Diy whole family gift ideas

Diy whole family gift ideas

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Everything — Christmas gifts, especially — mean more to your family and friends when they come straight from the heart. While you can discover personalized and unique present options from stores love Amazon and Etsy, there’s nothing that tops the sentiment behind a present that’s truly a labor of love (and crafting skills). Cross everyone off your shopping list this season without even battling the crowds at the mall by making these homemade Christmas gifts.

Even if you’re lacking in the crafting department, these step-by-step tutorials show you the easiest, Pinterest-approved ways to DIY candles, present baskets, and more for your mom, dad, coworkers, kids, and everyone in between.

Several of these handmade ideas even call for items you already own stashed in your home, which means you won’t own to shell out a ton of money (or worse, make a million trips to the craft store) to finish these DIYs. And since we know that last-minute shoppers still desire to put some heart into the presents that they give, we included a few ideas that can be completed as tardy as Christmas morning.

Should I get host family gifts?

Duh! This question pops into the minds of numerous travelers when they suddenly realize that “homestay” is exactly what it sounds love – they’ll be living under one roof with strangers (not to mention also with their kindness, openness, and generosity). A homestay is an invitation to understand others’ day-to-day lives better.

What better way to nail that first impression than with gifts for your host family that emulate your gratitude (and shows off your pride for your home country a bit)?!)

“Welcome” or “housewarming” gifts to give your host family are the perfect way to break the ice and get conversation flowing at the start of your homestay.

They don’t own to be super fancy or super expensive, but host family gifts generally are representative of your home country, state, or town and are given within the first few days of your arrival. Not only should you be prepared to tell “Hello!” with excellent host family gifts, you can also plan ahead for the eventual thank you gifts for your host family too.

Think About Family-Friendly Host Family Gifts

We believe that you won’t get anything inappropriate for your host family (hint: leave your whoopee cushions at home), but rather than guessing at what each member of the family might desire, go for something that everyone can enjoy.

A souvenir from a favorite landmark in your home country, a decorative home arrangement, or even a few framed photographs are every viable options. Kick it up a notch by bringing a game for the whole family to frolic, a playlist that means something significant to you (and eventually to them – because #danceparties!), or even a couple copies of your favorite films or movies.

Keep Portability of Gifts for Your Host Family in Mind

Maybe you hail from the grand state of Wisconsin and desire to give your host family a yummy dairy product.

Before picking out the perfect cheese wheel, ponder about how far it will own to travel; no one is a fan of stinky cheese (except maybe the French!). When it comes to unused produce or any form of beverage, enquire yourself first if it will make it through airport security and customs. Next, enquire if it will stay unused during your journey.

Lastly, make certain it won’t take up too much room in your suitcase. Afterall, luggage space is precious to travelers — just because you’ll be gifting doesn’t mean you won’t get anything back.

Be Unique

Good host family gifts are always unique.

Numerous host families own been housing international students for years, so when it comes to gifts, it’s safe to tell that they’ve seen it every. Keychains? Check. Miniature flag? Double check. Typical figurine? Check, check, check. The first present thought you ponder of is likely something your family has received in the past. Rather than giving your family the task of finding room in their cupboards for yet another mug, attempt to ponder exterior of the box.

Is there something unique that your state or city is known for producing? For instance, Megan from Indiana brought her host family in Namibia locally churned maple syrup; “It doubled as a enjoyment activity, as I taught my family about pancakes and we covered ‘em in the yummy, sticky goo.”

Another way to be unique when giving gifts for your host family, and be certain it is something they definitely don’t own (while not breaking the bank), is to attempt making a DIY present – we ponder creating a photo collage of your favorite places back home is a excellent put to start.

Oftentimes, a homemade host family present speaks volumes compared to a store bought one, and your host family will be left with nothing but a grand impression of you and how much you care. Want to take it a step further? The internet is a great put to start your search for DIY host family present ideas (Hello! Pinterest much?).

Think About Collections as Gifts for Your Host Family

Creativity isn’t for everyone, and if you’re not super into the whole Pinterest/scrapbook scene, you may desire to glance elsewhere for gifts to give your host family — you won’t desire to give them something that looks love it was made by a five year old!

If you are having a brain meltdown from trying to be unique, ponder of a present that can be added to a collection (just attempt to stray away from keychains and mugs). That way, if others own given your host family a similar present, it won’t matter; you’re just adding to the collection! A magnet, a book about your state or city, and a collectible spoon are every grand collectors items — if you can collect it, you can give it!

“My mom and I both collect ‘Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil’ figurines, so I invited my homestay mom into the tradition by getting her a few of her own. We both had a laugh!”, said Jamie from Texas.

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So, now that you know gifts for host families are the norm, your head’s probably spinning, brainstorming what Helpful of present to purchase for a home full of strangers from a completely diverse country and culture?

