Diy yard lighting ideas

Garden design expert Matt James recommends: ‘To work out which areas of your garden will glance best lit up, take a torch out at night and experiment by shining it on diverse features, such as trelliswork, statues, pots and plants with an architectural form.

Diy yard lighting ideas

Every of these will glance diverse when lit from various angles.’

Work out where to position garden lights

The best thing about garden lighting is that you can focus attention on plants and sculptures and totally ignore an unsightly shed or children’s trampoline that you may only just manage to ignore during the day.

Diy yard lighting ideas

The secret, however, is not to overdo it – only illuminate your garden’s best bits, as a little light goes a endless way in the dark.

Zone your garden

Garden designer and TV presenter Chris Beardshaw advises, ‘Consider the numerous diverse forms of light at your disposal and break the garden below into areas. For instance, access paths, major routes, secluded areas and decorative features and statement plants every require the most illumination, but will need diverse treatment for the best results.’

Diy yard lighting ideas

Use spotlights to highlight features

‘For another novel lighting thought, attempt positioning a spotlight at the base of an ancient brick or rock wall and see how the light grazes the wall above and throws the texture into sharp relief.’ Attempt a similar trick with wall lights at shoulder height (above) to highlight a contemporary space and to provide practical illumination from one part of the garden to another at night.

Uplight trees

‘Try uplighting trees, especially those with exciting bark, love the Tibetan cherry and silver birch. To create maximum impact, position a watt spotlight shut to the base of the trunk so the beam creates a frolic of shifting light and shadow up through the branches of the tree.’

Conjure up an atmosphere

Fairy lights (above) are particularly effective at creating a magical mood in a garden. Drape them above French doors so they can be seen from indoors and out, or around dining areas to create soft mood lighting.

Diy yard lighting ideas

Create drama with a projector

‘A plain wall at the back of a border can be transformed into an outdoor projector screen by positioning a spotlight in front of large architectural plants love New Zealand flax or tall ornamental grasses, such as Miscanthus Flamingo. When the wind makes their silhouettes shimmy against the wall, you’ll own your own black-and-white movie.’

Treat outdoors love indoors

Pendant lighting for the garden, generally suspended over a garden dining table is an effective way to assist mix indoor and outdoor spaces, as is placing a standard lamp (below) designed to be used outdoors next to garden lounge chairs.


Diy yard lighting ideas