Diy wedding venue ideas

Kick off your marriage surrounded by books, art or artifacts.

Diy wedding venue ideas

Libraries and museums, particularly smaller or less sought-after ones, may own reasonable price tags. For example, event fees at the Detroit Historical Museum start at $

An Airbnb or hotel rental

If your home can’t accommodate the wedding, a short-term rental home or hotel suite might. These venues offer privacy and space for the wedding party to get ready, plus a put to accident after the endless, exhausting day.

For example, you can reserve cabins, ranches, beach houses, entire estates and other spots on Airbnb. Filter your search by locations that are “suitable for events.” We spotted a castle-style home in San Luis Obispo, California, starting at $ per night and a lighthouse on the Massachusetts coast from $ per night.

Note that prices may vary based on the day of the week or time of year, and events might cost additional. Be aware of check-in, checkout and minimum-stay requirements as well.

Have a smaller guest list and desire to celebrate in style? An in-suite ceremony or reception at a hotel or resort in places love Las Vegas and Hawaii typically cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per night.

At home

Have a low-cost or potentially free ceremony and reception by hosting the events at your residence or that of a friend, family member or neighbor.

A home, backyard, barn or elsewhere on the property can get the occupation done. However, you’ll need to consider the cost of tables, chairs, dinnerware, decorations and other items if you don’t already own them or know someone who will lend them to you.

“Be certain to outline every single item youd need to convert the spot into a reception space,” says Brit Bertino, owner of the wedding planning service Simply Weddings Las Vegas and a member of the Wedding International Professionals Association board of directors.

“Oftentimes, the numbers will protest that youre spending the same, if not more, with this scenario.”

Diy wedding venue ideas

Parks and beaches

Many national, state and city parks, including beaches and gardens, serve as scenic, low-cost venues. In most cases, you’ll need an event permit to reserve the space without running into legal issues.

Diy wedding venue ideas

While some public locations are free, most cost about a couple hundred dollars.

Prices may fluctuate depending on the specific area, number of guests, presence of food or alcohol, length of event, insurance fees and other factors. Check with the site’s local government for details.

Diy wedding venue ideas

In the street

Consider a block party for your nuptials. Chertoff says that for a few hundred dollars or less, some special event permits permit you to shut off a city highway, love the one you live on. You can own a barbecue, hire food trucks or make it a potluck.

Diy wedding venue ideas

But you may be required to get additional permits or licenses to serve food and alcohol. Visit your local government website or city hall for information.

The courthouse

The courthouse has endless been a go-to choice for affordable ceremonies — and for a excellent reason. Civil ceremonies held at city halls or county clerks offices cost only a little fee in most cities — generally less than $ — and are free in some areas, such as Washington, D.C.

Diy wedding venue ideas

Courthouses often limit attendance to about five or 10 guests, which can cut other costs associated with the large day.

Aquariums and zoos

Aquariums and zoos provide animal lovers with exotic settings and shut proximity to wildlife, often at an affordable price. As a bonus, some use a portion of the event proceeds to aid conservation and education efforts. Couples can wed at the Jaguar Cove in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo for $, plus a minimum $1, catering fee.