Diy yard pond ideas

Make the background of your property double the size with a large reflecting pond that brightens shady areas that happen throughout the day, and creates a picturesque reflection of your landscaping.

Puddle Drop


Ponds are just as charming when they are little as they are large. Natural looking ponds, such as this one, glance love a giant, rock bordered puddle- although it hides a wondrous new world when peeked into from above.]

Pave Perfect


Combine a commercial pond liner and pavers to create a lifted, and unique, garden pond that is simply perfect for the addition of potted bog plants and other perennials that thrive in shut proximity to water sources

Bordered Brilliance


Despite the natural glance numerous ponds can lend to a garden, they also serve well as a garden bed of their own, finish with bordered paving.

Waterbeds create an entirely new environment to add in an entirely new array of perennials to your landscaping!

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Here Fishy, Fishy


Nothing completes a pond fairly love the addition of some freezing water species, such as goldfish or koi.

Diy yard pond ideas

Not only do they assist hold your water clear by munching on unwanted insects, love mosquitoes, but they also assist to hold algae from forming.

A to Z


Allowable Disallowable
Wall connector Warming drawers
Wall lights Washing machines
Wall pan (toilet) Water softener tablets
Wall plates Watts (bulbs — tungsten halogen lamp)
Wall plugs WD40
Wall ties Weather dials
Wallboard Weed killer
Wallpaper Weighbridge ticket
Wardon call systems White goods
Wardrobes (only if fitted as per VAT notice section — If included in a DIY claim, photographic evidence of eligibilty will be required) White spirit
Wash basin Wine cooler (electric)
Washing machine tap
Washing machine trap
Waste disposal units (only if the DIY claim is for a flat or apartment)
Waste fittings
Waste systems
Water connection (see Utilities)
Water softeners (only if plumbed-in)
Water tanks
Water turbines
Waterwell pools (only if located inside the dwelling)
WCs — Toilet
Whirlpool bath
Wier nails
Wind turbines
Window flashing
Window frames
Wine rack built into kitchen units
Wire mesh
Wiring (including internal wiring fixtures for computer, phone and TV)
Wood burning stove
Wood preserver
Wood screws
Woodworm treatment


Allowable Disallowable
Gaffer tape Garden furniture and ornaments
Galvanised wire Garden hose
Garage doors (electrical components are not allowable) Garden hose reel
Gas connection — See Utilities Gas bills
Gas fire Gas connection See Utilities
Gas hinges (only if attached to a door or kitchen cupboards) Gas heater hire
Gates (electrical components are not allowable) Glass cleaners
Generator (only if it is the permanent provider of electricity for the dwelling) Glass papers
Geothermal heat pump Glass shelves (bathrooms)
Girder truss shoe Gloves
Glass Grass (artificial)
Glass blocks Greenhouse
Glazing GU10 (bulbs)
Granite GW10 (bulbs)
Grass (turf) Gym equipment
Grass seed
Grate and grating
Ground heat exchanger and pump


Allowable Disallowable
Underfloor heating Umbrella (garden furniture)
Underground pipes Underlay (carpets)
Underlay (dependant upon the material it is used in conjunction with.

If the main flooring material is not allowable, such as carpet, the underlay is also not allowable)

Utility bills
Underlay (roofing)
Utilities (for qualifying conversions, connections to Gas, Electricity and Water supplies are reduced rated if they take put within the site of the building. Works offsite are chargeable at the standard rate but are eligible to be claimed via the DIY scheme. For new build and replacement dwellings, connections to Gas, Electricity and Water supplies are zero-rated)


Allowable Disallowable
Tape Tarpaulin
Taps Telephones
Tarmac Televisions (including wall mounted fixtures)
Tee Temporary fencing (only allowable if used to provide site security during construction works)
Telephone sockets and cables Temporary signposts
Thermostat Tile cutters
Tile adhesive Toilet hire
Tile trim Tools
Tiles Traffic lights
Timber Transport charge (when invoiced separately.

