Diy wedding bomboniere ideas

Whether it’s flower seeds for a garden wedding or herb seeds for a more rustic affair, packets of seeds are an inexpensive and useful wedding favor. And the best part? Guests will remember your wedding when they see that tomato plant bloom in their backyard.

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} S’mores

Buy some graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows in bulk and bag the ingredients up for individual build-your-own S’mores wedding favors. Adding a punny label love this one from The Flair Exchange takes it from cheap to chic.

The Flair Exchange

} Donuts

For less than a dollar apiece, donuts make an excellent wedding favor/late night snack!

Print out these cute labels from Sugar and Charm and bag those donuts up in style without spending a bundle.

Sugar and Charm

} Washi Tape Tea Lights

If you’re the crafty type, you’ll love this wedding favor thought from Something Turquoise. Simply wrap tea lights in patterned washi tape, and give each guest 2–3 candles wrapped in tulle or cellophane and tied with a bow. Simple peasy!

Something Turquoise

} Glow Sticks

Turn your wedding into a dance club and watch your guests go wild with these inexpensive yet super enjoyment favors.

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Here are a few DIY wedding projects you should avoid.


Like photography, wedding videography is of the utmost importance.

Your wedding video will be what helps you relive your large day again and again, so you desire it to be top quality. If you enquire a friend or family member who’s made one or two YouTube videos, you probably won’t get the best of the best. Call in the pros so everything — from production to editing — goes off without a hitch.


Unless you’re prepared to move into your kitchen for the final days of wedding prep, let a wedding caterer take care of your wedding food.

Diy wedding bomboniere ideas

Not only will this save you a week of culinary mishaps and cooking conundrums, but it’ll ensure that each dish is perfectly made and brought out at the correct time on your large day (keeping everything running smoothly).

Floral Centerpieces

So, you took one floral workshop and now consider yourself a pro? Even if you now know your wedding bouquetbasics, you’ll desire to seek the assist of a pro on your wedding day. Blooms are finicky things and require a lot of TLC.

Diy wedding bomboniere ideas

You don’t desire your wedding centerpieces to wilt, fade or die in the process of you making them, so it’s best to leave it up to a florist who knows the ins and outs of the flowers you’re working with. If you’re not going the traditional route and own chosen to craft DIY wedding centerpieces from other materials, you may be capable to do it, but permit yourself plenty of time to craft, transport and set them up.

Your Dress

Unless you’re well-versed in the art of bridalwear design, you’ll desire to hit up a legitwedding dress store to get your bridal ensemble in order.

Crafting a wedding dress is no stroll in the park, especially if you’re in the market for something with layers of tulle, embroidery or a lace overlay. Even if you’re super skilled with a sewing machine, any stir ups could turn your fairytale frock or dream duds into a nightmare. We propose turning to the experts for this one so that everything looks as beautiful as you dreamed.


Did your baby cousin just finish a photography course?

Diy wedding bomboniere ideas

Are they dying to flex their creative muscles by capturing your wedding on film? We strongly urge against this. You desire to cherish these memories forever, and you definitely don’t desire to risk missing any significant shots. A seasoned wedding photographer will effortlessly be capable to capture every detail shot and candid necessary, while it’s more than likely that a novice will forget a thing or two.

Favours (if you’ve got hundreds of guests)

If you’re only hosting a handful of friends and family on your wedding day, you can go ahead and live your Pinterest dreams, but if your guest list exceeds , you may desire to rethink things.

Making one or two batches of cookies is enjoyment, but making is not — especially during crunch time. Pro tip: check out our tips on what you need to know for DIY wedding favours.

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Fabulous Wedding Favours For Under £1

As something that is often knocked off the list as soon as the budget starts to get stretched, couples often forget that favours can be a really lovely way to inject personality into their large day and more importantly — it doesn’t need to be expensive!

You can do every sorts of lovely things that are relevant to you as a couple without breaking the bank. Be it linked to your hobbies, occupation, upbringing, location or food preferences — this is somewhere you can make your guests chuckle. So without further ado, here’s a circular up of some of our favourite ideas every under £1 to get you inspired for what you can do for your large day

1. Mason Jar Glasses

Why not get your guests using their favours throughout the wedding? This is the perfect double whammy for solving your glass hire and favour situations in one. Head to Poundland, IKEA or just own a scout about online for these.

The labels can be bought seperately and applied, using either blackboard stickers or luggage tags.

2. Lottery Ticket

If you’re after favours that could actually increase in worth then this ones for you! Plus who doesn’t love a scratch card for a bit of fun?! If the rather bright colours of your typical scratch card doesn’t fairly fit your colour scheme, these can easily be tucked into coloured cards with a nice sentiment written on the front.


Sweetie Jars

Always a classic that goes below well, bulk purchase some family favourite sweets and order some little jars online or from IKEA and you’re sorted. If you know anyone who whips through jam or baby’s food love nobody’s trade, it might be worth getting friendly with them now to save yourself some pennies!

