Diy wedding calla lily centerpiece ideas

1. Move Flowers from the Ceremony to the Reception
I didnt desire to spend a lot on flowers at my wedding so what I did was transfer the flowers that were set up at the ceremony over to the reception venue. Since I didnt own too numerous, the person who was in charge of this task had no problem grabbing the altar flower display, taking it to the reception, and giving it to the wedding planner who got it inside the reception hall before anyone entered.

2. Re-purpose the Bridal Bouquets
At the reception, your bridesmaids wont own a need for their flower bouquets, so why not use them in vases as wedding centerpiece ideas or as decorations for the cake table?


Select In-Season Flowers
Just love with your wedding food, using flowers that are in-season can save you a lot of money. For example, tulips are beautiful, but they are winter/early spring flowers. If you are capable to discover them during their off-season, the price could be as much as 5 times the cost during their in-season.

4. Get Cheaper Flowers
Some flowers are just cheaper than others. Carnations are probably the cheapest flowers that you can get.

Gerber daisies are also inexpensive. If you are not a fan of either of those, use them for some things, love alter bouquets, and then get a more expensive flower for the brides bouquet if that is preferred.

5. Go Green

For a simple, yet elegant glance to your wedding, use lots of greenery instead of flowers. Leaves can be just as stunning as a bouquet, especially if you create one from drop branches and theyre much cheaper too.

6. Share Flowers
Inquire if there are any other weddings taking put the same day as your ceremony at your venue.

If so, see if you can contact the other bride and groom to see if they would love to use the same flowers and divide the cost.

7. Order Your Flowers Online
You can save fairly a bit of money by purchasing your flowers from an online wholesaler, which is much less expensive than your local florist.

Diy wedding calla lily centerpiece ideas

That being said, you will own to trim the flowers, arrange them, and care for them prior to the wedding yourself.

8. Be Simplistic
Sometimes less is more. Not only will being simplistic cost you less, it may add to the overall impression of your wedding. An simple way to simplify wedding flowers is to get just the basics: bouquets, boutonnieres, and an altar arrangement.

9. Dont Be Picky
You may own to compromise with your decorations if you are on a budget.

This is especially true with your flowers. Be open to several diverse types when it is time for you to select. If you decide to purchase your flowers through a local florist instead of online, tell your florist your budget and see what types of flowers she proposes to you and be open to the suggestions.

Own a Christmas or Easter Wedding
Churches are already beautifully decorated with flowers for both Christmas and Easter. Take advantage of that fact by setting your wedding date during the Christmas or Easter seasons.

Own a Little Bridal Party
Since a large chunk of your flower money will be going to bouquets and boutonnieres, you can cut below on your wedding flower costs by going with a smaller wedding party.

This will also save money on dresses, tuxedos, and bridal party gifts, just to name a few.

Use Flowers from Your Own Garden
If you own a garden, are there any flowers that will be in bloom at the time of your wedding? If not, consider planting some so that they will be ready in time for the large day. You can start a basic garden for not too much money.

Own Your Wedding in a Garden
Theres no need to purchase any arrangements if you are already in a garden! Gardens make beautiful and inexpensive wedding venues anyway.

Use Silk Flowers

Have you ever found yourself questioning if some flowers were genuine or fake?

So why purchase genuine flowers at all?

Diy wedding calla lily centerpiece ideas

Not only are silk flowers beautiful, they also final forever unlike genuine flowers, and you can arrange them exactly as you desire them weeks before the wedding. And if you dont desire to hold your silk flowers once your wedding is over, consider selling them on eBay for someone else to use at their wedding.

Purchase Used Silk Flowers
Just as I suggested that you sell your silk flowers once your wedding is over, you could also purchase silk wedding flowers that were already used.

This is a excellent alternative for someone who would love silk flowers but has no experience arranging them. And once youre done with them, sell them again.

Borrow Flowers
If you know someone who had silk flowers at their wedding, contact them to see if they would permit you to borrow them. If they let you, you will hopefully not own to spend a dime on flowers!

Dont Own Flowers
My cousin used peacock feathers for the boutonnieres (and even wore one in her hair!) for a super-chic glance.

Diy wedding calla lily centerpiece ideas

For centerpieces, you can replace flowers with candles or lanterns, which would work beautifully for an evening wedding. Get creative! You can save money, and still own a gorgeous wedding, without flowers.


Cheap wedding flowers dont really exist but that doesnt mean you cant be savvy when shopping for your large day blooms. If youre on a really tight budget here are four ways to save on your wedding flowers.


DIY weddings are every the rage. With inspiration at your fingertips from Pinterest and blogs such as ours, creating your own bouquet, invitations and centrepieces has never been easier.

The Confetti store is home to hundreds of DIY products specifically designed to assist you create your dream wedding, and today we’re going to show you 50 stunning DIY wedding centrepieces.


How endless is a piece of string? Seriously, without knowing your exact requirements its really hard to put a price on wedding flowers. The overall cost will depend on the size of your wedding party, how numerous (and how elaborate) decorations you desire for the ceremony and reception venue and the types of flowers you desire to include in the designs (some being far more affordable than others).

