Diy wedding dessert table ideas

Candy buffets are always a large hit with guests — especially their versatility in the way you can customize them to fit a specific style. My most adored part of these interactive displays, is the set up itself!

You own creative liberty to be as over the top or minimalist as you select. From decorative themes, to candy selections, varying sized platters and jars, to trendy labels or custom signage — the options are endless and without a doubt one of my favourite tables to style.

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Diy wedding dessert table ideas

Kids’ Birthday Party: Forest Theme Candy Buffet Your Kids Will Go Wild For

I love this Forest theme candy buffet because it is so creative. They used candies to create an original outdoorsy candy buffet. «For example, root beer jelly beans are used as the forest floor. Lollipops are «trees», and blue jellybeans will become a meandering stream. Your gummy worms live in the «stream» with the candy fish.»

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

There’s more:

«Buy some real-looking trees or use plants that glance love trees and they become the forest.

Candy owls hide among these trees, looking for guests to pluck them out and take them home.

Diy wedding dessert table ideas

Matcha green tea almonds and cappuccino dark chocolate almonds become smooth rocks placed in the forest and along the stream. Chocolate rocks finish the picture.»

List of Candies for your Forest Styled Candy Buffet:

  1. Tree Hugger Gumballs
  2. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds (for adults)
  3. Gummy Bears
  4. Chocolate Dipped Gummy Bears
  5. Chocolate Rocks
  6. Gummy Worms
  7. Sour Bears
  8. Light Green Colored Jelly Beans
  9. Match Green Tea Almonds
  10. Brown colored owl lollipop (milk chocolate)
  11. Animal Lollipops in diverse colors
  12. Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop

source: Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop

Candy Buffet ideas for Memorable Birthdays


Diy wedding dessert table ideas

Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera Candy Buffet She’ll Remember Forever

It doesn’t get any prettier than pink, or sweeter than a sweet 16!

Customized chocolate bars took the middle of the table. Candy kebobs, pink frosted cupcakes and cotton candy were some of our favorite additions!

Candybar Couture

Tip number 1, is get as numerous pink treats as you can. For supplies, make certain to get apothecary jars for your candies, pink ribbon, pink goody bags, cake pedestals, and pink bows of course.

List of Candies for your Pink Candy Buffet:

  1. Ferrari Gummies
  2. Gummy Sour Peaches
  3. Sour Strawberry Log
  4. Milk Chocolate Dried Strawberries
  5. Berry Crunch Gummy
  6. Cherry Taffy
  7. Grape Taffy
  8. Strawberry Pink Gourmet Jelly Beans

Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop


Bright and Cheerful Birthday Candy Dessert Buffet

Everything is bright & cheerful, just love a birthday should be!

The focal point of this table is the cake, and its not just any cake. Its a custom made Kit Kat / M&M birthday cake.

Diy wedding dessert table ideas

Ponder chocolate, enjoyment, delight, crunch and sweetness every tied together with bright yellow bow.

The other features are the bright yellow and orange Oreo cookies. You can make these by covering your Oreo cookies with melted orange or yellow chocolate chips.

Diy wedding dessert table ideas

Or you could melt white chocolate chips and add food colouring. You can’t go incorrect either way.

This candy buffet may not glance as flashy as some of the designs you’ll discover on the web, but it is simple and perfect.

All of the bright complementary colors and variety of candies, chocolates and treat area grand. The Yellow ribbons used on each of the containers, scoops, and cake tie everything together nicely.

3. Red Sox Baseball Birthday Candy Buffet 

The Candy Brigade transformed the Ritz into into Fenway Park for the night.

Diy wedding dessert table ideas

This is an awesome thought you can expand on to really knock it out of the park.

«Table centerpieces made with vintage baseball bats, a ticket booth for the table seating, vintage lockers, a dugout with present bags for the guests, a clubhouse and even a Green Monster bar. It was perfection.» The candy buffet itself had vintage baseballs, bats, gloves and a 12 feet of candy including Large League Chew Gum, Chocolate Covered Baseball Oreos, Cracker Jacks and more.

Diy wedding dessert table ideas

You can easily adapt this thought for fans of other sports love football, soccer or basketball by simply changing the color of the candies to match the team colors, and the balls to match the specific sport.

The Candy Brigade