Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

We love IKEA for our living rooms. We love IKEA for our kitchens, why not love IKEA for our wedding, too?

Many of their products make sublime centrepieces just as they are. With most things coming in at under a fiver too, these wedding decorations certainly aren’t going to break the bank.

If you desire to go a step further, there are lots of simple ways to customise your purchases. A bit of spray paint and cheap additions can assist cater these low-cost decor items to your theme perfectly.

Wedding Reception Theme Ideas

While a themed wedding may not be the best option for everyone, it will enable you to own a more focused approach to planning your reception decorations.

By tying in every the wedding elements, such as centerpieces, flowers, favors, and overall reception appearance, you will simplify the process for yourself, make decisions easier, impress your guests, and save money.

The most hard part will be picking the theme. You need to make certain the theme is unused, elegant, and appropriate for you and your spouse-to-be. Make certain you do not pick a theme that could be mistaken for a prom theme, such as Under The Sea.

Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

Own enjoyment with it, but make certain it is mature. Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

1. Black and White

With a black and white themed wedding, you will base everything off of the basic and elegant colors of black and white. This is a extremely inexpensive theme for the bride and groom because the guests themselves will be the main decorations. At a black and white wedding, guests are invited to wear black to set apart the bride and groom who will wear white. A expression of caution: Do not make your theme white and some other color other than black. Most guests will already own something black to wear and would not own to purchase a new outfit for the wedding.

If the bride and groom desire to save money for themselves, they need to make it simple for those attending the wedding to save money as well.

2. Seasonal
No matter what time of year it is, it is always some season, and therefore, you can always do a seasonally themed wedding reception. Holidays, such as Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter, are extremely simple to decorate. You could also decorate according to spring, summer, autumn, and winter. For example, if you are doing a spring wedding, you could own a garden theme including gardening tools as centerpieces and little potted plants as the wedding favors.

Decorating seasonally will permit you to save money on your wedding flowers as well.

3. Zen
There are so numerous things that you can do with a Zen wedding reception theme. Just love with a Zen wedding ceremony theme, you can set up a reception that is relaxing, refreshing, and peaceful. Set up a water fountain as the guests stroll into the reception hall. Once the guests are inside, permit them to be transported to another world. Set up paper parasols, bonsai trees, rock gardens, lanterns, and origami. Guests will own a lot of enjoyment with this theme, just love I did at a Zen themed wedding I attended a few years ago.

It will be memorable for all.

Go rustic for lovely but low-cost day

One of the first steps in planning a wedding is deciding on a theme. If you’re tight on budget, a cost-friendly option is a rustic look.

Rustic basically translates as sophisticatedly shabby. It means things don’t own to be perfect — they can glance a bit basic, natural and DIY. In fact, often the less refined, the better.

Far from looking scruffy or cheap, when done well, it’s a beautifully simplistic glance. Hold reading on for some exciting ideas to enhance your rustic theme.

Save Money on Wedding Reception Decorations

1. Use White Christmas Lights
Many people use white Christmas lights every year circular on their back porches as a simple and elegant decoration.

And these lights can make a beautiful addition to any wedding reception venue! They can be hung from the ceiling, around tables, around the cake, or in potted plants. If you dont desire to use Christmas lights, consider lanterns instead.

2. Tie Ribbons
Seat covers can be expensive to rent and a lot of work to make. Instead of using seat covers, get some beautiful wide ribbon to tie on the backs of the chairs to add some elegance and spruce things up. Ribbon is a cheap alternative compared to fancy seat covers. Enlist the assist of friends to get the ribbons cut and tied for the large day.


Add a Water Feature
A nice addition to the entrance of your reception would be a water fountain. It could even be a little one that you own in your home that sits on a table.

Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

The sound of a water fountain is so refreshing, and it would be nice for your guests to hear to as they can finally relax at the reception.

4. Use Feathers
Feathers are a large trend in wedding decor. Purchase them in bulk from a craft store or through Amazon and create large feather wreaths to hang on the walls or add them to centerpieces of flowers for an elegant (and inexpensive) look.


Decorate with Food

The wedding food and drink menu you select and the way its arranged on platters can add lots of pizzazz to your large day.

Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

Huge and assorted apothecary jars of candy on the dessert bar create a festive mood, while gorgeous trays and farm unused cheeses and rustic bread can instantly make the party own a more organic feel.

6. Add Candles
Theres nothing more romantic than a dim room lit only by the glow of hundreds of candles. And luckily, candles are inexpensive.

7. Cover with Fabric
You can get yards of your favorite fabrics at a craft store and use it for everything from covering tables to draping from the ceiling (i.e. sheer fabrics work well for this and create a romantic atmosphere). Get creative with material to create a soft, intimate atmosphere.


Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

Own a Picnic
I was at an outdoor wedding once where reception tables were just blankets and pillows on the ground and each blanket had its own picnic basket filled with goodies and wine. It was enjoyment, classy, and unique not to mention much cheaper than a formal affair with chairs.

9. Display Your Engagement Photos
Your guests will love to glance at your engagement photographs, and your reception is the perfect put to display them.

In fact, your reception may be the only put that some of your guests will ever get to see your engagement photos. And while youre at it, bring some of your favorite pictures of you and your spouse-to-be to show at the reception. If you are unsure about displaying them in frames or in a collage, consider creating a slide show for reception entertainment.

Own Enjoyment with Flowers
I went to a wedding once that had some large flower displays. They looked love large flower balls.

Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

They were elegant, eye-catching, and memorable. To be honest, I dont remember any decorations other than the flower balls from this wedding. While these displays looked professionally made, a bride and groom could make these flower balls themselves by getting large styrofoam balls (at a craft store love Michaels) and inserting the stems of the flowers into them. These would be inexpensive to make as endless as you either used silk flowers or ordered your flowers from an online wholesaler to save money on wedding flower arrangements.

Final Word

Wedding receptions are large, elegant parties, but they dont own to cost as much as you ponder.

With a little creativity and some do-it-yourself know-how, you can create a romantic atmosphere for your large day.

How did you save money decorating for your wedding reception? Share your experiences and best tips in the comments below!


At the TWFC we were super excited for Sarah and James wedding because for the first time this season, we arrived at our gorgeous venue in Tadley near Basingstoke. This beautiful site is also a herb farm and the scent of camomile floats around every weekend endless.

As the WedFest Crew got the site up and ready, we had some great guest helpers who eagerly got stuck into making the site glance magic! They were rewarded handsomely with a cool beer at the finish of that endless boiling day!With the site officially ready and raring to go we were every prepped for our fabulous first guests to arrive! Shut family and friends arrived on the Friday as the groom himself, James Dillon, heated up the barbeque to sizzle up a proper feast for everyone whilst our bar quenched our thirsty feasting and drinking and laughing their way through this first evening our guests bedded below for the night in their glam bell tents, knowing full well they’d need every the sleep they could get in preparation for the large day ahead.And then the day Sarah and James had waited for so endless had finally arrived!

With the final guests arriving from 10am, everyone headed over to the bar to get the day well and truly buzzing in the glorious sunshine!As the guests gathered in our picturesque blessing area correct in the centre of our festival arena, our beautiful bride Sarah made her grand entrance in a vintage VW campervan, accompanied by her gorgeous bridesmaids – one of them being her ridiculously cute and beautifully dressed daughter. As Sarah began her stroll below the aisle, one of our favourite acoustic artists Just Millie sung a delicate and heartwarming version of the Elton John classic, ‘Something About The Way You Glance Tonight’.This was one of our favourite ceremonies of the summer as you could see the love between the two bursting out.

But not least because the newlyweds added a gorgeously personal touch by having pots of paint to create a canvas of theirs and their childrens handprints as their extremely own marriage blessing certificate – a beautiful memory they can treasure forever.After the ceremony, the Bake Off was officially on! Tea, coffee, and most importantly CAKE, was available in the Vintage Tea Party tent every day. Our personal favourite was the triple-tiered sponge cake that was specially personalized for the bride and groom – RIP summer bodies!Whilst the guests busied themselves with either the bar or eating cake, the kids made themselves at home in their extremely own Arts and Crafts Tent – they particularly liked the free reign of paint and glitter!!

Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

Although our extremely brilliant kids tent leader Matt Anderson did finish up looking love a glittered version of a Picasso painting!Let’s also not forget Sarah and James’ extremely own Pic n Stir station, where guests could fill their bags to the brim!Lunch was then served! Our great chefs Greg and Vio from TSFCCcooked up a yummy paella, both for our meat eaters and veggies. Served with crusty baguettes, the guests tucked into their meals, lounging in the glorious sun on our hay bale sofas as Just Millie continued to serenade everyone with her sweet sounds.

Being the ever conscientious and fab mum that she is Sarah had prepared individual snack boxes for each of the numerous kids at the festival. We were super jealous of the dinosaur shaped cheese! It was safe to tell our guests did not go hungry!After bellies were full to the brim, it was then time to enjoy the long-awaited speeches, with Sarah’s dad Peter kicking it every off. We discover that the best speeches from groomsmen are the ones that set out to utterly humiliate their expensive friend in any shape or form, which was definitely the case for James’ groomsmen – congrats guys I hope James has spoken to you since! Alongside their lecture, they had huge, blown up pictures of James’ stag do for everyone to relish, showing him in various states of consciousness that night…!Once the red faces had subsided the arrival of one of our favourite ever artists, Remedy Sounds, boosted the party mood for everyone.

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including; Smiley Campbell, and The Lionels every absolutely killing it!Then it was boogie time for every, where everyone grabbed a partner for the ceilidh dance performed by one of TWFC favourites, Rufus Returns– who knew that alcohol increased dance ability?! Has to be said though, there was some definite dad dancing going on from various guests!TWFC every absolutely love their food so they were grinning from ear to ear when it was time for the main event in our eyes – cutting the cake – or should we tell – the pie and cheese.

Once again, adding their own touch, Sarah and James had a mountainous Pork Pie cake, as well as an impressive triple tiered cheese cake – a completely original thought that went below a storm with guests and staff alike!After people stuffed their faces with pie, cheese and crackers, it was time for the bride and groom to take the stage for their first dance to Elbow’s uplifting classic ‘One Day Love This’. Once every eyes had been on them, their guests well and truly joined the party. Take a glance at this snap of James and the kids, taken seconds after their running jump at him!It was food time once again, with one of everyone’s favourite feasts that the chefs cook up – Fish and Chips, with, of course, every of the essentials — tartar sauce and deliciously mushy peas.

Everyone devoured their meals, lining their stomachs for a night of booze and boogying.Late into the evening, it was then time for the Silent Disco, headed up by two of the groomsmen as DJ’s – the battle was well and truly on to frolic the sickest tunes. Scream out to Sarah who went around changing everyone’s channel to her favourite band, Take That, to what can only be described as a mixed reaction! So we believe in every silent disco the guests need some form of snacks to munch on whilst boogying, so we thought we’d cook up something really healthy and nutritious – of course we’re joking, we cooked up some hearty cheese toasties as who wants a piece of lettuce at midnight when sufficiently boozy?!The incredible fireworks display was the perfect finish to a perfect day, before people stumbled back to their bell tents to conk out for the night.

Before the Wed Fest crew headed to bed, we made certain we had fully prepped a sufficient quantity of coffee for the mornings as we were predicting fairly a few sore heads!Thank you so much Sarah and James for allowing us to be a part of your special day, it was truly memorable for all!Love Lauren, Chloe, Katy and Esme xxxxContact us now to book your Simply Outdoors marquee weddingView our online brochure for full info hereemail – [email protected] – mobile – #LetsCelebrate​

Extravagant wedding trends are a thing of the past.

Modern weddings are every about making savings, and there are loads of ways to save on your wedding decor.

These don’t own to be boring. By thinking creatively and being willing to DIY, you’ll be surprised what you can do. Best of every, they’re every low-cost and simple to recreate.

Consider some of the following, ways to save on your wedding decor to get a breathtaking day at a budget price.

Fake your flowers

Real flowers can cost an absolute fortune. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs on your wedding decor, why not attempt fake ones?

There are so numerous simple tutorials around that will teach you to DIY your own. Often using tissue paper, or even coffee filters as seen above, they’re really low budget. Not only this, but they can be made ages in advance, reducing that last-minute wedding stress.

The benefits of paper flowers really are endless: they’re cheap, simple, and their stamens won’t cause any pesky stains.

Diy wedding stage decoration ideas

Why not give them a go today?


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