Transport charges included with materials are allowable)

Timber decking (for a patio only) Trees (iIf the Planning Permission does not own a Landscaping condition)
Timber frame kits Trestles
Toilet Tripod lights
Toilet roll holders (fixed) Trowels
Top soil Turf (artificial)
Towel rails (fixed) TV brackets
Transformer (if included with other items)
Trap bottle (plumbing)
Trees (only if there is an approved landscaping scheme on the Planning Permission)
TV aerials
TV cable and sockets


Allowable Disallowable
Handles Hammer
Hardcore Hardpoint (saw)
Hardwax oil Haulage charge (when invoiced separately.

Transport charges included with materials are allowable)

Hardwood HDMI cable
Heating systems Helmets
Heavy duty strap Hi-Fi systems
Hessian sheeting (for concrete curing) Hire charges
Hinges Hobs
Hockey stick (only as a type of wood)
Hoists — dumbwaiter
Hot tub (only if located inside the dwelling)
House name and number plaques
Hydroptherapy pools (only if located inside the dwelling)


Allowable Disallowable
Laminate flooring and underlay Ladders (except loft ladder)
Latches Lamp shades — if removable
Lead Lamps (bulbs)
Lead flashing Land registry fee
Letter boxes Landscape and garden equipment
Letter plate and tidy Legal fees
Lifts Lightbulbs
Light fittings Lighting systems (see Intelligent lighting)
Lightning conductors Lorry
Lining paper
Linseed oil
Load charged (with materials)
Loft hatch
Loft insulation
Loft ladders


No Items


Allowable Disallowable
Quooker taps


Allowable Disallowable
Man hole covers Machine hire (without an operator or driver)
Manure Machinery repairs
Marble Masking tape
MDF Masonry drill
Membrane Measuring tape
Meter cupboards Mercury spot (test mercury in soil)
Mineral wool Microwave
Mirrored doors (mirrored doors on a wardrobe that meet the conditions of VAT Notice Section are also acceptable). Muck away (also spoils or tip away)
Mirrors (if firmly affixed to the dwelling)
Mosaic tiles


Allowable Disallowable
Balcony Barbed wire
Ballast Barbecue
Basins Bathroom cabinets (unless with plumbing for a sink fixed to the wall)
Bathroom furniture (units supporting basins and behind back to wall wcs only) Bathroom countertops
Bat and bird boxes (only if it is required as a condition in the Planning Permission) Batteries
Baths Blinds
Beams Bollards
Bell box (for alarm) Bookcase
Bend connectors Boots
Bidets Bore Hole Testing, Inspection and Commissioning
Blinds fixed within windows (between panes of glass) Bottle gas cylinders
Block paving Brackets for TV
Blocks Brick Bolster
Boards Brush and broom handles (including Paint Brushes)
Boilers BT Connection
Bolts Bucket
Bottle gully Building regulations fees
Bottle trap Built-In-Speakers
Breakfast bar Bulbs
Breather paper
Brushing wax
Burglar alarm
Butt hinge
Butterfly ties


Allowable Disallowable
Jacuzzi (only if located inside the dwelling) JCB without an operator or driver
Jiffy hanger (wood) Jigsaw
Joint filler
Joist hanger
Junction box
JCB (for example, a digger or forklift) only if it is hired with an operator or driver


Allowable Disallowable
Occupancy switch (movement detector switch which enables connected lights to switch on automatically when movement is detected and stays on while the room is occupied) Oil (machinery)
Ogee (wood) Ovens
Oil fired boilers
Oil tank
Outside lights


Allowable Disallowable
Padstones Paint brushes, trays and rollers
Paint Pencils
Pan connectors Pendulum jigsaw
Parquet flooring Petrol
Patination oil Photocopies and plans
Pattress Pipecutters
Paving stones Pitfall traps (animal traps)
Pea gravel Planning application fees
Pedestal for bathroom sink Plants and trees (if the Planning Permission does not own a Landscaping condition)
Pendant light fitting Plumb bob and line set
Pipe clips Ponds
Pipe coil Portable toilets
Pipe coverings Prefabricated furniture
Pipe insert Professional fees and management fees
Pipe shoe Propane gas cylinder
Pipe stiffener or pipe support
Pipe tee
Plants and trees (only if there is an approved landscaping scheme on the Planning Permission)
Plaster board
Plasterers tape
Plastic shove in clips
Plinth stretcher
Plumbing materials and fittings
Polythene — DPC or DPM damp proof rough and membrane
Pond liner (if used for roofing)
Post boxes (if attached to either the dwelling or boundary wall)
Posts (fencing)
Power points
PVA — Glue


Allowable Disallowable
Vacuum cleaners (only if integrated into the dwelling.

