Diy wall art ideas for large wall

Hanging tassels as decorative wall art? Now there’s a novel idea!

Diy wall art ideas for large wall

It may require more minute work, but it’s really simple to create, as Brittany Makes proves into this post.

You can acquire the materials at any craft store, or even discover some in your home. I always use these projects as inspiration to create something unique that represents me, so feel free to experiment with colors, positioning, size, and placement.

DIY Paper Wall Art

Paper crafts are always enjoyment, and even kids can do the simpler ones.

Diy wall art ideas for large wall

You can achieve grand decorative effects with paper, colored or otherwise. This plant-inspired paper wall art really lights up the creativity, and provides such a striking atmosphere.

It’s really intriguing to glance at, and manages to add a touch of elegance to the decor. The Oh Oh Blog details the process — arm yourself with colored paper, glue, cutters, and a lot of patience!

DIY Shelf Gallery

Lauren has a grand tale on her Sobremesa Stories about how she redecorated her front room, but what’s really exciting about it is the shelf art gallery she created.

Diy wall art ideas for large wall

It looks amazing above the couch.

She purchased the paintings from the store, but perhaps you already own some laying around or desire to make some yourself.

Scrapbook Paper Art

We’ve already seen how you can make wall art pieces using fabric or wrapping paper, but you can also use scrapbook paper. It’s a grand choice because you can discover a wider array of colors, patterns, and textures, love the vintage choices made here by Nomadic Decorator.

The nine symmetrical canvases fit well together and create a professional, finished glance overall.

DIY Doily Backdrop

If you’re looking for a DIY wall art thought that’s more on the shabby chic, romantic side, the doily backdrop thought is a unique, enjoyment, and simple to do project inspired by Ruffled Blog.

The process is similar with that of cast making, except this one uses every purpose flour, water, and grandma’s doilies.

Diy wall art ideas for large wall

What we used to hate as teenagers now becomes lovely art in crafty hands!

DIY Rustic Wall Ruler

If you had parents love mine, you remember those years during your childhood when they used to measure how tall you grew every the time. They made those little scratches or marks on the wall or door frame.

You can recreate that thought by making your own salvaged wood wall ruler, and every the steps are here at HomeTalk. What a lovely thought, and how well it looks!

Minimalist Wreath Wall Art

You can craft and display wreaths every throughout the year. But instead of crating traditional holiday ones, attempt making them from plants and branches.

You can change them more often, or make them from dried plants that hold their form.

This post from Freckle and Wulff is really inspiring, especially with the choice of plants.


Diy wall art ideas for large wall