Don’t worry if a solution doesn’t come quickly – present giving is a skill that some people are born with and others are doomed to struggle with their whole lives. Whichever category you drop under, here are a few host family present ideas to hold in mind before you venture abroad to live in a homestay:

Don’t Forget Thank You Gifts for Your Host Family!

Sure, you desire to knock the first impression out of the park, but you can also plan ahead for little thank you gifts for your host family when finish of your homestay comes, too.

Numerous travelers pick something up in the local market or shopping middle (or cook a meal, love previously mentioned) as thank you gifts for their host family. But, since you’re super-awesome and super-prepared, plan ahead and pick up not one, but two gifts to give your host family before you even set foot on a plane.

Talk with Housemates for #Inspo

If you know other international students will be living with you in your homestay, contact them for present inspiration!

Enquire what type of present they are planning on giving and how much they’re planning to spend. That way, you can coordinate on the types of host family gifts you will each be bringing.

Diy whole family present ideas

If you and your housemates are from the same area or attend the same university, you can also consider pitching in together and purchasing some really nice gifts to give your host family.

Keep in mind that host family gifts can be purchased after-the-fact, too; while it’s nice to bring a little slice of your hometown, collaborating with homestay roomies can be a little easier once you’re already there. Make a thank you dinner, print favorite photographs together, or splurge on that present for the kids in your home that your host mom’s been eyeballing at the mall.

Give a Conversation-Starter

A excellent present for your host family shouldn’t just be representative of where you’re from; it should be something that acts love an ice-breaker between you and your host family.

Meaningful gifts can spark questions, laughter, and confusion (the excellent kind!) – before you know it, you and your host family will study immensely about one another just from one single gift.

You can also prepare something to tell that will explain your host family gifts and link it to your hometown. Before arriving, practice saying a sentence or two about the present in your host family’s native language. You’ll be certain to make a excellent impression by making the effort and you’ll even be taking your first baby steps in learning a foreign language— talk about killin’ two birds with one stone.

Top Ten Host Family Present Ideas

  • Artwork
  • Books with Photos of Your Home Country/Family
  • Your Favorite Snacks
  • Frisbees
  • Board Games
  • Card Games (or Souvenir Decks of Cards)
  • Something Handmade
  • T Shirts / Baseball Caps from Your University or Hometown
  • A Journal with Notes to Them from Your Loved Ones
  • Rug, Scarf, or Any Other Fabric Item Made in Your Home Country

The best part of bringing gifts for your host family is not that you may potentially get one back, but that you get to see the reaction and joy emanate from the person receiving the present — and besides, who doesn’t love getting showered with compliments and “thank yous” afterwards?

Follow this guide for gifts to give your host family, and the best possible present you’ll get from them in return is a whole new put to call home!

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Shopping for a present for a pre-teen boy can be painfully awkward. If you’re a parent to a 12-year-old boy, you understand the development that is taking put in your son’s life. Besides physical growth, the young man is undergoing through a lot of emotional development that makes finding the correct present for him a headache.

Also, your pre-teen boy now has a personality with a list of likes and dislikes.

You need to be careful with the gifts that you give him as he may adore or detest them. So without further delay, here’s a list of 30 top Best Toys and Present Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys with crisp, simple on the pocket gifts that your son will adore. You can purchase these gifts for his birthday, graduation, Christmas and other special occasions.


The best part of bringing gifts for your host family is not that you may potentially get one back, but that you get to see the reaction and joy emanate from the person receiving the present — and besides, who doesn’t love getting showered with compliments and “thank yous” afterwards?

Follow this guide for gifts to give your host family, and the best possible present you’ll get from them in return is a whole new put to call home!

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Shopping for a present for a pre-teen boy can be painfully awkward. If you’re a parent to a 12-year-old boy, you understand the development that is taking put in your son’s life. Besides physical growth, the young man is undergoing through a lot of emotional development that makes finding the correct present for him a headache.

Also, your pre-teen boy now has a personality with a list of likes and dislikes.

You need to be careful with the gifts that you give him as he may adore or detest them. So without further delay, here’s a list of 30 top Best Toys and Present Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys with crisp, simple on the pocket gifts that your son will adore. You can purchase these gifts for his birthday, graduation, Christmas and other special occasions.


0 final minute DIY gifts you can make for cheap

DIY photo ornament

“Creating an ornament is quick and simple to do,” says K.M.

Robinson, a young adult author, public speaker and social media strategist. “Most craft stores and even places love Walmart own the clear ornament shells you can use. Print a photo that will be significant to the person your gifting it to (I’ve used family photos, favorite book covers, puppy pictures, and more) and cut it into endless strips. I recommend printing the photo on both sides so it’s colorful no matter how you view it.

