t-shirt carpet in our roundup, it’s fairly a stunner. Who doesn’t need a beautiful striped carpet brightening up their pad?

(via Grow Creative)

Alphabet Bean Bags: What a playful way to study your ABC’s! Though, these would also make an awesome DIY cornhole set… (via Dollar Store Crafts)

Pocket Pencil Case: Put that ancient pocket tee to excellent use! (via Creme de la Craft)

Lamb Toys: We can’t ponder of more adorable baby shower gifts. They’ll add a soft touch to any nursery. (via Lebenslustiger)

Knotted Baby Hat: You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to turn a t-shirt into an aww-inducing baby cap. The knotted top and iron on-decals are too cute. (Alice & Lois)

Fingerless Gloves: If the dress up box is looking a little low, then attempt your hand at turning a tee into these cozy fingerless gloves.

Kid tested, magic fairy approved :) (via La Malediction)

Woven Easter Basket: Own your kids assist craft their own Easter basket from t-shirt scraps! Any DIY that can bring the fam together is fine by us! (via The Experimental Home)

Mini Cushions: Here’s another project that the whole gang can do together: make these painted mini cushions. Stick with solid colors for true beginers, while advanced crafters can amp up their mini-pillows with these little geo shapes. (via Hej Juni)

Tassel Dog Toy: Of course, we had to show some love to man’s best friend! Study how to make your pooch a chew toy on the cheap. The #dogsofbritandco give it two paws up ;) (via DIYour Face Off)

What cool ways own you repurposed a t-shirt?

Which ones from this roundup are you planning on making? Tell us about your DIY projects in the comments below.

This is a grand and simple how to make t-shirt yarn tutorial. Making T-shirt Yarn really is simple and it is a grand way to upcycle either ancient t-shirts past their wear or those free commerical T-shirts that are far too large and no one wants to wear in the home. So instead of throwing them out or using them as cleaning rags turn your ancient (or new) T-Shirts into this simple T-shirt Yarn. T-shirt yarn can be used for numerous things, including Finger Knitting, Crochet, large scale weaving projects and for Paracord DIYs love these Paracord Dragonflies.

Follow todays step by step instructions for how to make T-shirt Yarn a continuous strand!

Oh and these balls of T-shirt Yarn?

They make Amazing DIY Upcycled Juggling Balls just the way they are!

Diy upcycled tshirt ideas

So you own a craft basics here, as well as enjoyment little Juggling Ball DIY!!

T-Shirt Yarn DIY How to Make T-Shirt Yarn:

I own BOTH step by step photos AND a video how to this time. So please follow the method that you discover easier to study from! I will start with the How To Make T-Shirt Yarn VIDEO how to , followed by the detailed step by step photo guide tutorial.

I hope you liked the video. If you enjoy our videos, dont forget to hop over to YouTube and subscribe today!

Now to the Step By Step DIY T-shirt Yarn instructions:

Begin by cutting straight across your t-shirt just under the armpits, as well as trimming of the bottom seam of your T-Shirt.

Note the image has been rotated 90 Degrees..

Next fold over your left side over to your correct.

making certain you leave a 1inch gap

Here is a shut up, showing the 1 inch gap! This bit is Extremely  important.

Now you need to cut 1 inch strips along the whole of your t-shirt. You WILL cut into the lower fold but NOT the top inch you own kept free.

Unfold the side and you will own a ribbed pattern.

You now need to cut DIAGONALLY across.

Start at the centre of the edge of the fabric and cut across to the first slit.

The next row cut diagonally across again.

Ie from row 1 to row 2. Then from 2 to row 3 and so on. Hold going until you own finished.

Now your finally step is t o curl the yarn, simply by pulling it through your hands. I love to do this twice, but once generally is enough. And you are done! You own made our own T-Shirt Yarn.

You can now wrap your DIY T-Shirt Yarn into a ball!

Check out the relax of our T-Shirt Yarn DIY ideas:

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Do you love T-shirts? Even if you dont, do you own a hundred of them? Do you own one from every single event or organization you own ever been involved in in your life?

Now, if you are following our blog you might be interested in downsizing, simplifying, and minimizing, so what do you do with every of these shirts? You need some t-shirt ideas!

This was my problem recently. I went through my closet, and did beautiful well with it (in my opinion). Even weeks later its beautiful simple to access. (win) I eliminated a lot of clothes that werent being worn. But I still own one problem: T-shirts.

Affiliate links may be used in this post. Please see our affiliate disclosure for more details.

For some reason I own a hard time getting rid of t-shirts.

I even told Robbie the other day that I didnt know what I was going to do with my box of memorable t-shirts. (He laughed when I said memorable t-shirts). See, the thing with most t-shirts is that they were earned in some way. If you are a runner, it could represent a race that you ran. If you went to college you probably own some shirts from organizations you were involved in (sorority shirts anyone?) If you were in sports maybe you still own some of your ancient team shirts.

