Diy wedding ideas uk

Gather your guests around campfires or fire pits and enjoy these sweet treats.

Diy wedding ideas uk

Whether a blast from the past or something new, smores are a victor every time.


Tone it below a notch and go for sparklers to get your guests involved!

Diy wedding ideas uk

Purchase your own sparklers here.

Diy wedding ideas uk

Cigar bar

Another way to continue the gentlemanly theme is to cater your wedding with cigars finish with vintage boxes and accessories.

Whisky bar

Curate a glamorous collection of Scotlands finest whiskies, finish with ice, soda and glasses to serve.


Everybody loves a dramatic display of fireworks – heres how to plan yours.

Diy wedding ideas uk

Classic entertainment ideas for weddings: Disco

Its a party essential – select a playlist that spans as numerous decades as your guests for a full dance floor every night long.

Photo Booth

Can you really own a wedding reception without one? Provide your guests with every the photo booth props they need to create those Kodak moments.


Diy wedding ideas uk