Use normal computer paper as photo paper is more hard to work with for the next step. Once the endless strips are cut, wrap them around a pencil to form curls, then add them to the ornament. Adding sparkly ribbon is a grand way to make it pop, but hold in mind, you’ll need the helpful with wire in it to maintain its shape. If you desire to take it further, you can add glitter or fake snow. Tie a ribbon around the top to hang it and you’ve magically created a heartfelt present within minutes. I’ve created these with my book covers before and given them to fans and contest winners and they love them.”

String-wrapped napkin rings

“Using a plastic shower curtain ring, wrap colorful embroidery floss or yarn around entire ring to create an inexpensive holiday napkin ring,” says Timarie Friesen, a stay-at-home mom and author. “We did not own yarn on hand, so we used embroidery floss, and gathered scraps of the color scheme we decided would match our holiday table decor. A boiling glue gun works well to secure each new string, and wrap tightly, covering the entire plastic ring. We used a new color each time the string ended, making a green and red candy-striped glance. Do additional wrappings around the thinner notch of the ring, to balance out the circle shape. The cost of purchased napkin rings can be about $5 a piece, so this is a extremely cost effective craft, and quick to make.”

A homemade tea mix

“Ideally you grow the herbs yourself (mint, lemon balm, fennel, etc.) or forage them (dandelion, sassafras, nettle, heal every, pine needle), but they can be purchased as well,” says Alan Muskat, founder of No Taste Love Home, a foraging tour company. “It doesn’t own to be in tea bags; it’s more attractive loose in a jar anyway, and loose tea works better. You just pour it through a strainer after steeping.”

Castelvetrano olives

“A grand present for olive lovers is warmed Castelvetrano olives,” says Nelson.

“These flavor-infused olives can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature. Make a batch by sauteing olives with garlic, lemon zest and unused thyme. Then move it to a jar.”

Premade classic cocktails for two

«Pre-batched and aged cocktails own been a large trend in cocktail bars and restaurants this past year,” says Mark Addison, designer, entertaining expert and author of “Cocktail Chameleon”. “The pros typically make large batches of cocktails and store and even age them in little casks. Now, home bartending enthusiasts are getting in on the trend and can easily pre-batch (or pre-make) classic cocktails at home using their favorite spirits, a few empty bottles and excellent well balanced all-spirit based cocktail recipes.

This holiday I am downsizing the trend making two person serving-sized cocktails in little 6 oz. bottles and giving them as holiday gifts. The little size makes perfect stocking stuffers for the cocktail lovers on your holiday list. One can use any price level spirit they’d love and who’s to know if you used high-priced whisky over a deal brand?”

Manhattans, classic Martinis and negronis are ideal for this project, Addison says. Just add a present tag with the name of the drink and you’re set.

A homemade snowglobe with a gift-card backdrop

“Jazz up your gift-giving process by turning the present card into a custom snow globe.

Grab a mason jar, some ribbon, some fake snow, a tiny Christmas tree or figurine (which I often discover at dollar stores) and some boiling glue,” says Robinson. “Remove the lid from the jar — this will be used as the base for the snow globe. Arrange the tiny tree and the present cards so that the jar fits over them and boiling glue them to the lid. For this snow globe, the tree will act as the centerpiece and the present card will act as the background for it. Before adding the jar over it, add the fake snow, then screw the lid on, and put the snow globe lid-down on the table.

Add ribbons or decorate the exterior, adding a jingle bell and a name tag.”

Pro-tip: If you don’t desire to purchase a present card, consider using a book cover or decorated cardboard.

A recipe zine

“Make a zine of your favorite recipes of the year,” says Cadry Nelson, a vegan food author and recipe creator at Cadry’s Kitchen. “Print them out into a booklet or make them more professionally online.”


A homemade present basket

Last year, I wrote about how to DIY a present basket.

Diy whole family present ideas

This tale is an evergreen resource for a last-minute present that is inexpensive yet charming. For foodie friends who appreciate zero-waste, you might desire to consider Nelson’s new suggestion of a pasta night basket. “Instead of a basket, use a colander. Fill it with a jar of marinara and a box of pasta. To make it additional enjoyment, finish it with a DVD of an ancient school western. Call the present ‘ode to a spaghetti western.’”


Handmade hand scrub

“My absolute favorite DIY present to give loved ones is [homemade] hand scrub,” says Chloe Skupnick of Young Enjoyment Mom. “This scrub smells scrumptious and works so well. Plus, you only need three things: A mason jar, sugar, and dish soap. Combine 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of “nourishing” scented dish soap (it’s generally pomegranate scented and comes in name brand or generic) and stir thoroughly. You can double or triple the recipe but make certain the ratio is 1:1 for viscosity. It’s thoughtful and useful.” If your budget allows, pair it with a store-bought hand cream.

