Diy wedding chair decoration ideas

Diy wedding chair decoration ideas

Wooden planks led to an altar of fuchsia bougainvillea at this destination beach wedding in the Bahamas.

Mark With Trees

Make your own Kate Middleton moment with a tree-lined aisle, love this one.

Paint the Floor

Designer bride Lucilla Bonaccorsi found inspiration for her aisle in an unexpected way—at the Infiorata festival in Noto, Italy, where the streets are paved to glance love elaborate pictures.

She, along with her mom Luisa Beccaria, recreated this glance on the floor of the ceremony chapel with pastel-colored carnations and scabious.

Accent With Greenery and Lanterns

Elevate a barn setting with rustic-chic décor, love this greenery-lined aisle and lantern accents.

Line With Ferns

This aisle (in an enchanted forest) was lined in ferns and surrounded by white flowers.

Diy wedding chair decoration ideas

At this wedding upstate, it gave way to a semi-circular altar of white delphinium, larkspur, snapdragons, and wild ferns.

Make Custom Benches

At Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe's wedding in Positano, the bride and groom had benches custom-made for the occasion. The seating was designed in a curved formation so everyone could see the couple and take in the view at the same time.

Decorate the Entrance

Rather than decorate the entire aisle, this Arizona couple made a show of only the entrance—with arrangements of white delphiniums, blush roses, and candles in gold lanterns.


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