Every of these shirts own meaning and are hard to get rid of!

This is about half of the running shirts I have.

All of the shirts above and under own sentimental worth. They represent soccer days and pony club days as a kid, as well as enjoyment times at college Stetson University, my time at Arabian Nights dinner show as a performer, and personal training days at Lifestyle Family Fitness (I dont miss the alarm going off at am).

For the record, I tried on my soccer shirt from when I was in 3rd grade, and it fit! lol. Now I desire to go dig through my closet and discover my ancient soccer pictures.

I posted on that I needed some t-shirt ideas for repurposing my ancient shirts, and the overwhelming response was to make a blanket out of them.

I own done this in the past (a friend made me one with every of our horse show shirts) and ponder its a grand idea! But I was also excited to discover some other t-shirt ideas that I could do with the ancient shirts. Something other than letting them sit in a box unused. (which is what they own been doing for the final few years.)

What is ‘upcycling’?

Upcycling is about re-using ancient clothes and household items by turning them into something new. It means that stuff that you previously might own thrown away can own a unused lease of life!

The only limit is your creativity and imagination.

It could be:

  1. Using ancient fabric and leather into mobile phone or tablet covers.
  2. Cutting and sewing T-shirts into new hats, scarves, ties or bags.
  3. Sewing lots of ancient ties together to make a mini-skirt.
  4. Turning a jumper that’s shrunk in the washing machine into a new handbag.
  5. Refreshing ancient dresses into something newer and hipper.

Why do it?

There are lots of advantages to Upcycling.

It’s a cheap, or free, way to make yourself something truly unique and it’s really environmentally friendly too!

Here are Some Grand Ideas to Repurpose Ancient T-shirts:

Ancient T-shirt to New Stuffed Toy

Ill be honest, the Cthulhu is something I am not familiar with and its a bit strange to me. That being said, this stuffed animal is beautiful tidy to watch on being made on Instructables because they take it from a drawing into a genuine stuffed animal, using T-shirts and some creativeness.

If I make one, Ill stick to a bear.

Raglan T-shirt

Heres one for when you own a T-shirt you love but cannot wear it because it doesnt match up with your dress code.

Maybe you can change it up.

A author over at Spoonflower shows how she made the sleeves diverse for her t-shirt, making it prettier and more girly. Essentially taking it from jeans and a T-shirt to something you can dress up. The decorative accent does a lot for this plain jane T-shirt.

Shag Rug

I gave you a crocheted carpet ten steps up but this one is much more my style. Amanda over at Crazy Mom Quilts made this for her front door but I, personally, ponder it would be grand for the bathroom.

Think about how comfortable T-shirts feel- then ponder about that feeling on your toes as you get out of the shower.

Yep- I just sold you.

Tie-Dye T-Shirt Headbands

Tie-Dying is such enjoyment that kids of every ages love it. Turning those ancient white T-shirts into a tie-dyed wonder and then braiding them and adding some elastic at the finish makes this something most females would love to wear.

To see the full project, head over to The Beautiful Life Girls.

Crochet Rug

How cute is this rug? To give it the length, the author bought 2XL T-shirts in the colors that she wanted from Goodwill. What a grand way to use T-shirts that might otherwise become unloved. The bright colors in the finish really make this one pop!

To see more head over to One Dog Woof.

Dog Toy

Some of us own animals as our babies and instead of making onesies, they take their T-shirts and turn them into a dog toy.

I own to giggle a bit at this one though because one of these toys would final fifteen minutes with our dog.

Yet if you love to give your pets some homemade love, this one looks beautiful simple to do and, hopefully, will provide lots of entertainment for both you and your pooch!

For the full tutorial, check out Stacies article over at Bark Post.

T-Shirt Pom Poms

The first time I saw pom poms love this they were hanging off the ceiling in a perfect manner in the high school math teachers classroom. I was extremely jealous- her room was so cute.

Now that I know how to make these, thanks to Craftaholics Anonymous, I might make some for myself!

Swing Dress

I actually made these dresses and sold them for a while.

It was so much enjoyment to see the little girls twirl in them. What I would do is purchase five or six shirts from Childrens Put for five dollars a piece, make a circle skirt, and stitch them up. Sold them for about twenty dollars apiece.

This tutorial comes from Erin at Francois et moi.

Turn Them Into a Dress

Over at Coffee, Love, Travel Tiffany shows you how to make a T-shirt dress out of shirts that own become too short for your little one.

What makes it additional enjoyment is that she sews it inside out on purpose, to give it a frayed look.

This little girl was so excited to get this dress because it had some of her favorite shirts she could no longer wear.