A special ‘family’ podcast

«In a day I was capable to create a sentimental Christmas present for every five of my family members, while not spending a dime,” says blogger Madison Smith.

“I created a podcast featuring 5 episodes, each episode was dedicated to a diverse member of the family describing 10 things that I loved about that one person or enjoyment memories shared together. I recorded the episodes through the voice memo app on my phone, then downloaded those files to a drive, then put every those files in a shared folder titled ‘The Smith Family Podcast,’ and told each of them to check their emails with the link to the shared folder on Christmas.

It was a large, heartfelt success. It’s a simple way to give the present of love and appreciation, even when you are short on time or money.»

It’s tempting to feel guilty when you drop short of your goals.

Diy whole family present ideas

Attempt not to.

My DIY Christmas didn’t work out as I’d planned. But correct now, I feel optimistic about DIYing my remaining Christmas gifts and capable to resist the guilt I feel over procrastinating.

“You did good,” says Shannon Curry, clinical psychologist and the director of Curry Psychology Group. “It is impossible to perfectly anticipate any undertaking, and as such, life requires flexibility. It seems that you made this commitment for admirable reasons. You were intentional about preserving your financial health, the excellent of the environment, and in sharing meaningful experiences with loved ones this holiday season.

What a wise and admirable intention. At the heart of this, is grace.”

Top 30 Best Toys and Present Thought for 12-Year-Old Boys 2020

ViewSonic Gaming Monitor

View on Amazon

Why we love it: If the young lad is a diehard gaming enthusiast, ViewSonic gaming monitor will offer him the ultimate gaming experience.

ViewSonic features Full High Definition and high-res for ultra-fast reaction time. The monitor’s Unused rate function and the rapid 1ms response capability will give him high performance even for the most graphic intense frequencies. This enjoyment and entertaining monitor features bright colors, with a strong and durable ergonomic stand that is fully adjustable with rotation and portrait mode that he’ll need to conquer his gaming and entertainment quests.

The monitor also features other wealthy settings love the Game Mode hotkey for desired user preferences. View Sonic gaming monitor notably features high dynamic refresh rate that will eliminate image tearing giving him a smooth gaming experience. The viewing angles in this gaming monitor are super with clear, anti-glare coating and stellar contrast performance.


  1. Intuitive controls
  2. Grand worth for money
  3. High-resolution images
  4. Wealthy settings


  1. The audio quality could be improved

Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster

View on Amazon

Why we love it: This action-packed Nerf Zombie blaster will give the young lad hours of enjoyment. The toy is a cut above the relax, is simple to use and comes with a set of instructions.

Staying armed and ready is something that the young defender needs to study early. The imaginative young man wants to defend his imaginary friends from zombies – and the only way he can do it correct now is using this enjoyment dart-firing blaster with a spinning form saw blade to hold the zombies away. This Nerf Zombie blaster features eight zombie strike darts, and a spinning saw blade for a blasting action.

The toy features two dart-firing edges that give the blaster two forms of defense. To start the operation, you need to tug the blaster’s string which begins to spin around.


  1. Action packed fun
  2. Grand deal for the price
  3. Durable


  1. The power could be improved

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

View on Amazon

Why we love it: The Melissa and Doug Suspend Family kit would be an excellent present for your pre-teen son with multiple development benefits that sparks his imagination and creativity skills.

The game is suitable for eight years ancient and up.

The Melissa and Doug Suspend Family kit is an exciting balancing game that will assist your pre-teen son develop hand-eye coordination and interpersonal skills. The package includes 24 rods, four frame rods, a wooden connector, and a wooden base. It’s an excellent family game that involves 2-4 players helping him develop interpersonal skills as he interacts with members of the family. The game is simple to set up out of the box giving him hours of enjoyment activity.


  1. Enjoyment game for the whole family
  2. Fine motor development
  3. Sparks creativity


  1. Feels too simple for this level

PeohZarr Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

View on Amazon

Why we love it: This wireless earbuds offers him a tangle-free benefit that you can’t get with the corded versions. The Bluetooth earphones will give him the best wireless experience.

PeohZarr Wireless earbuds feature a sleek, secure fit and ergonomic design that can fit any ear size. The set is super lightweight; he won’t even notice he’s wearing it when he’s listening to his favorite music. The earbuds feature a compact size that he can easily store in his pocket or backpack.

The wireless earbuds come with stable and robust connectivity that offers provision Bluetooth capabilities with audio devices he’d wish to join with inside the home. Also, this product features an extraordinary battery life of 120 hours of standby time so that he can enjoy 24 hours of non-stop music.