As a general law of thumb most couples spend around 10% of their entire wedding budget on flowers or around £1,

If you desire to get an precise thought of how much wedding flowers cost, the best advice is to book a consultation with your local florist so that you can discuss your vision with them.

Diy wedding calla lily centerpiece ideas

Most florists will happily work within your budget and theyll also be capable to share the benefit of their expertise to assist you achieve the glance you desire without breaking the bank. Read on for our tops tips for wedding flowers on a budget.


Wedding flowers can be surprisingly costly so no matter how large or little your budget youll desire to make the most of it. Follow these top tips for cheaper wedding flowers.

Choose your flowers wisely 

The cost of wedding flowers will largely depends on your choice of flowers.

Diy wedding calla lily centerpiece ideas

Typically Lily of the Valley is a more expensive choice with carnations and gypsophilia at the other finish of the scale. If you are on a tight budget then trusting your florist to make recommendations on flower choices that can assist you achieve the overall glance and feel you desire can go a endless way.

That said don’t be terrified of expensive flowers as whilst peonies and orchids can be a little bit more expensive they also cover more space and own a greater impact. One stunning orchid for example can own a greater impact than a whole bouquet full of gerberas.

The two bouquets shown above own a similar design but the one on the left is more budget friendly as it includes fewer flowers and less exclusive varieties.

Make your arrangements work harder

Another large tip for saving money is to make your arrangements go further by reusing the designs for the ceremony room at the reception venue.

With the ceremony generally only lasting about half an hour it’s a shame to see so numerous beautiful flowers going to waste when they could easily be incorporated into the reception décor. You’ll need to discuss logistics with your florist but this is a quick and simple win for brides on a budget.

Work within the seasons

Although numerous favorite flower types love roses, orchids and lilies are available all-year circular, others are not. Out of season flowers can be imported, however this is often at a cost.

If you desire to hold a firm reign on your flower costs it is advisable to be in-tune with nature and plan your wedding flowers around the season you are marrying in. You should also be mindful that flower costs inflate significantly around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when they are in high demand

Be prepared to compromise

It’s grand to own a vision of what you do and don’t desire but one of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is to own her heart set on specific flowers or arrangements and not be willing to compromise. A florist can do a much better occupation if the bride asks for an overall glance, feel, and colour scheme and leaves it to the florist to bring her vision to life.

If your large day budget won’t stretch to elaborate candelabras for you table centrepieces, then little posies arranged in vases and grouped together creates just as an attractive focal point.

Cut your wedding party

More bridesmaids equals more blooms so if you only own a limited wedding budget, you may need to seriously consider how numerous attendants you really need.

Cant bear to eliminate any BFFs? Cut below on costs by giving bridesmaids a gorgeous floral hairpiece or wrist corsage to wear in lieu of bouquets. If you’d prefer not to break with tradition then give your ‘maids a single stem to carry below the aisle. Orchids and Calla lilies are perfect for this purpose and can really make a statement.

Know your budget

Ask your florist for a consultation to go through your ideas for your large day and let them know from the outset how much money you own to spend.

Always be honest and upfront with your florist about what you are comfortable spending so that he or she can maximise the money you’ve got rather than wasting time looking at designs that are out of your price range. Do hold in mind too that its always easier to spend more as the day approaches than to frantically attempt to cut costs once the designs are finalised.

Dont DIY

Don’t be tempted to DIY your own wedding flowers no matter how much money you ponder it will save you. Numerous brides simply become overwhelmed by such a project and finish up making a frantic call to their florist for assist. Not only can DIY flowers be extremely stressful, it can often become more expensive than hiring a professional from the start.

Final Word

I was really intimidated when it was time for me to pick out flowers for my own wedding.

Since I knew so little about flowers, I consulted a local florist and worked closely with them to figure out what flowers would fit my budget. I only had two bouquets, a couple boutonnieres, corsages for my grandmas, and an altar arrangement. My entire flower bill was only $ With the above tips, you too can save a fortune on wedding flowers.

What own you done to cut the costs of wedding flowers? Did you own to sacrifice aesthetics at every, or did you replace the flowers with something else?


Wedding flowers are an integral part of wedding themes.

From season, to wedding colors, to wedding bouquets, to the wedding venue itself — each element should form a cohesive whole to represent you and your soulmate.

For example, if a red rose wedding bouquet is a passion (or represents passion for you!), you need to ponder about how that glance fits your general wedding theme ideas. If you drop in love with hydrangea wedding bouquets, or white wedding flowers, you need to ponder about how each glance affects the overall glance and feel.

Of course, the meaning of your wedding flowers also plays a part.

Before taking a deep dive into a list of various flowers and their meanings, let’s take a lingering glance at a royal example.

On April 29, , in London, England, Catherine Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey to be married to Prince William.

Unlike the huge, cascading arrangement Princess Diana carried on her wedding to Prince Charles in , this bride carried a modest, shield-shaped bouquet, wired for structure, and containing seasonal blooms filled with personal meaning:

If youre looking for wedding flowers on a budget or are asking how much do wedding flowers cost?

youve come to the correct place! Here we share our top tips on how to save money on your wedding flowers to assist you maximise your large day budget.

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