Diy uplighting ideas

Diy uplighting ideas

Love the trend for ombre paint effects (where one colour gradually fades into another)? It’s the perfect way to give your bathroom a hint of subtle colour — and if you own panelling on your bathroom walls, it’s a breeze to achieve, either with a whole selection of tester pots, or by carefully diluting your paint colour with white as you go along).

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Be on trend with yellow bathroom paint

If yours is a contemporary bathroom and you’re a large fan of bright, bold feature walls, why not embrace the trend for a yellow bathroom paint?

Hold it to just one wall or go every out and paint the entire room, bath included if you fancy!

Diy uplighting ideas

Select a grey white for a warm finish

Whether your bathroom lacks natural daylight, is tiny and needs a space-enhancing paint colour – or you just love white walls – an all-white scheme is an simple win. You can purchase a bathroom paint that’s practical, without worry about your colour choice, and be safe in the knowledge that it’ll final for years. Then, every you need to do is invest in gorgeous-looking bathroom storage and accessories to brighten your space.

Diy uplighting ideas

Stir coral with grey for a vintage feel

Pink continues its surge in popularity, making its way from traditional bedrooms for girls to living spaces in the final few years, and now to bathrooms. How to get the correct shade of pink? For vintage style bathrooms love this one, picking a strong coral tone and matching it with a muddy green-grey creates a glance that’s both bold and simple to live with.

Diy uplighting ideas

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Create an inviting space with warm naturals

If your bathroom faces north or has a little window, it’s likely to suffer from poor natural daylight, and may feel freezing and unwelcoming as a result. You can repair this with a excellent paint colour choice: deep spicy shades calmed by muted naturals will make a bathroom feel instantly welcoming.

Ensure the bolder shades own earthy rather than citrus tones, and match them with flooring in a natural material and furniture in dark, richly grained wood for a glance that oozes character.

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Which paint finish for bathrooms?

As for the finish, it goes without saying that the paint needs to be capable to stand up to moisture, if not to splashes and the occasional drenching, so always check when you’re buying bathroom paints.

Diy uplighting ideas

That doesn’t completely discount an emulsion paint, especially if the room is well ventilated, but if you do opt for this finish, be prepared to redecorate more often. Ideally, bathroom paint should be wipeable, mould-resistant and appropriate for the surface you’re using it on, whether the walls, woodwork, furniture or even the floor.

To assist you out we’ve rounded up the best paints for bathrooms.

Diy uplighting ideas

Go for a dramatic blue black scheme

In a bathroom with a high ceiling and excellent natural lighting, a deep, inky wall colour will glance elegant. Use colour blocking to make the room feel loftier still, with the lighter colours from picture (or dado) rail upwards, and pick a pale, reflective material, such as marble tiles, for the flooring. Desire a really contemporary feel? Paint the ceiling too (just check out our guide to how to paint a ceiling before you start).