Diy yard pond ideas

Separate appliances are not allowable)

Valves Vehicle maintenance
Velux flashing
Velux windows
Ventilation equipment
Vinyl flooring


Allowable Disallowable
Rabbit wire (only if used for fencing.

If used in the construction of an animal enclosure it is not allowable)

Rawlplug flat bit — Drill bit
Radiator key Red diesel
Radiators and controls Remote controls and motors for automation (garage doors and lighting)
Rafter tray (roof) Respirator (dust mask)
Rafters Retractable fabric awnings
Railings Retractable washing line
Rawl plugs Roller
Readymix Roller blinds
Reducer Waste Roller sleeves and trays (for painting)
Reinforcement Mesh Rugs
Remote sensor — underfloor heating
Restraint straps
Roof slates
Roof trusses
Roof Vent
Roofing felt or membrane
Room therostat
Rope (dependant upon the use — provide additional information if claiming for this material)


Allowable Disallowable
Access chamber Abrasive paper
Access cover Aggregate tax and levy charge
Adaptors (plumbing) Air testing
Adhesive Amplifiers (sateillite system)
Aerials — TV Appliances — white goods (except Aga if it heats space and water)
Aga (only if it also heats space and water) Architectural Design and Fees
Aggregate Artificial grass
Air bricks Audio equipment (including any AV systems)
Air Conditioning Awnings
Alarm Systems
Asbestos (as a material)
Asbestos Removal (conversions Only)


Allowable Disallowable
Karndean flooring Kitchen Appliances (white goods, except cooker hoods and certain types of Aga)
Kit houses (timber frames)
Kitchen cupboards (fitted kitchen only)
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen work tops and breakfast bars
Knocker (for door)


Allowable Disallowable
Immersion heaters, boilers,hot and freezing water tanks Inspections
Inspection chambers Integro filter and respirator
Insulation Intergrated appliances (installation service is allowed if shown seperately)
Insulation boards
Intercom system — (only as a door entry system for a block of flats)
Intelligent lighting systems (only if operating lighting, heating, water, ventilation and any other building materials.

Diy yard pond ideas

Systems operating audio and TV etc are not allowable. Control pads that are wired to the wall are only allowable if the system is allowable. Remote controls are not allowable)

Isowool general purpose roll


Allowable Disallowable
Cables Caravans
Carcassing Carpets
Carriage (with materials) Cattle grids (only if it is a required as a condition in the Planning Permission and is a security feature)
Caulk CCTV systems (including video recording)
Cavity slab Cement mixer
Cavity trays Chisel
Ceiling roses Chlorinating water pipes and sample testing (this is a service of cleaning the pipes before the property comes into use.

Diy yard pond ideas

The service should be charged at the zero or reduced rate depending on the type of construction if undertaken by the plumbers as part of their services. It should be standard rate if undertaken by a separate specialist)

Cement Clocks
Chamber riser Clothes line
Chandeliers Clothing
Chicken wire (only if used as fencing) Coffee machine
Chimney extractor unit Coir matting
Chimney pots and caps Commissioning fee
Chimneys Computers
Chipboard Concrete pump hire (not including the supply of concrete)
Chippings Connection of alarm to fire or police department
Chrome baskets (fixed in bathroom) Consultancy (technical design fees)
Sill (window) Cookers (an Aga is allowable only if it also heats space and water)
Cistern Cotton chalkline
Cladding Curtains
Cleaning of building (builders clean services after every the work is undertaken except the decorating.

