Diy vanity storage ideas

Curious how to make the most out of a little bathroom?

Diy vanity storage ideas

Tiny spaces call for more creative organization ideas. Add hooks to your sink or the back of a shelf to increase storage space for bath towels, hand towels, or robes.

Try Leaning Storage

Is an ancient radiator hindering your storage options? Purchase a leaning towel stand or build your own to add organizational options to otherwise unusable space.

Diy vanity storage ideas

Study how to turn an ancient ladder into a rustic towel rack with this tutorial from 12 Oaks!

Go Simple with Counter Organization

No matter how large or little your counter is, it can go from cluttered to cute with the simple addition of a wire bin, wicker basket, or an antique tray. This bathroom counter organizer thought is grand for storing washcloths, makeup, perfumes, and more!

Invest in Excellent Shelving

If you own an open wall over your toilet, take advantage of the vertical space!

Diy vanity storage ideas

You can hang a shelf above the toilet with a rack for towels, or you can invest in bathroom storage furniture with adjustable shelves so that it fits perfectly over the toilet.

Use Door Racks for More Storage

Don’t own counters, under-the-sink space, or a linen closet in your little bathroom? Get creative and use the available space on your bathroom door! Adding hanging door racks or shelves provides more storage in your bathroom and makes it easier for you to organize your products.

Declutter Your Bathroom

The first step to achieving the organized bathroom of your dreams is to throw or donate things that are just collecting dust in your medicine cabinet or under the bathroom sink.

Diy vanity storage ideas

Start by getting rid of expired medicine and duplicate products. If you own unopened products, donate them to local charities or shelters that need them!

Repurpose Office Organization Supplies

Recycling other household items for bathroom organization is one of the best organizing tricks and storage ideas.

Diy vanity storage ideas

Two hooks and an ancient file holder is every it takes to turn wasted space into additional storage for products, styling tools, magazines, or additional toilet paper!