Baby Romper

Oh my goodness. How cute is this? Daddy or Mommys T-shirt turned romper for a baby. The tutorial makes it glance fairly simple, the hardest part being the snaps, which if you own the correct tool it wont be too bad.

This grand tutorial can be found at The Seamery.

Apron T-shirt

I gave you one for my tween daughter- this one is for me. I love it! Cute and perfect for my favorite put in the home to be- the kitchen.

She used a button below shirt but the pop of color and style really comes from the pockets and the wrap.

This is not a new sew so be prepared to get the machine out or go ancient school and use a needle and thread. Either way- how enjoyment and super cute.

For the full details, check out Beth Huntingtons post on eHow.

T-shirt Shoe Laces

How cute are these? Excellent news is- they are fairly simple to make. Cheryl over at Tidy Mom shows you exactly how to make thin layers of your shirts and turn them into shoelaces. The laces even own those sealed ends that I loved as a kid.

We could color coordinate now between every of the awesome items weve made and there is even more stuff we can make so lets hold going!

T-shirt Necklace

How cute is this?

You could take a simple shirt and jazz it up with this T-shirt necklace. You could also stir and match the colors for more of a pop.

Added bonus that it is super simple to make and soft. So numerous large necklaces weigh me below, this would feel grand against my neck, especially in the winter!

The full tutorial can be found at Max and Me Designs.

T-shirt Pants

I understand that not everyone who comes to Morning Chores is not female though, so heres a tutorial for the men. Hi guys!

I would imagine these would be better for little boys, but some adjustments could be made to turn these into boxers.

The full tutorial could be found at Hammer and Thread.

Braided Bracelets

This one, created by Stephanie over at Hello Glow, is one after my oldest daughters heart.

She loves bracelets. Currently has nineteen spread out between her two arms. Only takes them off to shower.

So taking a T-shirt she loves and adding a cord or two to make a beautiful braided bracelet is perfect.

What I love about these bracelets though, is the magnets she used to secure them together. Why dont we do that with more jewelry? It certain would be a lot easier!

T-shirt Skirt

Take that oversized shirt and turn it into a skirt.

Diy upcycled tshirt ideas

I love soft, flowy skirts love this because they are comfortable and girly while still being comfortable.

For us ladies that is a win-win.

To see the full tutorial, be certain to check out

T-shirt Bag

This is another thing my daughters and I own done with ancient T-shirts. We used one that from a dance recital in and now we take it to the farmers market when we go.

The how-to comes from Heather at Mommypotomus and its super simple, and you dont even own to sew it. Plus? Your kids can assist make it, making it a enjoyment project for the whole family.

Turn It Into a Workout Shirt

So you love the T-shirt but just desire to do something diverse with it? Over at Rabbit Food for my Rabbit Teeth, the author shows you how to take the said T-shirt and turn it into something you can enjoy while you sweat. Perfect.

T-shirt Yarn Baskets

This Do-It-Yourself tutorial is super cute and would be so useful to put things around the home in so you can carry it around to put the items away. I love the large loops in the design and the fact that the baskets are capable to hold themselves up. This would also be a grand project to give as gifts. Shoot, I desire one.

Make a Wreath

Blair came up with this project. She is brilliant enough to realize that the way she had first intended to do, with twisted roses, was not only going to take up more time than she had but use up every the additional clothing she set aside for this project.

Having realized this, she came up with a new way to do it. And it looks super cute, with every of the pops of color. What a grand way to welcome people into her home.

For the full tutorial, check out Blairs Blessings.

T-shirt into Pillows

I showed you how to make a T-shirt quilt (or at least, I directed you to the correct place) but heres another way to personalize to your bedspread make T-shirt pillows.

Your bed will truly be your own!

The tutorial created by Corrina Johnson can be found at Hometalk.


At this point, we really could deck out our whole wardrobe with T-shirt themed stuff. We own T-shirts made several diverse ways, T-shirt shoelaces, T-shirt rings, T-shirt headbands, T-shirt bracelets, and necklaces.

We can also deck out our home with T-shirt pom poms and T-shirt rugs among other things. So the next time you are thinking about throwing away or donating the ancient shirts in your closet- ponder about every the other things they could be used for. And if you own an thought I didnt share, please let me know. I discover it enjoyment and fascinating to see how people convert items into something else!

T-shirt Quilt

Heres a picture of the T-shirt quilt that my mother-in-law made me. There are so numerous T-shirts on there that own special meaning from my cheerleading days to my husbands senior prom and my sorority days.

Its a grand way to preserve your memories and stay warm! We are already saving shirts for my daughters.

If you are love me, you will probably desire someone else to make the quilt for you. I recommend finding someone that does excellent quality- these are your memories you are preserving. However, if you enjoy quilting, there is a tutorial on how to do it over at Wiki How that is worth taking a glance at!

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