Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

Look at the colors under and select your favorite. We’re going to take a glance at what your color choice says about your personality or what you may need more of in your life.


If you’re attracted to yellow, you’re a perfectionist and a dreamer. Highly intellectual, you own a grand mind for abstract topics and trade. You’re highly charismatic and make people feel at ease in your company.

Choosing yellow says you need to give yourself more time to relax, ponder and dream.

If you’re not certain about painting your entire bedroom bright yellow, try these tips:

–Only paint one wall yellow
—Go for gold to create a wealthy, inviting bedroom
—Use yellow as an accent color for bedding or accessories

Lighting Effect

A simple DIY project that makes a large impact in a painted bedroom is a wall dimmer switch. Dimmers are inexpensive and assist create the correct lighting to enhance your mood. Being capable to brighten or dim a room on demand is especially helpful if you’ve painted your bedroom walls in a bold color.

Paint the Ceiling

Painting your bedroom ceiling can create more visual interest.

For a bold glance, paint your bed’s headboard wall as a continuous line that carries up to the ceiling, forming a canopy effect love the image under, or add stripes to the ceiling love the black and white bedroom below.

Wedding Ceiling Decoration Ideas

Before thinking about decorating the ceiling of the venue it is significant to check that you can firstly, be it drapes, bunting or fairy lights, some form of attachment will be necessary, so do enquire with the venue to ensure you can do this.

Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

Finally you may wish to get someone in to install this every for you, depending on the height of the ceiling, ladders and supports maybe needed, you don’t desire to injure yourself before your large day, so ponder about getting the professionals in!

We own rounded up some creative wedding venue decoration ideas that are perfect for transforming a ceiling, and adding some beautiful hanging decorations, from a flower ceiling to drapes and lanterns.

Ceiling Florals

Flowers hanging from the ceiling, oh yes! Certainly one of the more expensive options, but you can make the display as large as you love, stunning flowers running up the ceiling, or flowers hanging below.

Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

Suspended florals and displays can be a stir of arrangements, foliage, flowers and  bunting every mixed in together.

Wrapped Hula Hoops with flowers glance stunning and are a grand way to create something larger yet not dominating. These can be wrapped with flowers or with foliage and are perfect for a barn rustic wedding.

Fairy lights

There is certainly something magical about fairy lights and depending on your venue can glance beautiful and perfect for intimate venues. If your venue is dark inside then fair lights can glance grand draped up the ceiling.

If the room is extremely white and light then the fairy lights can be easily washed out and may not be suitable.

Paper Lanterns

If you own high ceilings then lanterns are grand, you can adjust the height of them allowing some to be lower than others.

They come in a range of diverse styles and colours allowing them to fit into your colour scheme. Paper lanterns are light weight and can be easily fixed in put, they are perfect for use in tipi’s and marquees and grand way to add colour.


First off is classic, bunting, be it something colourful or something light and white, bunting is a cost effective way to add decorate your venue ceiling.

This is perfect for barns or empty canvas weddings, as well as low ceilings as it can be taught and doesn’t own to hang too low. Bunting is simple to make so it is perfect for a DIY wedding and to save some money too.

Pretty Pom Poms

Similar to lanterns, pom moms come in an array of diverse colours and styles making them another grand alternative to decorating your ceiling.

These are a grand way add something to the ceiling and perfect as a DIY wedding ceiling decoration as they are simple to make.

Ceiling Drapes

Large white drapes are perfect for for transforming a room, barn and ceilings.

Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

Drapes can be hung in diverse styles and ways, combining with fairy lights they can convert a reception room.Ceiling drapes will need to be fixed so do ensure with your venue that you are ok to install these.

There are numerous event ceiling drape companies and numerous will also come and set this every up for you. Speak to them about your ceiling height and see what they recommend for low ceiling ideas, as well as how to drape the ceiling for your wedding reception.

Some venues, such as barns may already own drapes set up, or they maybe capable to add these for you.

Something different

If you are looking for something diverse and don’t need to cover a ceiling, perhaps glance to hang decorations from the ceiling then how about birdcages, feathers, hanging umbrellas or Terrariums?

How are you going to decorate your venue?

There are numerous options and you can be as creative as you love, ponder about your theme, style and how it will work and fit with your venue.

Have you noticed how color can affect your mood? When considering bedroom paint ideas, the correct bedroom paint color choice will make a huge difference in how you feel.

Famous psychotherapist Carl Jung pioneered the concept of color psychology.

Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

He was interested in colors’ properties and meanings and believed that colorful art had the potential as a tool for psychotherapy.

Although there are rules on what colors are best for a bedroom, each person has their own preferences and tastes. You may be attracted to an unexpected color that has qualities you need more of in your life. Forget the traditional rules.

Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

Pick a color you love and paint your bedroom walls, ceiling, trim, furniture, or anything that makes you happy.

Bedroom Paint Ideas and Techniques

Painting your bedroom is an inexpensive way to personalize your bedroom’s style. To maximize your bedroom paint design, paint more than just the walls. You can paint any spot from the bedroom ceiling to the floor. Here are some decorating ideas that use paint to take your bedroom to the next level:

Stripes and Patterns

For a dramatic effect, attempt painting a stripe or several on your walls. Stripes don’t own to be uniform or always vertical.

A stripe can run horizontally or in a pattern.

Wall Molding

If you’re feeling adventurous, add depth to a wall by attaching wall molding in rectangular or square shapes before painting.

Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

The wall molding adds a unique dimensional effect to your bedroom. For contrast, select a diverse paint color for the molding.

Metallic Wall Paint

If your room is naturally dark, metallic paints add a warm sheen to your walls. They require several coats to apply but are worth the final effect. You can discover easy-to-use metallic paints in a variety of colors. The wall in the image under is painted in a metallic steel paint color.


If you chose grey as your favorite, you love minimalist design and the latest high-tech gadgets.

Diy wedding reception ceiling decoration ideas

You’re hard working and need a bedroom where you can recharge. Luckily, grey is not only the top contemporary paint color shade of the moment, grey walls are soothing and restful.


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