  1. Compact and portable
  2. Offers solid battery life
  3. Quality earphones in a grand package
  4. Simple to pair and get working


  1. Don’t feature USB C charging port

Xbox OneS Gaming Console

View on Amazon

Why we love it: Get your son to enjoy playing Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 in HDR with this Xbox One S.

This system with 4K elements and 4K game upscaling will give him more detailed and smoother gaming experience.

Every pre-teen and teenage boys love the Xbox gaming Console. Despite not being the latest console, the Xbox One S is a powerful, well-stocked and sleek game console that features a compact design for a high-quality gaming experience. The games own been upscaled to 4K Blu-ray movies and can also stream on 4K Netflix. The Xbox system has also included HDR and can also support Alexa voice assistant. This console features a large space thanks to the 2TB hard drive to accommodate numerous games.


  1. Extremely silent and slim
  2. HDR gaming
  3. 4K and HDR video streaming compatible
  4. Works on any TV that has HDMI

Triple 8 Dual Certified Multi-Sport Helmet

View on Amazon

Why we love it: The Triple 8 Multi-Sport helmet reduces the risk of serious injury during a drop. The product will hold him safe when playing outdoor games so you won’t own to worry. The unused design encourages him to wear by himself without too much pushing.

Getting your pre-teen son to wear the helmet can be a tiresome chore because they ponder it’s not so cool to wear one. But what if it looked beautiful cool?

Then you’d own no problem getting him to wear it. The Triple 8 Multi-Sport helmet will offer the young lad with protection during athletic outdoor frolic. The helmet features EPS liner construction and two sets of inserts that comply with US safety standards. This product comes in diverse sizes to fit well every time he is playing with his bike, skateboarding, inline skating, and roller boarding to protect his head, face, and brain.


  1. Nice looks
  2. Excellent quality
  3. Perfect fit
  4. Comfortable


  1. A little bulky for little head sizes

SpikeBall 3 Ball Kit

View on Amazon

Why we love it: This game involves multiple players. SpikeBall kit will socialize the young man with his peers helping him to build interpersonal skills which are an essential process of growth and development.

If you are looking for a perfect indoor-outdoor sports game for the athletic young man, then we’d recommend you go for SpikeBall 3 Kit for enjoyment and athletic games with peers. The product comes with an adjustable net that you tighten depending on the number of players. This product features foldable legs for portability. The kit is simple to set up and set below and notably features a compact design for simple storage.


  1. Enjoyment game for every ages and levels
  2. Quality product
  3. Grand outdoor game
  4. Foldable for simple storage


  1. The net could be improved

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

View on Amazon

Why we love it: The Kan Jam will assist him to improve his coordination skills at the same time promote friendly competition.

Kan Jam is a flying disc game that features flying discs and two cans played in teams of twos. Kan Jam is an excellent game that the young man can frolic together with his friends. The kit feature two top quality durable, lightweight and portable goals, custom designed flying discs that offer enjoyment when camping or tailgating.

The game is perfect for playing in the outdoors love in the beach, and backyard. The set is simple to set up and set below and comes with instructions on how to frolic. The Frisbee night illuminated version is an excellent game for playing on a camping night. Also, the game will assist him develop interpersonal skills.


  1. Simple enjoyment game
  2. Excellent summer outdoor game
  3. Fairly priced
  4. The glow in the dark version looks awesome


  1. No carrying case to transport the set
  2. The quality is lacking

Apple iPod Touch 16GB

View on Amazon

Why we love it: This is a compelling quality product from the Apple line that with a state of the art A8 processor and motion coprocessor. Apple iPod Touch will offer him enjoyment times and assist him to develop reading skills.

If your son has a grand fascination for gadgets, then he will enjoy playing with the Apple iPod Touch. The iPod is a mini version of the iPad will quickly assist him discover anything on the web making it an excellent learning tool for the young man.

This gadget doesn’t feature any cellular capabilities but what matters is functionality. It also helps him to access iPad optimized apps where he can download games and books.


  1. Takes quality photos
  2. High-quality product
  3. Fairly priced
  4. Allows communication, games, and music

Samsung Galaxy Tablet E 9.6

View on Amazon

Why we love it: The Galaxy Tab is one of the pre-teens must-have list of gadgets. It comes with intuitive features for learning, portable entertainment, and optimized tablet experience.

This tablet has the power and versatility that every young man desires in a gadget.

It features intuitive navigation and one-touch access with a bright 9.6-inch screen for more productivity and enjoyment. Samsung Galaxy Tab features a endless battery life that will give him hours of entertainment with premium content that is sharable with the whole family without any worry. The Galaxy Tab offers a kids mode feature for a safe and secure experience for children. The 16GB internal memory can store videos, photos, downloadable apps and other forms of data. The package includes a quick start guide, MicroUSB cable, travel adapter, and Galaxy Tablet.


