Diy vintage wedding favor ideas

These little cocktail kits are perfect for giving your adult guests something to remember your special day. The ingredients for mojitos or any other cocktail aren’t terribly expensive, particularly if you select not to provide the liquor.

Diy vintage wedding favor ideas

Just print up the directions for making the cocktail that you select and attach with a piece of twine to the package. Guests will love you for this one and they’ll ponder of you when they are relaxing and enjoying their after wedding cocktails.

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Simple DIY Soy Candle Wedding Favors

Everyone loves a excellent smelling soy candle, so these DIY wedding favor candles are certain to be appreciated by your guests. They’re beautiful simple to make and the supplies are not at every expensive, especially if you own a few little glass jars on hand.

Just fill your jars with your candle mixture and then add a nice label or other design to the jar itself.
Tie on a little thank you message with a piece of twine or thin ribbon.

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Diy vintage wedding favor ideas

Homemade Birdseed Hearts

These little birdseed hearts are the perfect DIY wedding favor. Not only are they hearts, which symbolize love, they’re also made of birdseed so they’re really environmentally friendly and so extremely inexpensive so make. You just stir the birdseed up and then mold with cookie cutters or silicone molds. Tie a nice ribbon or piece of twine to the top and you’re every set. You can even add a little personalized tag.

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Handmade Coaster Wedding Favors

These little coasters are really simple to make and are the perfect DIY wedding favor if you desire something inexpensive and unique.

Diy vintage wedding favor ideas

They’re made from square ceramic tiles, which you can get at any home improvement store for under $1 each. Use Mod Podge to add your design and then tie a couple of them together with ribbon, twine or burlap – depending on your wedding décor – to give to your guests as they leave.

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Adorable Coffee Bean Wedding Favors

These adorable little coffee bean wedding favor jars can be made in under an hour – several of them, that is.

They’re not expensive, especially if you own a collection of tiny jelly jars.

Diy vintage wedding favor ideas

Even if you own to purchase every of the ingredients and materials, you’re still not spending much and your guests are going to adore their own little coffee bean gifts.

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DIY Wood Bud Vases

These little bud vases serve two purposes. They can assist with your seating arrangements at the reception and when the festivities are over, your guests can take them home. They’re really simple and inexpensive to make and are perfect for decorating for a rustic wedding. Plus, guests will adore taking home a flower from your wedding as a reminder to them of your special day.

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Diy vintage wedding favor ideas

DIY Romantic Wedding Mixed Tape

What better present to your wedding guests than a CD of the extremely songs that you had played during the ceremony? Mixed tapes own been around for decades and that’s just what this DIY wedding favor is. You simply burn CDs – however numerous of them you need – of your wedding songs. When you’re compiling the CD that you’re going to use in the ceremony and reception, just make several additional copies. You can even make a lovely CD case for each one.

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