The cleaning services should be charged at the zero or reduced rate depending on the type of construction)

Clock tower (only if the clock tower is shown on the approved plans — The clock itself is not claimable)
Coat and cap hooks
Condensing boiler
Consumer unit
Cooker hood
Copper tube
Countertop basins
Coursing bricks
Crusher run
Curtain poles and rails


Allowable Disallowable
Elbow (plumbing) Electrical components of garage doors, gates and windows
Electric fire Electricity bills
Electric showers Electricity connection (see Utilities)
Electric windows Estate agent fees
Electricity connection (see Utilities) Extension leads
End feed Extension pole (decorating)
Engineering bricks
Expanding foam
Exclusion fencing
Extractor fan


Allowable Disallowable
Danish oil Deckchair (furniture)
Deckchair (wire spacer) Desk
Decking Diesel
Decorating materials Diggers (Allowable if hired with an operator or driver)
Delivery (If invoiced with materials) Digibox (freeview box or satellite)
Diffuser crystal (lighting) Discount charge
Dimmer switch Discs (cutting or grinding)
Discs for insulating wall ties Door entry systems (unless the DIY claim is for a flat)
Door entry system (only in flats) Door mats
Door frame Doorbell or door chime
Door furniture Drain inspections
Door knocker and cover Drawers (part of a wardrobe or freestanding)
Door locks, chains and latches Draw rope (for marking out straight lines)
Door stops Drill bits and accessories
Doors Dumpy bag
Double glazed units Dust masks
Downlighters DVD
DPC = Damp proof course
DPM = Damp proof membrane
Ducted warm-air systems
Dust extractors and filters


No items


Allowable Disallowable
Facing bricks Fablon (sticky back plastic)
Fascias Fabric (cloth)
Felt (roofing) Face mask
Fencing (permanently erected around boundary of dwelling) Fees (professional)
Fibre glass Fitted wardrobes (unless it meets conditions in VAT Notice Section 2 If a fitted wardrobe is included in a DIY claim, photographic evidence of eligibility is required)
Finials Flueorescent tubes
Fire alarm and sprinkler system(in large open plan loft type apartments only, which own no internal dividing walls) Freestanding drawers
Fire safety equipment Freezers
Fire surrounds Fridge
Fireplace Fridge drawers
Fittings Fuel
Flex Furniture
Floor screed
Floor tiles
Floor varnish
Flooring materials (except carpets and carpet tiles)
Flue kit
Flue liner
Fluorescent fitting
Fluted wooden dowels
Frame fixings
Frame fixtures
Frame ties
Framing anchor
Fuses (a safety device that is designed to protect an electrical power system from the harmful effects of over-currents (currents higher than the normal operating current).

If the fuses are part of eligible electrical systems (for example, lighting systems) then the fuses are eligible)


Allowable Disallowable
Nails Nail gun
Nuts Nylon brushes


Allowable Disallowable
Sand Saw
Sandstone Sand paper
Sanitary ware Sanding discs
Satellite dishes Scaffolding
Saunas (only if located inside the dwelling) Screwdrivers
Sawn Shed
Sawn carcassing Shelves
Screed Shovel
Screw covers Shutters (unless charitable purposes)
Screws Site fencing (temporary — only allowable if used to provide site security during construction works)
Seal Site lighting (temporary)
Sealant Skips
Security lights (permanent) Spade
Self adhesive scrim (tape) Speakers
Septic tanks Spirit level
Service boxes Spreader
Sewer connection Stables


No items


Nothing brightens up a yard and provides interest fairly love water features.

Diy yard pond ideas

Not only do you add an entirely new, and diverse, ecosystem of plants with the creation of garden ponds, but you also invite an relaxing atmosphere into your outdoor living space. Ponds also give an illusion of depth to an otherwise spatially challenged area, and provide a draw for beneficial pollinators and birds to your yard.

There are a large variety of pond styles, sizes, and shapes to select from.

Diy yard pond ideas

And it isn’t hard to discover one that fits into your budget, whether you own a professional landscaper finish the occupation, or you turn it into a weekend do-it-yourselfer project. Ponds are often overlooked in landscape design planning as an unnecessary feature that only creates additional work and effort. But actually, ponds require extremely little maintenance after their initial installation, especially if you are incorporating specific varieties of plants that assist to naturally filter water, and fish that assist to hold the water clear of algae.

There are a LOT of ideas to peruse through when trying to plan your ideal garden pond and it’s simple to become overwhelmed with every the amazing ways you can highlight your favorite garden areas.

Diy yard pond ideas

Consider first where you might desire to put your pond, and create a list of ideas that would work for you using the compilation provided for you below!

Symmetrical Center


Raised flower beds own been increasingly favorite in landscaping recently due to the height they lend to areas throughout a yard and even patio spaces. So the creation of clean, symmetrical lines in conjunction with a matching pool makes finish sense.