Diy vintage bedroom ideas

If you looking to redo an attic space or turn a smaller space into a guest room? This room design is one that you can easily recreate. It’s extremely simple and extremely rustic. It looks as if they caulked in between the wood to not permit a draft to enter. It’s definitely a little space, to be certain to hold the furnishings to a minimum love they did here.

Diy vintage bedroom ideas

By the looks of it, they only own a bed, dresser, and that nightstand.

Rustic Furnishings

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If you love your bedroom, walls the way they are or you can’t possibly change the way they glance, attempt swapping out your furniture instead. Changing your furnishings can completely alter the way your room looks. Check out the color of the dressers, bed and night stand. It’s a beautiful, rustic brown with the horizontal lined pattern. I desire to point out that ladder in the corner.

Diy vintage bedroom ideas

I’m not certain if it’s there for decoration or if there’s another room up top. Either way, it’s a beautiful cool idea.

Full Log Room

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These people had the correct thought when they decided to hold their logs exposed. It is definitely extremely outdoorsy and brings the feel of nature into the bedroom. To compliment the wood color, they own a darker color furniture set and that beautiful wooden chest at the finish of the bed, which is ideal for storage.

Diy vintage bedroom ideas

This bedroom is plenty large and they take that away with a ton of decor and furnishings.

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Open Log Room

Usually in the newer log cabin homes, you see that every of the rooms are sheetrocked, hiding the beauty of natural wood.

Diy vintage bedroom ideas

This room, however, only kept one or two walls closed and the others are open, exposing the logs. Inside of the room is some beautiful cherry wood furniture, such as the bedframe, dresser and night stands. It flows wonderfully with the relax of the room, giving it an elegant feel while remaining rustic.

Mediterranean Masterpiece

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As I glance at this bedroom, the first thing I notice is the giant custom headboard. It’s absolutely stunning. It has finish tables built correct into it for lamps and other accessories and enough room to maybe hang some pictures.

The comforter has a rustic color to it, which goes extremely well with the coloring of the wall. It’s not too dark and not too bright. The other thing that I adore about this room is the glass door because you generally don’t see these in traditional homes.

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Beautiful Wood Work

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To start off this list is an absolutely beautiful every wood bedroom. There are some intricate details going on here, which makes this bedroom irreplaceable and one of a helpful.

Diy vintage bedroom ideas

Whoever did this had a lot of time on their hands and awesome creativity. It’s extremely rustic and I love how the bookshelves are built into the walls leading into the bedroom. It’s rather remarkable and if you can discover somebody to do this for you or even if you can do this yourself, I highly recommend it.

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Large Guest Room

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When it comes to a room love this, the possibilities are endless. Based on how the one side of the roof pitches, it makes furniture arrangements a little hard when trying to put them against the wall.

In this case, they used their furniture wisely. They used dark colors to accent the light cedar color of the walls and flooring. It makes the room mix better, rather than being completely light colored.

Diy vintage bedroom ideas

It may be a little sore on the eyes if it were done love that.

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