Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

Ah, the thumbprint tree. Such a creative thought in theory, but it can get genuine messy, genuine quick. The anniversary wine, the Polaroid station, the wishing tree… Super cute, but super unnecessary. Guest books can get pricey, and the cost can really skyrocket once you start piling on the works. Do yourself a favor and hold it simple, or go ahead and nix it altogether.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

Your guests won’t miss it, and in the age of digital photography, you’ll own tons of tons of snaps of your family and friends sharing your special day. If that doesn’t beat a scrawled name on a sheet (or a smudgy thumbprint), I don’t know what does.

The Solution: If you decide to go with a guestbook, create something simple.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

A cute DIY board love the one pictured under is cute, cheap, and something you can actually display after the wedding. Your guests won’t care that you made it yourself.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

I once attended a wedding where the couple had one of their engagement photos framed and then removed the glass so we could sign the paper matte inside of the frame. It was super simple, and they own it hanging in their living room now.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

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) The Programs

See: Invitations (but with a far shorter lifespan).

The Solution: Programs are super cute, but if you desire to skip them and save the money your guests won’t care. Instead create a few DIY chalkboard or wooden signs that own your schedule or other necessary details listed on them. Own a few of these around the ceremony and reception site and your guests will get the general thought.

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Cheap wedding flowers dont really exist but that doesnt mean you cant be savvy when shopping for your large day blooms.

If youre on a really tight budget here are four ways to save on your wedding flowers.


It’s a universal truth – wedding planning is stressful. With an endless list of decisions to be made, from the décor to the dress to the catering and everything in between, the stress can pile on at lightning-fast speeds. One minute, you’re trying to select between roses and ranunculus, and before you know it, you’ve fallen below the Pinterest hole, scrolling between 19 slightly diverse shades of pink petals while stress eating wedding cake samples.

That said, there are more than a few items on your wedding checklist that guests pay far less attention to than you ponder. Instead of driving yourself crazy over the teeniest details, save yourself the headache (and probably a few bucks, too) by knowing what really matters to your guests, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Originally published on June 10, *This post contains affiliate links through Etsy. While we can get commission through these links, opinions are entirely our own.* Read on for our handy list of wedding details that guests just don’t care about – plus a few that they do!

) The Flowers

Now don’t get me wrong; floral arrangements are almost always a welcome addition to your chosen venue, and can inject the space with a bit of your personal style.

But while no one will argue that golden dip-dyed roses aren’t totally gorg, they’re also a entire waste of time and money. Believe us, no one will notice the lack of designer blooms, and your artfully arranged farmer’s market flowers will be just as striking – at a part of the price. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful, fragrant flourishes no matter what, regardless of whether you’ve chosen exotic blooms from far-flung corner of the world or locally grown greenery.

The Solution: Instead of spending a fortune on fancy designer flowers, visit your local farmer’s market or florist.

Your guests will literally own no thought where your flowers came from, so why spend every the additional money? On the morning of my cousin’s wedding she had her bridesmaids pick up every her flowers from Costco. And you know what? They looked great!

) The Invitations

I hate to break it to you, but these little suckers finish up in the recycling bin faster than you can tell, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Certain, it’s the extremely first introduction to your wedding, but a beautiful invitation is a beautiful invitation.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

No one is judging your choice of paper stock, ornamentation or font (just believe me on this one).

The Solution: The average couple spends $ on their wedding invites. Don’t stress about your invites and instead discover an affordable option that fits your budget. There are tons of retailers that would surprise you with their collections of wedding invitations, such as Costco, Target, Walmart, Shutterfly, or Etsy.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

On Etsy you can even pay a flat rate for an instant download, and then print as numerous as you need. The invitations featured under are super affordable while also being super cute so you can definitely discover a middle ground here.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

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How endless is a piece of string? Seriously, without knowing your exact requirements its really hard to put a price on wedding flowers. The overall cost will depend on the size of your wedding party, how numerous (and how elaborate) decorations you desire for the ceremony and reception venue and the types of flowers you desire to include in the designs (some being far more affordable than others).

As a general law of thumb most couples spend around 10% of their entire wedding budget on flowers or around £1,

If you desire to get an precise thought of how much wedding flowers cost, the best advice is to book a consultation with your local florist so that you can discuss your vision with them. Most florists will happily work within your budget and theyll also be capable to share the benefit of their expertise to assist you achieve the glance you desire without breaking the bank. Read on for our tops tips for wedding flowers on a budget.


Wedding flowers can be surprisingly costly so no matter how large or little your budget youll desire to make the most of it.

Follow these top tips for cheaper wedding flowers.

Make your arrangements work harder

Another large tip for saving money is to make your arrangements go further by reusing the designs for the ceremony room at the reception venue. With the ceremony generally only lasting about half an hour it’s a shame to see so numerous beautiful flowers going to waste when they could easily be incorporated into the reception décor. You’ll need to discuss logistics with your florist but this is a quick and simple win for brides on a budget.

Be prepared to compromise

It’s grand to own a vision of what you do and don’t desire but one of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is to own her heart set on specific flowers or arrangements and not be willing to compromise.

A florist can do a much better occupation if the bride asks for an overall glance, feel, and colour scheme and leaves it to the florist to bring her vision to life.

If your large day budget won’t stretch to elaborate candelabras for you table centrepieces, then little posies arranged in vases and grouped together creates just as an attractive focal point.

Choose your flowers wisely 

The cost of wedding flowers will largely depends on your choice of flowers. Typically Lily of the Valley is a more expensive choice with carnations and gypsophilia at the other finish of the scale.

Diy wedding ideas for a tight budget uk

If you are on a tight budget then trusting your florist to make recommendations on flower choices that can assist you achieve the overall glance and feel you desire can go a endless way.

That said don’t be terrified of expensive flowers as whilst peonies and orchids can be a little bit more expensive they also cover more space and own a greater impact. One stunning orchid for example can own a greater impact than a whole bouquet full of gerberas.

The two bouquets shown above own a similar design but the one on the left is more budget friendly as it includes fewer flowers and less exclusive varieties.

Work within the seasons

Although numerous favorite flower types love roses, orchids and lilies are available all-year circular, others are not.

Out of season flowers can be imported, however this is often at a cost. If you desire to hold a firm reign on your flower costs it is advisable to be in-tune with nature and plan your wedding flowers around the season you are marrying in. You should also be mindful that flower costs inflate significantly around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when they are in high demand

Cut your wedding party

More bridesmaids equals more blooms so if you only own a limited wedding budget, you may need to seriously consider how numerous attendants you really need.

Cant bear to eliminate any BFFs? Cut below on costs by giving bridesmaids a gorgeous floral hairpiece or wrist corsage to wear in lieu of bouquets. If you’d prefer not to break with tradition then give your ‘maids a single stem to carry below the aisle. Orchids and Calla lilies are perfect for this purpose and can really make a statement.

Know your budget

Ask your florist for a consultation to go through your ideas for your large day and let them know from the outset how much money you own to spend.

Always be honest and upfront with your florist about what you are comfortable spending so that he or she can maximise the money you’ve got rather than wasting time looking at designs that are out of your price range. Do hold in mind too that its always easier to spend more as the day approaches than to frantically attempt to cut costs once the designs are finalised.

Dont DIY

Don’t be tempted to DIY your own wedding flowers no matter how much money you ponder it will save you.

Numerous brides simply become overwhelmed by such a project and finish up making a frantic call to their florist for assist. Not only can DIY flowers be extremely stressful, it can often become more expensive than hiring a professional from the start.