  1. A colorful and responsive wide screen
  2. Stellar performance
  3. Strikes a correct balance between price and features
  4. Solid construction


  1. Not simple to use for less tech-savvy people
  2. Price is steep

View on Amazon

Why we love it: The goal post is an ideal present for training purposes for the young soccer enthusiast to enhance his shooting accuracy during his weekly practice.

PUGG 4 Foot Pop Up Soccer Goal is the original pop up goals that features strong materials (premium denier nylon) that is durable and lightweight for use in a endless time to come.

This product also features a spring steel frame with single piece construction for ultimate strength and flexible enough for a twist to shut design for simple storage. This portable soccer ball with a ready-to-go design notably features quality artistry that offers him added durability. The goal post makes a perfect outdoor present for summer ideal for little scrimmages that enhance his shooting accuracy.


  1. Simple to carry and use
  2. Ideal for short-sided pickup games
  3. Excellent construction
  4. Lightweight and durable


  1. Too little for some people’s liking

Apple Watch Series1 Sport

View on Amazon

Why we love it: Apple Watch series 1 is a quality product that is feature-packed and an excellent present for your pre-teen son.

It’s also a grand fitness companion with a level of convenience not possible with a mobile device.

If he likes to do it Apple every the way, this smartwatch would be the perfect present you can purchase for him on his birthday. The Apple Watch series 1 is feature-packed and comes in an aluminum chassis Ion-X-glass case that is both durable and scratchproof. Additionally, the Apple Watch helps him stay connected with his iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity ensuring that he’ll never miss a notification.

This product feature Siri digital assistant that will let him search the web via voice command. He can set the customizable faces to reflect his personality while the heart rate monitor helps him to hold his health in check.


  1. Convenient features
  2. Excellent fitness companion
  3. Nice Christmas gift


  1. Price is steep
  2. Hard to wear band

1. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

View on Amazon

Why we love it: The young lad can carry his music wherever he goes thanks to the portable design featured in Achor SoundCore Bluetooth speaker with superior surround sound and power management technology.

This ultra-portable wireless speaker is every he needs to take his music wherever he goes.

Anker features astonishing surround sound with wealthy bass and crisp mid-range that gives you less harmonic distortion and remarkable clarity. In addition to this feature, Anker included an impressive 24-hour endless life battery that will assist him manage power and hold him entertained every day endless. The speaker notably features top-tier finish with curved edges and sleek controls. This speaker is available in various colors that can compliment his room and style.


  1. Simple to set up and use
  2. High-quality surround sound
  3. Solid construction
  4. Impressive battery life


  1. It can take longer to discover the sweet spot to charge

Darice 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set

View on Amazon

Why we love it: This 120 piece supply kit is an excellent present that will permit him to be creative while keeping him entertained every day long.

This drawing and painting set is a perfect present for the young artist that he can use to experiment with an assortment of artistic items. The collection features 120 includes colors, marker, crayons, pellet, paintbrush, sharpener, erasers, ruler, sponge, scissors and more. It also comes with a portable plastic case with a snap-shut handle that helps to hold every the items safely after use. The kit will offer the young artist with hours of enjoyment inspiring him with creativity.


  1. Sturdy casing
  2. A variety of options
  3. Lightweight
  4. Portable


  1. Cheap colors and markers
  2. The quality could be improved


R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

View on Amazon

Why we love it: If your pre-teen son is a star wars fan, then this App-Enabled Droid will make an excellent present for his birthday.

Diy whole family present ideas

The Droid is controlled from any iOS or Android device and features Bluetooth connectivity of up to 100 meters.

This R2-D2 App enabled Droid is an excellent present with a holographic simulation that explores the star war galaxies via Bluetooth connectivity. It’s also a fully programmable Droid that will provide him with stem activities benefits. The Droid features drive and patrol function. The Droid is an interactive toy that with full functional integrated speakers. The independent controls on the top dome are a nice touch. The product comes with inbuilt sounds and lights that hold him entertained.


  1. Well detailed
  2. Cutely animated routines


  1. Controls are lacking when it’s on the charger
  2. The patrol mode could be improved

Franklin Sports Kids Folding Hockey 2 Goal Set

View on Amazon

Why we love it: Franklin Sports Folding Hockey Goal set will assist the young athlete develop general physical fitness, reduce body fat, increase muscle strength and coordination skills.

Hockey is an excellent game for developing endurance and burning off calories for sustained energy and muscle strength. This highway hockey and knee hockey set will teach the young athlete how to frolic the game and perfect his skills in the endless run. The collection includes two simple foldable goals, two adjustable hockey sticks, a ball, and foam knee balls. The product is simple to assemble and setdown making it the perfect indoor and outdoor game for pre-teens.