4. S’mores

Channel the American vibes and package up some s’mores DIY kits for your wedding guests. If you’re having fire pits for everyone to snuggle circular then these will be perfect.


Seed Packs

For a lovely sentiment that will definitely save you a penny or two, these handmade seed packets are perfect. Fill it with a flower that’s relevant to you to make it additional special.

6. Popcorn Jars

Stock up on mason jars and fill them with lots of lovely popcorn. To hold costs to a minimum, purchase the popcorn kernels and pop the popcorn yourself. This will give you a chance to flavour the popcorn as you wish and get experimental!

7. Boiling Chocolate Cones

There is no doubt everyone has a little put in their heart for boiling chocolate. After a night of dancing and celebration, nursing yourself better in the morning with a mug of it sounds perfect.

These cellophane cones are simple to get hold of, cheap and every the fillers and ribbons can be bought in bulk.

8. Tinned Herbs

From this day forward, you better be ready to start collection every your tin cans (avid fans of recycling will be so proud!). As a vessel that we work our way through on a daily basis, it won’t take endless to get a excellent collection together. Then head below to IKEA, New Covent Garden Flower Market or your local garden centre and stock up on herbs ready to be planted.


Diy wedding bomboniere ideas

Wedding Soundtrack

We are obsessed with this thought of sending your guests away with your wedding soundtrack as a favour. It makes for such a lovely and sentimental way to own your wedding remembered whilst keeping the costs low too.

Bags of Coffee or Tea

Bag up your favourite coffee or tea in a paper bag or cellophane and either own personalised labels made or get crafty yourself. Prop them next to a tea related pun and you’ll be well on your way!


An ancient school favourite and a personal favourite of mine too is candyfloss.

Not only is it super inexpensive, the perfect pink fluffiness of it will fit correct in with any wedding setting with minimal packaging needed. This is a fab thought if you’re having a festival or carnival inspired wedding too!

Hangover Kits

Potentially the favour your guests will thank you for most is the hangover kit! It is highly likely if your guests are staying in hotels or houses nearby they own forgotten to pack any sort of remedy for the next day, so ensure they wake up happy with a kit love this.

Diy wedding bomboniere ideas

Ponder bottled water, headache and tummy tablets plus any other amusing antidote that is believed to be a hangover cure!

Homemade Jam

If you or a family member are partial to a bit of preserve making, now’s your time to get them in on the act. They will no doubt own some empty jars stashed away already so get collecting and then create your preserve of choice to fill them with. You can record your own labels or order some cheap online.

Handkechief Parcels

For dainty countryside perfection, collect together an assortment of handkerchiefs or select a beautiful fabric and create them yourself.

Fill them with your favourite sweets or goodies — whatever you fancy!

Potted Plants

Bulk purchase trays of teeny succulents and cacti and pop these into little teracotta pots. These glance grand left as they areor with a lick of paint and gold spray paint to add a unique touch.

Hats for Everyone!

To add a touch of enjoyment to your wedding day, why not collect together lots of enjoyment hats and wigs for your guests to wear later on in the night.

Diy wedding bomboniere ideas

Or if you’re going for the more sophisticated feel, opt for sunhats as pictured above.

Chocolate Coins

Keep things simple and classic with a trusty chocolate coin accompanied with a nice sentiment. Although top tip, maybe stock up on the coins at Christmas as they’re suprisingly hard to discover afterwards!

Scone Hamper

Get in touch with your inner queenie and make your wedding guests their own strawberry scone hamper! With home-baked scones and strawberries bought in bulk, you just need to decide what you desire to pop it in — so get creative!

Hand-stamped Biscuits

Don your Mary Berry cap and get baking!

With personalised stamping kits being fairly inexpensive nowadays, you can get a little family production line going with the baking, icing, stamping and bagging!

Olive Oil

If you’re following the theme of an Italian or Mediterranean wedding or just love a bit of cooking — this is a lovely thought for your guests. They are super simple to make and can be filled with sprigs of rosemary or chillies from your own garden.

Kraft Bags

Not certain yet what you fancy doing for your favours?

These kraft bags are grand for them to be popped into. To get the beautiful glance as seen above, purchase some enjoyment crinkly scissors, hole punch the tops for the ribbon and away you go! Fill with popcorn, your favourite sweets or a hangover kit — up to you!

Chocolate Lodge Wedding Chocolate Favours

Offering yummy, chocolate wedding favours from 90p per chocolate, these handmade, bespoke chocolates from West Sussex are a tasty and cost effective thought.

With further discounts available on bulk orders, you can see more of their designs and contact Chocolate Lodge directly here

Do yourself a favor and save money with these super-cheap wedding favor options.

Whether DIY, edible, drinkable, or just plain adorable, these affordable wedding favors will be a hit with your guests!

} Tea Bags

Individual tea bags will cost you pennies per person, so spruce this favor up a bit. With assist from little glassine envelopes, beautiful labels, and twine, a simple tea bag becomes an elegant wedding favor.