Diy wreath ideas for halloween

This witchy Lizzo riff is available on everything from t-shirts to doormats to tea towels. If you’re excellent at lettering, you could make your own and frame it, or just print it off of Etsy for five bucks.

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

It’s a cheap and quick way to start getting in the Drop spirit.

Up Your Pumpkin-Carving Game

Your run-of-the-mill Jack-o-Lantern won’t cut it anymore. These days people are making pumpkins with puns (pun-kins), vampire teeth and googly eyes, succulents sprouting out the tops, melted crayons, cookie-cutter cut-outs, thumbtacks, holes drilled, or covering them in chalkboard paint with a countdown to Halloween.

You can make cute little pumpkins out of canning jar rings, too!

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

We love this DIY color-blocked pumpkin centerpiece made with painted foam pumpkins ($/dozen) from Oriental Trading.

Caution Tape Wreath 

Caution tape is a beautiful lazy way of decorating for Halloween, and wreaths can be expensive, or time-consuming if you’re making it yourself. But this DIY wreath is simple and puts Caution Tape to excellent use.

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

Greet your trick-or-treaters with the easiest DIY Caution Tape Wreath, using a foam wreath from your local craft store or order one on Amazon. You can also order the caution tape on Amazon or discover it at your local hardware store. Secure the tape to the wreath using a straight pin or boiling glue, then wrap the caution tape around the foam wreath, overlapping each layer a bit, then secure again once covered.

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

Attempt to make a bow to top it every off.

Conspiracy Theory Wall

We love this Conspiracy Theory Wall by The Frenzied Hostess! You can pick a genuine conspiracy and do a deep dive, or just cut out newspaper articles, tape the clippings on the wall, and join them with string and some shove pins. Of course, you can always add handwritten “whodunnit” notes to make it glance legit.

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

We’re doing ours on the unsolved Bardstown murders!

Larger-Than-Life Spider

Spook your friends with this giant, life-size spider. It’s super simple to make if you own a black balloon, some googly eyes, and black boas. Attach them every with tape or glue and hang it from your ceiling.

Chalk Body Outline

If you own cement floors (perhaps in the basement), or a paved driveway or sidewalk, every you need is chalk and a friend to create this DIY deco.

Grab some white chalk and own your friend lay below and frolic dead, then trace their outline with chalk.

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

(Or vice versa if you desire to be the body.) Done! You can add evidence tags if you really desire to get crafty.

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

No pavement? No prob.

Diy wreath ideas for halloween

Use tape on the carpet instead.

Squad Gourds 

What up Murderinos? This ‘My Favorite Murder’-inspired “Squad Gourds” card would be cute in a frame as part of your drop decor. Order from Etsy or, if you’re crafty, attempt a watercolor and lettering DIY.