  1. Grand worth and versatility
  2. Enjoyment game
  3. Simple to assemble
  4. Grand for indoor games


  1. Smaller than what most people would expect from the pictures
  2. The quality could be improved

Top Toy Flashing LED Gloves

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Why we love it: This is a enjoyment present made with comfortable, stretchy, lightweight and breathable cotton-polyester materials ideal for numerous events.

If your son is fascinated with things that light up, then this could be a perfect present that you can consider to purchase for him. Top Toy Flashing LED gloves, features multicolor glowing flashing lights ideal for birthday parties, Halloween, and Christmas among other events.

The gloves feature a breathable, comfortable material that is safe and cozy even in warm weather. Additionally, the gloves feature a stretchable fabric around the wrist that hold the young man safe for added comfort.


  1. Enjoyment gift
  2. Comfortable
  3. Excellent customer service


  1. The battery could be improved

. Makey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone

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Why we love it: Stem toys are the best educational toys you can purchase for your pre-teen.

Though this invention kit requires no programming or coding, it will assist him improve his creative skills, problem-solving and instill persistence.

Programmers are in high demand. If your pre-teen is a programmer in the making, The Makey Makey invention kit will assist him better, dance love never before or draw a game controller. This toy introduces him to tech programming and encourages him to get creative with the unlimited possible inventions featured in the Makey Makey kit. understand programming and coding knowledge in a enjoyment and simple way. The package turns everything around him into touchpads – no programming required-just plug and frolic. This kit features 1001 possibilities with no software to install and works grand with Windows and Mac Books.

He can make a free virtual banana piano.


  1. Provides stem learning benefits
  2. Various possibility
  3. Improves creativity

Astro Mission Save Bot PlayStation VR

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Why we love it: This is one of the best VRs in its category with a killer app and a lot to see and do, exciting ideas and full of surprises. The PlayStation VR would make a perfect Christmas present for the young man.

The set comes as a featured-packed VR that every young man would love to frolic with for exclusive and rare gaming experience.

Astro Mission Save Bot is action packed and will transport him to expansive environments for impressive gaming each time he plays. The game features 20 levels with six boss encounters, eight robots, and 26 challenge areas.

Diy whole family present ideas

The crane game style room will enable him to cash in coins for collectibles and frolic area.


  1. High rated VR game
  2. Simple and friendly setup
  3. Excellent for first timers in VR
  4. Superior visuals

2. Arbor Timeless 42 Finish Skateboard

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Why we love it: Every physical exercise is vital in the growth of your kid. This skateboard is essential in strengthening the growing young lad’s muscles and keeping him healthy. It will also give him hours of enjoyment and assist him relieve stress.

If you are thinking of buying a present that will hold him athletic during summer, the Arbor Timeless Skateboard is an excellent option that will strengthen a group of muscles that extend from the glutes to the back of the knee.

Your pre-teen is growing quick and going through a lot of emotional development. Arbor skateboard will assist him relieve stress and anxiety at the same time build his confidence. This skateboard features seven plies hard maple construction that will serve him a endless time to come. The deck is robust and lightweight with soft sucrose wheels for smooth rides.


  1. Sturdy
  2. Beautiful craftsmanship
  3. High-quality


  1. The bearings could be improved

Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop

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Why we love it: This is the perfect present for Christmas that will ward off the freezing away and hold the young man entertained.

Acer Predator 17 is the ultimate gaming platform for the young gaming lover. This gaming laptop features a powerful 7th generation Intel Core processor for stellar performance. It also features various capabilities love NVIDIA graphics with 8GB video memory and a full HD VR ready display for compelling visuals. The Cooler Master Freezing keeps this gaming system cool so he can own hours of enjoyment.

The inbuilt in-game audio features four potent speakers, two subwoofers and an audio surround sound for crisp, clear music. Acer included a PredectorSense gaming panel where he can customize and control the gaming features. There’s also a dust defender to hold that keeps the system clean.


  1. High-resolution screen
  2. High performance
  3. Simple instruction and simple to use
  4. Top-notch keyboard and touchpad


  1. Bulky and inconvenient to carry around

Holy Rock GPS FPV RC HS100 Drone

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Why we love it: This is an excellent selfie drone with an HD camera that can hold centered on every move he makes for an extensive flight experience.

If your young man is obsessed with flying gadgets, then the Holy Rock Hs100 drone would make a perfect present for his birthday.

HS100 is feature packed and comes with a GPS navigator and a high navigation camera that offers quality aerial footage for more intelligent flights. It also features simple, intuitive controls that will permit him to fly it while height locked. The follow me mode with GPS positioning intelligently follow your every step for excellent aerial footage. The drone can be connected to the phone via Wi-fi for live coverage.


