Diy wood art ideas

Does the kids room need a design upgrade? Incorporate a DIY pieced wood arrow as an accent to your wall of family photos. Use enjoyment colors to match or complement the interior walls.

Diy wood art ideas

Moroccan Wood Art

Add a pop of color to your home with DIY Moroccan wood art! Using an ancient door or other unused furniture, paint over with unique designs to create a worldly ambiance.

Diy wood art ideas

Check out paint tips from Casa Watkins Living.

Handcrafted Jewelry Holder

Use basic items from the hardware store for a vintage style jewelry holder.

Diy wood art ideas

We love Creativity Jar’s step by step guide that includes a finished product. Select your color and be certain to paint a light jacket in order to see the wood detailing underneath.

Circular Photo Collage

This circular photo collage wood wall art creates a tale that you and your family can share of the year’s adventures. Include the annual camping journey or the kid’s first day of school, adding a personal touch to an art piece.

Put in the living room or give as a present to a loved one.

Diy wood art ideas

Whitewashed Sign

Craft a whitewashed sign love Beckham + Belle for a rustic stained wood effect. Pick a clever phrase that will brighten your mood every day. Personalize your sign with stencils that highlight your wood wall art.

Calligraphy Quote

Own a favorite quote you repeat on the daily? Create a wood sign love Angela Marie Made and customize calligraphy to your liking.

Diy wood art ideas

This wood wall decor can be hung in the entryway of the home, or in the dining room for guests to admire.

To the Moon and Back Wall Art

To the Moon and Back wood wall art is the perfect addition to the baby room. Use our site to upload an image of you and your baby onto a wood template, and hang adjacent to the crib.

Diy wood art ideas

This peaceful photo will be a grand reminder when you own to tug an every nighter.