  1. Excellent camera quality
  2. Responsive and simple to fly
  3. Extremely stable
  4. Smmoth take-offs and landing


  1. The battery could be improved


ThinkFun Adams Cube

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Why we love it: Numerous health benefits come with solving jigsaw puzzles. For instance, you can assist your pre-teen improve short term memory, ponder critically and improve visual-spatial reasoning.

It’s more likely to see kids nowadays playing video games than playing traditional games and puzzles. This Adam Cube puzzle is a six in one game inspired with architectural roots with significant education learning benefits for children, teens and adults same.

The young lad will acquire mental learning benefits and cognitive skills love problem-solving. ThinkFun Adams Cube is a midsized puzzle cube that will also assist him improve hand-eye coordination, develop persistence, motor abilities, and abstractive thinking.


  1. Challenging enough
  2. Excellent quality
  3. The pieces fit well together
  4. Excellent toy for a gift


  1. Some feel it’s solvable without the need for specialized skills

LEGO Architecture 21019 Tower

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Why we love it: This set is a must-have for every pre-teen who desire to in to be in the field of architecture in the future.

The game inspires the young man and is an excellent aesthetic present to own in his room.

LEGO Architecture Tower is an excellent game for the young man who looks forward to venturing into the world of building. The kit features a detailed model of the most iconic landmarks in Paris – the Eiffel tower. The collectible set sparks inspiration in your son as he erects the ‘megastructure’ correct in the living room for highly satisfying building experience. The collection set features 321 utilized bricks that resemble the wrought iron elements that built the tower.

Diy whole family present ideas

It’s simple to frolic and comes with a booklet that talks about the history of the tower.


  1. Fairly priced architecture set
  2. High-quality construction
  3. Sparks creativity


  1. Does not stay firm at the top

Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker

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Why we love it: Your pre-teen son will never miss his favorite song or artist again thanks to this voice command device that will offer him an instant response.

If the young lad is a Star Trek fan, Amazon Echo may be the closest thing he’ll own to a Star Trek computer at home.

The Echo hands-free speaker is better looking, louder and more compact as compared to the original version. Echo also intelligently responds to voice commands seamlessly from the Alexa Voice. He can voice-control his music, send and get messages, seek information on the web and make calls. Echo features expertly tuned speakers with a 360 degree to fill any room and deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. This brilliant device adopts to his voice lecture pattern keeping him connected and updated at every times. Echo also features capabilities that make life easier love making pizza orders, controlling the TV and requesting a ride from Uber.

Likewise, it can work with some brilliant devices with better skills than most voice assistants.


  1. Simple to use and setup
  2. Sound quality
  3. Intuitive features
  4. Extremely practical for overcoming disability issues


  1. Can’t repeat the same album

. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Focus on ‘purpose instead of product’

Meggie Francisco, an event planner and designer, kindly notes that though DIY Christmas gifters should own started in October, it’s not too tardy.

I just own to shift my focus.

“The best way to avoid a mental breakdown from DIY gifting, though, is to focus on purpose, rather than finish product,” Francisco says. “Ask yourself: What is it that you really desire to come from your do-it-yourself gifts? Dig deep and discover some purpose. If you’re hoping to create deeper connections, a heartfelt letter encouraging someone’s journey in the new year would do the trick. If you desire to assist the environment, you can cook a vegetarian meal with someone who doesn’t know their way around vegetables.

If you’re tired of giving gifts out of obligation, maybe it’s best to give nothing at every. You might free someone else to do the same.»

I could hug Francisco for these encouraging words as they really did assist to get me calm and recentered — but I was still sure to do my best in terms of the “end product”. Fortunately, I was capable to circular up 10 examples of final minute DIY gifts that I can do in a pinch and on a budget. What I love most about the following ideas, is that they show that you can still own a touch of fanciness in even the most frenzied DIY present. I’ll definitely be taking a stab at the Castelvetrano olives and the family podcast.

DIY is perhaps the more honorable — and definitely the harder — route

So, here I am, coughing and stressing and realizing that I took on a really tough challenge.

Life, as usual, got in the way and I found myself with far less time on my hands than I’d predicted these past few weeks. I’ve never so badly wanted to throw a credit card at the problem.

“Buying gifts at a store is a quick solution to the whole gift-giving holiday season,” says Adina Mahalli, a mental health consultant and family care specialist with Maple Holistics. “A ‘no bought gifts’ experience may be grand for your bank account, but it can be extremely hard if you don’t own a shut relationship with everyone you need to give a present to. There’s also a limit to how numerous things in this world are free.

We, as humans, are wired to ponder about gifts in a extremely physical and literal way. It’s hard for us to ponder exterior the box of what is normal to us and still give a present that would be appreciated.”


Diy whole family gift ideas